Asia / Definitive Asia In Asia / 2CD+1DVD

Asia / Definitive Asia In Asia / 2CD+1DVD / Virtuoso

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th & 7th December 1983 STEREO SBD

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“ASIA IN ASIA” that greeted Greg Lake and realized only in Japan. That vertex stereo sound board & pro shot appears in the upgrade of “Overhead”.
The vertex record is “December 6, 1983 + 7: Nippon Budokan” performance. There was FM broadcast on “December 6”, and on “December 7” there were television broadcasts and official video works. The innumerable early groups based on them were born, but the top among them was Virtuoso label “DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS” which appeared in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of “ASIA IN ASIA” and bonus DVDR ” ASIA IN ASIA LASER DISC EDITION “. Extraordinary quality indulged to the extent that it surpasses the preexisting group mildly, and it is sold out and out of print in a blink of an eye. It was a big decision board whose long-term desire for recurrence was constant.
This work brushes up again with those sound board & pro shots. It is a press three-piece set of “December 6th and 7th” live album on Disk 1-2 and “December 7th” Pro Shot on Disk 3. Let’s introduce each disc in detail.

【Disk 1: December 6 stereo sound board album】
This work is not merely a recurrence triple. Refined each sound source · image again “Over the top” Complete. Among them, Disk 1 is the one that you can feel the most upgrade. It is a stereo sound board woken up from the original episode “DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS” as well as a superbly-oriented broadcast masterplate LP “WESTWOOD ONE 3 LP LIVE VINYL BOXSET – SUPERSTAR CONCERT SERIES -“.
Realizing the beautiful sound which thoroughly removed the ultimate freshness and scratch noise from the previous work as it is direct broadcasting master disk. It surpassed all kinds of previous episodes and received great praise that “This is absolutely indispensable!” However, this work has gone further. As I said, the previous album “Perfectly Indisputable” is full of broadcasting. Transfer master disc sound to perfect, completely noise-free. DJ comment which enters at the beginning and after “Here Comes The Feeling” comment, and corporate sponsorship entering after the end of “Sole Survivor” and reading of program production staff were all “first” recorded with uncut.
However, even if the FM sound was reproduced perfectly, it was not so when it was said that it was an official work grade. Actually, the next day “December 7” of another broadcasting is the official-style sound, and when I listen to it continuously, “After all it was 7 days awesome”. Therefore, in this work, remastering aiming for “complete official class” based on the master of the previous work. I upgraded it more tough. Of course, rather than raise the sound pressure unnoticly, we examine each range and adjust the balance of the ringing. Skimmers of musical instruments also drew a vivid three-dimensional feeling. As a result, the ringing sounded clearer and the performance sound was also tough. Of course, there is absolutely no chance of peak over, realizing a sound that is both dynamic and sharp but also beautiful and fluent. It is just the sound of “beyond top” going on “perfectly indispensable”.

【Disk 2: December 7 stereo sound board album】
Next disc 2 is the best sound board of “December 7” which was praised as “great again than the official version” in the previous work. Although it was not a remarkable change as much as Disk 1 just because it was said to be “more than official goods” in the previous work, again this time as well, we scrutinized and upgraded as well. As a matter of fact, Disk 1 got too good, exceeding (slightly) past disc 2. Of course, this has also been raised to the same dimension, making it finished with no sense of incongruity when listening with two pieces.
That beautiful sound is just the official grade. The guitar can be felt until the tremor of the string, fine vibration of the hi-hat, rich squealing and sharp edges of the tom and bass drafter, and Greg’s voice is not a single word but a single syllable breath …… All are direct and the most real in the past. Even if it says “official” to one person, although it is inconvenient, if the previous work can be “officially releasable” dimension, this work “dimension must be released” dimension. It is a goods item suitable for being called a name board sound even in the official world.

【Disk 3: December 7 Laser Disc Pro Shot】
The last disc 3 is a multi-camera / pro shot which should also be referred to as “ASIA IN ASIA” symbol. It is the highest peak version ever. The pro shot of this day has three kinds of “live broadcast version”, “video version”, “laser disc version”, this work is reprinted from the Japanese version laser disc “SM058-0002” which becomes the highest among them I will. In our shop we have reprinted a number of laser discs in partnership with overseas analog specialized manufacturers, but this work is also a vertex quality that made full use of its achievements and experience. The quality is not enough even if you order tributes. Resolution with VHS video Because it is different from other media standards, it is natural, but if you actually witness it, it will leak tamea. Sounds that are too familiar with video raising are too vivid coloring, sounds that feel close to getting close … … It is exactly the ultimate.
“Live broadcast version” · “video version” is not just about the quality side, the contents are different. First of all, “live version” is different from cut. For example, at the beginning of “Only Time Will Tell”. In the “live version”, it switches from the shot from the back of the stage front to the camera in the vicinity of the member, but this regular version remains fixed for a while. In the latter half of the song, the upgrading of two audience thought college students enter, but twice in the “live version”, only once in this work. Steve will make a guitar change after the lyrics No. 2 in the following “Open Your Eyes”, but in the “live version” it is a moving camera on the stage, this work is a long shot. These differences are found in the full story. What may be thought of as a detailed story …… Impression changes dramatically when this small difference is accumulated in full story. Of course, since it is troublesome to change it from time to time by live broadcasting, the completion level is higher for this work. It is becoming a more natural work image.
These cuts are for products, and are common with “video version”. What is different from “video version” is telop. For example, in “Video Version”, such as “Eternal Brilliance”, “The Heat Goes On”, a telop of titles of songs entered, but there is nothing on the laser disc. The “video version” handwriting style telop is also wonderful with a sense of era, and this is just a matter of taste. Of course, there is no sense of incongruity in this work without telop, the screen which is occupied even more “stage only” · “ASIA only” is the highest.

