Asia / Asia In Asia:Defintive Soundboard Masters / 2CD+Republic Ticket

Asia / Asia In Asia:Defintive Soundboard Masters / 2CD+Republic Ticket /Virtuoso

Translated text:

Live AT Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th & 7th December 1983.


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As the title to commemorate the “ASIA IN ASIA 30 anniversary”, it is the emergence of this work Korezo the definitive edition, the final version of the sound board sound source of ASIA IN ASIA.

Both days of the has been recorded December 6 days and 7 days. Both some of the sound board (and later, SBD) until this sound source was present. It is the first 6 days, but this is a “STILL TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER (Ayanami-017)” and “YOUR EYES WILL TELL (STTP-007)” is famous title as the beginning of the classic title “OPEN YOUR EYES” of the LP era I think. This time this work the Omoto By now, the rare three for broadcast sets LP “WESTWOOD ONE 3LP LIVE VINYL BOXSET – SUPERSTAR CONCERT SERIES -” using the master dropped into a good sound of freshness from the master of, and careful attention It was aimed at the ultimate remastered with great enthusiasm. Master dropped is where the needle crackling sound is a concern, but this is it was thoroughly removed first, is the first major feature that has gone through the disc more than 99%. While the broadcast LP accompanied by a sound this much noiseless clarity of 6 days performances and master, this extremely to listen at high resolution states will be the first ever. But stood out in particular needle crackling on the keyboard solo and “The Smile Has ~”, “Sketches In The Sun”, “Open Your Eyes”, and the like in the pre-departure board, it is also 99% resolved in this work. It has achieved a very high sense of transparency sound quality even in a quiet scene. In addition, since this time are the best of sound strictly correction so as to be received in the ear while to cherish the range of spread and the bass range of the specific acoustic with the master, accompanied by lingering tone and the sound is very fresh sound ear also it features arrive in.

And in terms of another major feature of is uncut full-recorded master LP, this will also be a sound source first ever six days. For example, DJ announcement at the beginning of the disk, “Here Comes The Feeling” before CM rush to enter after the end of a comment, and “Sole Survivor” reading also all first recorded in a full-length of the reading and the program production staff of the company sponsorship to enter after the end. Set list is not a real flow of 6 days, but this is dare because it has faithfully reproduce the flow of as master recording. In this way, has been further born sound Going over it while pulling to maximize the original goodness, we finished the astounding sound quality board also helped that the compatibility of the equalizing and recording sound was good. Honest this remains to finish not strange out as a regular board, it is a certainty that is a high-level sound image to scoff at all of its outstanding 6 days SBD sound source. Again 30 years ago that day in this recording sound, and that the “Cutting It Fine ~ Daylight”, please enjoy the moment that best shine that Asia has left of this special lineup is emitted. Surely impressed more deeply that have tasted so far, and has become a Disc-1 without a doubt that the change to a higher dimension of excitement.

And Disc-2. Here on December 7, satellite relayed that familiar concert in the United States has been recorded from the Budokan. When I listen to the 7 days of performances as “Ah … I array”, somehow the recording, but the content I think fans are not a few, which is your inferred, but want crowned heard most in this work is actually this, such is the people of what the too late and think is to have 7 days performances too classic, too. What title to satisfy had in the past played a live 7 days “sound only”? So far in the regular board CD also has to wear is some release, but they are in too poor contents included in the referred to as the regular board, is also a fact that has greatly discouraged the fan. If addition, say, order to “watch” as the video footage and speaking either live this day had been a staple of, purely so much without the opportunity to face with “sound only”, the results which have been as it is somehow neglected this 7 days I think that it is disastrous history and current status of the “sound”.

But the sound that has been recorded in this Disc-2 is different. Thoroughly relaxed fine noise and the broadcast sound source of good quality to the master, amazing sound of the ultra-class in that was a meticulous equalize that sounded best the treble by adding the bass we have fruition. How its outstanding panel title (※ does not matter at the regular board) even do than listen to the good because the sound to try. Adds spread to the range in comparison with the original sound, it should be can feel the performance sound echoing through the extremely high degree of transparency in the dynamic comes jump into the ear. Disc-1 of the statement of 6 days performances wrote “This remains finish not strange out as a regular board,” but, this Disc-2 is the level that is also beyond any regular board entering the hand in the current situation. Just ultimate say not an exaggeration to, especially guitar rich sound and Greg of breathing that strings shoot of You jumped to the ear in the past best resolution, I think that fruitful also to the sentence music is felt. Also fine vibration of sounds and hi-hat with the growth of the keyboard group, will be surprised to how the coming hit the straight rich and sharp sound from the range of the low-mids, such as toms and bass drum. And overlap sound of each instrument that has been re-these washing, three-dimensional sound image that emerged to come has become a better to described as “re-imagination = re-creation” rather than the other remastered things closer , four of music and music of that day, I think I had the power to infatuation the people how much may not involve such as video is strongly feel can.

Boot leg is by its very nature, is what the need for replacement from its outstanding panel is caused by the come the emergence of the full version and the upper plate out after, but does not come out even in some large excavation SBD sound source future As far as this title that possibility as long as would be the first not. Exactly ASIA IN final form and has become a decisive 2 Disc title also say that SBD title reaches of ASIA, was confined permanently to both days of 30 years ago, remains of primary colors, suitable press platen in the name of the true definitive edition It has become a.

