Asia / Asia In Asia:Laser Disc Edition /1 DVDR

Asia / Asia In Asia:Laser Disc Edition /1 DVDR /Non Label

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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 7th December 1983 PRO-SHOT



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This is the classic image of the other in classic Speaking of the video version of “ASIA IN ASIA”, which the laser disk (or less, LD) who have seen in version will come much is. Sale at that time (※ 9 月 年 1984) LD is not be said to be still as common as video tape, even as a private player even as a soft, the many people to think as has come to look at the video tape version such as VHS you. Certainly recording contents Both are the same (with the exception because there ※ thing that contains some “Time Again”), but this is there to ensure Speaking of whether there is a difference.

First big difference of Japan version of the LD, then you’ll be telop character of Song Title title is “not out” to each song. For example, “eternal shine” or “The Heat Goes On,” such as the Japanese original Japanese title is, a feature of Japan video version will appear in the beginning of the song as a handwritten telop characters feel the era, LD Japan this character ticker in version does not come out at all. There is also a difference in sound quality and picture quality, this is actually I understand and to link the LD and video tape try to simultaneous viewing, LD version nearly sound image with the feeling that performance sound comes into one step forward, image quality also stands out is the goodness of color than the video version. This work has become a title that has turned into DVD from such Japan first released version of the LD (※ 9 May released version 1984) to direct, out into the past
The original picture and sound quality than some of its outstanding DVD that had has been faithfully reproduced and inclusion is making it the biggest feature.

Also, when you leave wrote because it is precious, this regular version LD (※ This is also a regular version video), the last week of gift-title “ASIA IN ASIA – JAPANESE LIVE BROADCAST EDITION” can Watch with Japan live version of the screen also is a point of the shot difference is there are many. For example, at the beginning of “Only Time Will Tell” is Japan live version of it and shot from the stage front rear off as soon as you switch to the camera in the vicinity members, but has been a while continues reflected in fixed in this regular version, the camera bustling will not switch. Even the second half of the song, distinctive audience (college students?) Two-up has become a shot that does not fall only once (※ the other hand, in Japan live version is unique that reflects large their up enters many twice Sewashii is shot). Followed by Steve after finishing the “Open Your Eyes” even lyrics second to the guitar change, but the contrast of a long shot, Japan live version from the hand of the moving camera that are on stage this also is this regular version if you have a shot, how Steve that Mochikaeru the guitar is reflected in the close shot. These differences there are many, because there are sometime other throughout shot difference of the video is also, those who are interested in – comes to visit in conjunction with the Japan live version included with your “ASIA IN ASIA JAPANESE LIVE BROADCAST EDITION” the difference between the camera work is it would be interesting to a lot of discovery can.

Was supposed to be this time this work is attached, new that becomes the main disk “ASIA IN ASIA: SOUNDBOARD MASTERS” is a masterpiece title of sound board that the proximity of the sound image stand out. And this DVDR also, making it the first time Japan released version superior closeness of the distance of the band and in the picture and sound quality of LD, and you can feel the closeness of the music title. Personally goodness of music does not think never determined by the sound quality, but it is possible to contact with the high-resolution sound at close range, it is also fact that can not be denied is overwhelmed by the part of the essence, the core of the music . And it also will keep even well tell if what was created by music any such person of life of the day. “ASIA IN ASIA: SOUNDBOARD MASTERS” and this work “ASIA IN ASIA: Laser Disc Edition” is such a Asia of life of that day, and brilliantly containment hot Western fan of life in Japan at the time, which made it possible and is, making it the appropriate title to say while bonus DVDR and definitive edition of the video version of “ASIA IN ASIA”.

「ASIA IN ASIA」の映像版と言えばもう定番中の定番映像ですが、これをレーザーディスク(以下、LD)版で御覧になった方はどれだけいらっしゃるでしょう。発売当時(※1984年9月)はLDがまだソフトとしても民間再生機としてもビデオテープほど一般的とは言えず、多くの方はVHS等のビデオテープ版で御覧になってきた様に思います。確かに両者とも収録内容は同じ(※一部「Time Again」が含まれているものもあるので例外あり)ですが、差が無いかと言えばこれは確実にあるのです。


またせっかくなので記しておきますと、この正規版LD(※これは正規版ビデオも同様です)は、先週のギフト・タイトル『ASIA IN ASIA – JAPANESE LIVE BROADCAST EDITION』で鑑賞出来る日本生放送版とは画面のショット違いが多々あるのもポイントです。例えば「Only Time Will Tell」の冒頭では、日本生放送版だとステージ正面後方からのショットが直ぐに切れてメンバー付近にあるカメラへ切り替わりますが、この正規版では暫く固定で映り続けており、カメラがせわしく切り替わりません。また曲の後半でも、特徴的な観客(大学生?)2人のアップが一度しか入らないショットとなっています(※反面、日本生放送版では彼等のアップ大映しが2回も多く入る独特のせわしいショットです)。続く「Open Your Eyes」でも歌詞2番を終えた後にスティーヴがギター・チェンジをしますが、これもこの正規版だとロングショットなのに対し、日本生放送版はステージ上に居る手持ちの移動カメラからのショットとなっていて、ギターを持ち替えるスティーヴの様子が近接ショットで映ります。こうした違いは多々あり、他にも映像のショット違いが随所に散見されますので、興味をお持ちの方は『ASIA IN ASIA – JAPANESE LIVE BROADCAST EDITION』に収録の日本生放送版と併せて御覧になるとカメラワークの差が沢山発見出来て面白いでしょう。

今回本作が付くことになった、メインのディスクとなる新作『ASIA IN ASIA: SOUNDBOARD MASTERS』は、音像の近さが際立つサウンドボードの傑作タイトルです。そして本DVDRもまた、日本初回発売版LDの優れた画質と音質でバンドとの距離の近さ、そして音楽の近さを実感出来るタイトルとなっています。個人的に音楽の良さは決して音質で決まるとは思いませんが、しかし至近距離で解像度の高い音像と接することで、音楽の本質・芯の部分に圧倒される事もまた否定出来ない事実です。そしてそれはまた、その日の音楽がどの様な人の営みによって創られたのかもよく伝えてくれるでしょう。『ASIA IN ASIA: SOUNDBOARD MASTERS』及び本作『ASIA IN ASIA : Laser Disc Edition』は、そんなあの日のエイジアの営みを、そしてそれを可能にした当時の日本の熱い洋楽ファンの営みを見事に封じ込めており、ボーナスDVDRながらも映像版「ASIA IN ASIA」の決定版と言うに相応しいタイトルとなっています。

1. Introduction by Mark Goodman 2. The Heat Goes On 3. Here Comes The Feeling 4. Eye To Eye
5. Sketches In The Sun 6. Only Time Will Tell 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Keyboard Solo
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 10. Wildest Dreams 11. Drum Solo 12. Heat Of The Moment
13. Sole Survivor

Greg Lake – Lead Vocal, Bass Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion


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