Just “over the top”. It is the “ultimate update” three piece set which transcends the dimension of “previous reproduction of Omoto original sauce” of the previous work, draws out the possibility of Omoto to the utmost, and also to unity as a set. The figure of the highest peak ever recorded “Greg · Lake & AISA” of foam realized only in Japan. Please, enjoy it.

グレッグ・レイクを迎え、日本でのみ実現した“ASIA IN ASIA”。その頂点ステレオサウンドボード&プロショットが“頂上超え”のアップグレードで登場です。
その頂点記録とは「1983年12月6日+7日:日本武道館」公演。“12月6日”にはFM放送があり、“12月7日”にはテレビ放送やオフィシャル映像作品がありました。それらを元にした無数の既発群が生まれてきたわけですが、その中でも頂点だったのは“ASIA IN ASIA”30周年を記念して登場したVirtuosoレーベルの『DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS』と、ボーナスDVDR『ASIA IN ASIA LASER DISC EDITION』でした。既発群を軽く凌駕する極限の完全無欠のクオリティに大絶賛が寄せられ、瞬く間に完売・廃盤。長らく再発の要望が絶えない一大決定盤でした。

本作は、単なる再発3枚組ではありません。各音源・映像を改めて磨き直した“頂点越え”ぞろい。中でももっともアップグレードを実感していただけるのが、このディスク1でしょう。前作『DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS』と同じく極上状態の放送原盤3枚組LP『WESTWOOD ONE 3LP LIVE VINYL BOXSET – SUPERSTAR CONCERT SERIES -』から起こされたステレオサウンドボードです。
前作からして放送原盤ダイレクトだからこその究極鮮度とスクラッチノイズを徹底的に除去した美麗サウンドを実現。ありとあらゆる既発を凌駕し、「これこそ完全無欠!」との大絶賛を頂戴しました。しかし、本作はさらに上を行ってしまったのです。どういうことかと申しますと、前作の「完全無欠」は放送の完全。原盤サウンドを完璧に移し替え、完全にノイズレス。冒頭や「Here Comes The Feeling」終了後に入るDJコメント、そして「Sole Survivor」終了後に入る企業協賛や番組制作スタッフの読み上げもすべててノーカットで初収録した「完全」でした。


最後のディスク3は、“ASIA IN ASIA”の象徴とも言うべきマルチカメラ・プロショット。その史上最高峰版です。この日のプロショットには“生放送版”・“ビデオ版”・“レーザーディスク版”の3種があり、本作はその中でも最高峰となる日本盤レーザーディスク『SM058-0002』から復刻されています。当店では海外のアナログ専門メーカーと提携して数々のレーザーディスクを復刻して参りましたが、本作もその実績と経験を生かし切った頂点クオリティなのです。そのクオリティはいくら賛辞を並べても足りないほど。VHSビデオとは解像度他のメディア規格からして違うのですから当たり前ですが、やはり実際に目の当たりにするとタメ息が漏れる。ビデオ起こしで馴染みきっていた感性にはあまりにも鮮やかな発色、グッと前に近づいて感じるサウンド……まさに究極です。
“生放送版”・“ビデオ版”とはクオリティ面だけではなく、中身も異なる。まず“生放送版”とはカットからして違う。例えば「Only Time Will Tell」の冒頭。“生放送版”ではステージ正面後方からのショットからメンバー付近にあるカメラへ切り替わりますが、この正規版ではしばらく固定されたまま。曲の後半でも大学生と思しき観客2人のアップが入りますが、“生放送版”では2度、本作では1度だけです。続く「Open Your Eyes」でも歌詞2番を終えた後にスティーヴがギター・チェンジをしますが、“生放送版”ではステージ上の移動カメラで、本作ではロングショット。こうした違いが全編に散見するのです。何を細かい話……と思われるかも知れませんが、この小さな違いも全編で積み重ねられると印象が大きく変わる。もちろん、わざわざ生放送から手間をかけて変更しているのですから完成度は本作の方が上。より作品然とした映像になっているのです。



Disc 1(72:28)
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th December 1983

Taken from the original radio show records(Westwood One Radio Networks Superstar Concert Series)

1. DJ Intro 2. Time Again 3. The Heat Goes On 4. Here Comes The Feeling 5. Eye To Eye
6. Sketches In The Sun 7. Only Time Will Tell 8. Open Your Eyes 9. Keyboard Solo
10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 11. Wildest Dreams 12. Drum Solo 13. Heat Of The Moment
14. Cutting It Fine 15. Daylight 16. Sole Survivor 17. DJ Outro

Disc 2 (58:49)
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 7th December 1983

1. Introduction by Mark Goodman 2. The Heat Goes On 3. Here Comes The Feeling 4. Eye To Eye
5. Sketches In The Sun 6. Only Time Will Tell 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Keyboard Solo
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 10. Wildest Dreams 11. Drum Solo 12. Heat Of The Moment
13. Sole Survivor


DVD (58:43)

ASIA IN ASIA Laser Disc Edition
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 7th December 1983
Taken from the original Japanese Laser Disc (SM058-0002)

1. Introduction by Mark Goodman 2. The Heat Goes On 3. Here Comes The Feeling 4. Eye To Eye
5. Sketches In The Sun 6. Only Time Will Tell 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Keyboard Solo
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 10. Wildest Dreams 11. Drum Solo 12. Heat Of The Moment
13. Sole Survivor

Greg Lake – Lead Vocal, Bass Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion


Greg Lake – Lead Vocal, Bass   Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal  Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion

Virtuoso 370/371/372

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