Asia / Gravitas In Agoura Hills / 2CD

Asia / Gravitas In Agoura Hills / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA. USA 19th October 2014


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It is released in ’86 marquee live in a buzz last week “MARQUEE 1986 SECOND NIGHT (Virtuoso 199)”, but it is Asia latest performances in 2014 feel that a great title from deliver the popular Virtuoso label this week is a remarkable change in the expected uncut Kanzenban in is an emergency appearance! complete recording of October 19 the California Agora Hills performance in ultra-high quality audience recording. Surprised at the goodness of the sound quality, you will that it has become a gem feel everywhere the height of the basic potential seems recent AUD recording. Overall outlook of good performance sound to hear the direct sound close while having a moderate bass and Kin Kin was not transparent feeling that clear the treble us deliver the performance of this day in exceptional comfort. The rest is recent year last tour Speaking of Asia only (※ 11 月 2nd, ending at London’s Bush Empire) next, but is bright felt next year’s prospects tour schedule has also been announced from March 2015, so playing force in recent GRAVITAS tour does not become another in because buzz the tour schedule is organized by. Only in particular in the current 2nd leg that has been resumed from September 11 contains a lot playing content that has been renewed enough to know by listen to one, and is quite different impressions and playing that listen in Japan tour in June it does not miss it you are. This work is the title that you can experience such a GRAVITAS tour latest performance in the superb sound quality!

“Sole Survivor” in a rich sound that feel the width in the midrange from the introduction section blossomed, suddenly you came excitement dancing ear to high recording sound of potential. Steady progress powerful is felt playing stands out, in greeting instead of the call also is good response smooth in the middle, leaving the hammering and guitar choking sound of more than drum up such as this finale part that connects to the next, show updates and enjoy the feeling able quotient. And surprise is the is the “Wildest Dreams”. Playing songs from midfield is one of the factors also’re accompanied by such speedy and strength of the old days, but the prime point is the dramatic change of drum solo of curls in the finale before. The style to put it a break for a moment off the beat in this scene that seen folding time from after the 2006 Reunion and is completely wiped away, such as reminiscent of EL & P of hitting styles and 70s in the ’82 North American tour , in a surprising super-fast stroke and I have changed the style spree put the trouble. Hartford performances of September 14 “HARTFORD 2014 (to ※ 9 end of the month is the gift board has already been released in week limited from our shop)” even the glimpse is I’ve hear about little evolved it further, more elevated hurtling Dorami to show up the feeling in the highest value
It is a guarantee be surprised to ring. Further have scattered fine ornament in cymbals also at a point where ringing bells of the end of the song, we also exhibit such a life force beyond recognition is songs from stage effect of these percussion. “Time Again” also introduced part is changing the style that moves the song as ascertain one sound one sound, you have the contrast between after the rhythm began to move in quickly is greatly emphasized. Guitar solo on the way to the guitar phrase impressive flyer styles and middle of that song than ever is a feeling that has finally attached to the plate, Sam and performance to me strongly suggest not that became assimilated = family in the true sense in Asia now you have. Has put the stretched Wet ‘n’ is the push and melody of impressive singing in several places of deployment unit that inrush from the vicinity of 3 minutes and 30 seconds in “Valkyrie”, and change from singing face the poor tend to Kyokuso to facial expressions and somewhat also how you will and have tried case is the will suggests.

Now from here is where that middle of the show … but, looking at the set usually as “Finger On The Trigger” that fall into this position “I Know How You Feel” is your notice that you are no longer on this day I think that it becomes. This is like has been removed from the set in probably time of convenience, this day does not show even middle of the break time which is sandwiched as other normal about 15 minutes also. Therefore where it is unveiled only “Voice Of America” one song in Acoustic as an accent to enter the middle Shaw, “The Smile Has …” After Carl after the show to have put a familiar of MC is immediately “An Extraordinary of Life “begins, has become the interesting features of Yuku proceed in somewhat abbreviated form show the configuration of the (※ 2nd leg all is not the case, is like in some cases has been carried out in the full set, depending on the day) . But playing itself there is a feeling that is more heat-up, for example, to the aforementioned “The Smile Has …” In for playing the latter half of the Wet ‘n’ has to burst the very hot singing also say the best this day, “Days Like These “in to clash of vivacious sound you will feel a new sound. Since also glossy tone of stiffer cymbals system, also feel nimble colorful of the sound to play would feature in this scene. “Go” and has a how to enter the guitar is unusual at the outset in, also, but Carl even before it enters the rust first song has put a barrage of impressive Tam, biggest feature Again 9 will that have put the modulation of surprise in the month Hartford performances Similarly song middle of (2 minutes 50 seconds). Because it has been recorded in the real stuffed sound feel even depth of range guitar of the same part, it has become what is meet to hear also how the whole is to modulation.