★ been released at the end of last year, called an overwhelming quality is the topic, it was sold out in a short period of time, 1983 Tokyo performances definitive edition of Asia “ASIA IN ASIA: DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS” is, special stock from overseas limited! ! Number sticker with a limited release (No.221 ~ 250).

★ marked with a reprint to insert the 1983 Asia tour two flyers. (Of “throw away the past glory, the men of incandescent live bet in now”, “age is the highest in history that gave birth to super band” and John Wetton version brave caption that, “Japan’s first satellite relay concert!” Greg Lake version (back John Fox) are two types of.)

“ASIA IN ASIA 30周年”を記念するタイトルとして、これぞASIA IN ASIAのサウンドボード音源の決定版・最終版となる本作の登場です。

収録されているのは12月6日と7日の両日。どちらもこれまで幾つかのサウンドボード(以降、SBD)音源が存在しました。まず6日ですが、これはLP時代の古典タイトル『OPEN YOUR EYES』を初めとして『STILL TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER (Ayanami-017)』や『YOUR EYES WILL TELL (STTP-007) 』が有名なタイトルだと思います。今回本作はその大元となったレアな放送用3枚組LP『WESTWOOD ONE 3LP LIVE VINYL BOXSET – SUPERSTAR CONCERT SERIES -』の原盤から鮮度の良い音を落とし込んだマスターを使用し、細心の注意と熱意を込めて究極のリマスターを目指しました。原盤落としは針パチ音が気になるところですが、これはまずそれを徹底的に除去し、ディスクを通して99%以上無くなっているのが最初の大きな特徴です。放送用LPを原盤とする6日公演の音がこれほどノイズレスな透明感を伴いつつ、極めて解像度の高い状態で聴けるのはこれが史上初となります。既発盤ではキーボードのソロや「The Smile Has ~」「Sketches In The Sun」「Open Your Eyes」等で特に針パチが目立ちましたが、本作ではそれも99%解消。静かなシーンでも非常に透明感の高いサウンドクオリティを実現しております。また今回は原盤が持つ特有の音響の広がりと低音域のレンジを大切にしながら最良のサウンドで耳に届くよう厳密に補正してあるので、音色と響きが極めて生々しい音の余韻を伴いながら耳に届くのも特徴です。

そしてもうひとつの大きな特徴が原盤LPをノーカット・フル収録している点で、これも6日の音源史上初となります。例えばディスク冒頭のDJアナウンス、「Here Comes The Feeling」終了後に入るCM突入前のコメント、そして「Sole Survivor」終了後に入る企業協賛の読み上げと番組制作スタッフの読み上げも全てノーカットで初収録。セットリストは6日の本当の流れではありませんが、これはあえて原盤収録そのままの流れを忠実に再現している為です。この様に、オリジナルの良さを最大限に引き出しながら更にその上をゆくサウンドが誕生しており、イコライズと収録音の相性が良かった事も手伝って驚異的な音質盤に仕上がっております。正直このまま正規盤として出てもおかしくない仕上がりですし、全ての既発6日SBD音源を一蹴するハイレベルな音像になっている事は確実です。この収録音でもう一度30年前のあの日を、そして「Cutting It Fine ~ Daylight」という、この特別な布陣のエイジアが残した最高の輝きが放たれる瞬間を御堪能下さい。きっとこれまで味わってきた感動がより深く、そして更に高い次元の興奮へ変わること間違いなしのDisc-1となっています。



ブートレッグはその性質上、後に出てくる完全版やアッパー版の登場によって既発盤から買い替えの必要性が生じるものですが、このタイトルに限って言えば今後何らかの大発掘SBD音源でも出てこない限りその可能性はまず無いでしょう。まさにASIA IN ASIAのSBDタイトルが到達した最終形態とも言える決定的な2枚組タイトルとなっており、30年前の両日を原色のまま永久に封じ込めた、真の決定版の名に相応しいプレス盤となっています。

★昨年末にリリースされ、圧倒的なクオリティが話題を呼び、短期間で完売した、エイジアの1983年東京公演の決定版「ASIA IN ASIA: DEFINITIVE SOUNDBOARD MASTERS」が、限定で海外より特別再入荷!!ナンバーステッカー付きの限定リリース(No.221~250)。


Disc 1(72:32)
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 6th December 1983

Taken from the original radio show records(Westwood One Radio Networks Superstar Concert Series)

1. DJ Intro 2. Time Again 3. The Heat Goes On 4. Here Comes The Feeling 5. Eye To Eye
6. Sketches In The Sun 7. Only Time Will Tell 8. Open Your Eyes 9. Keyboard Solo
10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 11. Wildest Dreams 12. Drum Solo 13. Heat Of The Moment
14. Cutting It Fine 15. Daylight 16. Sole Survivor 17. DJ Outro

Disc 2 (58:49)
1. Introduction by Mark Goodman 2. The Heat Goes On 3. Here Comes The Feeling 4. Eye To Eye
5. Sketches In The Sun 6. Only Time Will Tell 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Keyboard Solo
9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 10. Wildest Dreams 11. Drum Solo 12. Heat Of The Moment
13. Sole Survivor


Greg Lake – Lead Vocal, Bass Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion


Virtuoso 168/169

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