“Do not Cry” has also been recorded in the sound with growth in midrange to high range, a state that has been played in sharp images in quick than ever before you came into the comfortable ear. In the finale part stamping several times bass drum with the feeling of “Hey, I !! because it is good the other is good? Doing? Do by? Do”, and in attention to the unbearable feeling of curl and is impatient to do the following solo quotient. This drum solo also has changed in those feeling that sing the melody using such sampling sound of the scene xylophone of V drum coming out in the middle (?), Even further is a theatrical including subsequent to the fall of the gong beat sounded that it has evolved to solo that was aimed at the effect is also checked. “Only Time Will Tell” in Wet ‘n’ is an impressive that is attempting to extend distinctive singing in several places since the mid song, state that you are exploring an approach that lies ahead of singing expression of until now eyes of I’ll be approaching in the wake as a sound output. Similarly, “Open Your Eyes” also be taken, subtle changes in listening to singing, you should remain in there was no glossy sing stretched strong impression so far. Guitar solo that enters in the end is also familiar as finally Sam seems Asia sound, it will be wrapped in the excitement of flesh-and-blood strong ensemble comes jump to the ear one after another in the high-resolution sound. After the finale, but is presumed to not placed between almost from the fact that “Heat Of The Moment” will showcase again this day as there was some sort of time constraints, but it is a completely hands are pressed for time it is a place happy and that has left the tough playing you do not disconnect.

It is GRAVITAS tour which started from England Malvern June 11, but from the Japan tour of the same in June also date flows, as appears changes seen that the difference is visible to the eye in many places in the recent performance now. Although the Favorite band in knowing the latest play is felt more familiar, just as you would in any other band, quite of that disk to be told whether in the play is that how much interesting is happening enough it is not. You can use the 2014 latest equipment was washed carefully recording the original sound, in one piece is subjected to noise reduction and pitch correction that they embody it exactly is this work which was increased to the highest value the sound quality quality, air trembling venue only the vibration of the sound that has been propagated in the superior sound with Asia has become a pride of the title. The remaining few that became Asia latest title of the year GRAVITAS tour late in the pattern from the popular Virtuoso label that containment to Perfect, please please expect !!


先週リリースされ話題沸騰中の86年マーキーライブ『MARQUEE 1986 SECOND NIGHT (Virtuoso 199)』ですが、その素晴らしいタイトルをお届けした好評Virtuosoレーベルから今週は目覚しい変化と期待を感じさせる2014年エイジア最新公演がノーカット完全盤で緊急登場です! 10月19日のカリフォルニア州アゴラ・ヒルズ公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。驚くのはその音質の良さで、昨今のAUD録音らしい基本ポテンシャルの高さを随所で感じる逸品となっている事でしょう。全体の見通しの良さを持ちながら近い音でダイレクトに聴こえる演奏音、適度な低音域とキンキンしない高音域の澄んだ透明感は抜群の心地良さでこの日の演奏を届けてくれます。最近のエイジアといえば年内最後のツアーが残り僅か(※11月2日、ロンドン・ブッシュエンパイアで終了)となり、2015年3月からのツアースケジュールも発表されて来年の展望も明るい感じですが、そうしてツアー予定が組まれるのは最近のGRAVITASツアーでの演奏力が話題を呼んでいるからに他なりません。特に9月11日から再開された現行の2ndレグでは一聴して分かるほどリニューアルされた演奏内容が多く含まれているだけに、6月の日本公演で聴けた演奏とは受ける印象が随分違っている事も見逃せません。本作はそんなGRAVITASツアー最新のパフォーマンスを極上の音質で体験出来るタイトルなのです!

「Sole Survivor」では導入部から中音域に幅を感じる豊かなサウンドが花開き、ポテンシャルの高い収録音に耳踊る興奮がいきなりやってきます。着実に進歩が感じられる力強い演奏が際立ち、中盤にある挨拶代わりのコールもレスポンスが良くスムーズで、これまで以上のドラムの叩き込みやギターのチョーキング音を残して次へ繋ぐ終曲部など、ショウのアップデート感をお楽しみ戴けるしょう。そして驚かされるのがその「Wildest Dreams」です。曲中盤からの演奏が昔の様な疾走感と力強さを伴っているのも要因のひとつですが、最たる点は終曲手前にあるカールのドラムソロの劇的な変化です。2006年のリユニオン後から時折り見られたこのシーンでのビートを切る・一瞬ブレイクを入れるスタイルを完全に拭い去っており、82年北米ツアーでの叩き方や70年代のEL&Pを髣髴させるような、驚くべき超速ストロークで手数を入れまくるスタイルに変化しているのです。9月14日のハートフォード公演『HARTFORD 2014 (※9月末に当店から週限定でリリースしたギフト盤です)』でもその片鱗は少し伺えましたがそれが更に進化しており、より高められた疾走感を最高値でショウアップするドラミ
ングに驚かされること請け合いです。更に曲の終わりの鐘の鳴る箇所でもシンバルで細かな装飾音を散らしていて、これら打楽器による演出効果からも曲が見違える様な生命力を呈しています。「Time Again」も導入部が一音一音確かめる様に曲が動くスタイルに変化しており、スピーディにリズムが動き出した後とのコントラストが大きく強調されています。曲の途中にあるギターフレーズの印象的な散らし方や中盤にあるギターソロもいよいよ板についてきた感が増し、サムがエイジアに本当の意味で同化=ファミリーになった事を強く伺わせてくれるパフォーマンスとなっています。「Valkyrie」では3分30秒付近から突入する展開部の数箇所でウエットンが印象的な歌唱の押し込みと旋律の伸ばしを入れており、ややもすると表情に乏しくなりがちな曲想を歌唱面から変化させようと試みている様子が伺えるでしょう。

さてここからがショウの中盤…というところですが、セットを見ると通常この位置に入る「Finger On The Trigger」と「I Know How You Feel」がこの日は無くなっている事にお気付きになると思います。これは恐らく時間の都合でセットから外されている様で、この日は他にも通常約15分間ほど挟まれるショウ中盤のブレイクタイムもありません。それゆえここではショウ中盤に入るアクセントとしてアコーステックで一曲だけ「Voice Of America」が披露され、「The Smile Has…」終演後にカールがお馴染みのMCを入れた後は直ぐに「An Extraordinary Life」が始まるという、やや短縮形のショウ構成で進んでゆくのが面白い特徴となっています(※2ndレグ全てがそうではなく、日によってはフルセットで行われているケースもある様です)。しかし演奏自体はよりヒートアップしている感があり、例えば前述「The Smile Has…」では後半部の演奏でウエットンがこの日最高とも言える大変熱い歌唱を炸裂させていますし、「Days Like These」では快活な音のぶつかり合いに新しい響きが感じられます。またシンバル系の硬めの音色も艶やかなので、演奏に音色の軽快なカラフルさを感じるのもこのシーンでの特徴でしょう。「Go」では冒頭でギターが一風変わった入り方をしており、また最初の歌サビに入る手前でもカールが印象的なタムの連打を入れていますが、最大の特徴はやはりここでも9月のハートフォード公演同様に曲中盤(2分50秒)で驚きの転調を入れている事でしょう。同部分のギターもレンジの奥行きを感じる実の詰まったサウンドで記録されている為、全体が転調する様子も聴き応えあるものになっています。

「Don’t Cry」も中音域~高音域に伸びのあるサウンドで録れており、これまで以上にクイックでシャープなイメージで演奏している様子が心地良く耳に入ってきます。終曲部では「ねぇ、もういい?やっていい?やるよ?やるからね!!」という感じで何度かバスドラムを踏み鳴らし、次のソロをやるのが待ち遠しくてたまらない感じのカールにも注目でしょう。このドラムソロも中盤で出てくるVドラムのシーンが木琴(?)の様なサンプリング音を使って旋律を歌う感じものに変化しており、その後に入る銅鑼の打ち鳴らしも含めて一層演劇的な効果を狙ったソロに進化している点もチェックです。「Only Time Will Tell」ではウエットンが曲中盤以降の数箇所で特徴的な歌い伸ばしを試みているのが印象的で、今までの歌唱表現の先にあるアプローチを探ろうとしている様子が目の覚めるような出音で迫ってきます。同様に「Open Your Eyes」も歌唱に仄かな変化が聴いて取れ、これまでに無かった艶やかな歌い伸ばしが強く印象に残る筈です。終盤で入るギターソロもいよいよサムらしいエイジアサウンドとして馴染んでおり、血の通った力強いアンサンブルが解像度の高いサウンドで次々に耳へ飛び込んでくる興奮に包まれるでしょう。終曲後、殆ど間を置かずに「Heat Of The Moment」が披露される事からやはりこの日は何らかの時間的な制約があったものと推察されますが、しかし時間に追われても全く手を抜かないタフな演奏を残しているのが嬉しいところです。


Disc 1(42:52) 
1. 1812 Overture 2. Sole Survivor 3. Wildest Dreams 4. Time Again 5. Valkyrie 6. Voice Of America 
7. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 8. An Extraordinary Life 9. Days Like These 

Disc 2(40:43) 
1. Bolero 2. Go 3. Don’t Cry 4. Drum Solo 5. Only Time Will Tell 6. Open Your Eyes
7. Heat Of The Moment 

John Wetton – Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Backing Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums Sam Coulson – Guitar

Virtuoso 205/206

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