ASIA / Live In Japan 2014 Volume 2 / 4CD

ASIA / Live In Japan 2014 Volume 2 / 4CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 19th & 20th June 2014


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It is a rebirth of Asia just finished a concert in Japan two weeks ago with, but who excitement in contact with the sound that you refresh that is not to wake up still Yara also will most likely. Title of GRAVITAS tour the first day was held at Malvern our store is the United Kingdom before the Japan tour first week: The deliver “MALVERN 2014 1st show of Gravitas World Tour (Amity 324)” and recording of the fascination with the taper of the local residents in I had you received. And super good raging two days at the Shibuya Public Hall on the 19th, the 20th, June Tokyo 2DAYS long-awaited finally was recorded Meihan 2DAYS to be a Japan tour the first half and “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1”, this week this work was uncut complete recording in sound quality, will be appeared in the press platen 4CD · Pictured disc!

Similarly sister work of Meihan 2DAYS as “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1”, original recording that was used for this work of this Tokyo 2DAYS is also superb in itself both days. There is not readily at record level in recent years through the goodness of sound and sound image with a transparent feeling good prospect that all is said and done, the depth of the sound. Performance on the 20th has become a high-quality and by far the especially, rich growth of treble from the sound output in the power of the low frequency range and density sense, of sound feel the width and depth to the sound image more than the 19th it has become a brilliant sound of the captured perfectly until. If you look at the data that has been received in person from the recording’s recording position of the 19th has become a “fifth column right block,” “fourth column left-leaning center block”, and the 20th, position even both days either etc. Different live recording sound with shooting at close distance of the fifth column within stage boasts. In fact, because there is the impression that sound is coming reached the ear directly from the space highly transparent sound is also close, very both When we listen to the sound, it suggests that the recording equipment is also using what excellent you should. In how it is recorded in the sound of what I feel, I’ll first introduce from the 19th – the first half of the show one disk!

SE of the “1812 Overture” is finishes sounding, “Sole Survivor” the start along with the neat sound with the spread. Change is felt from guitar phrase of No. 1 rush before lyrics, (34-36 seconds around 00 minutes) Catabasis own (25-26 seconds, 00 minutes, and 42 seconds around 00 minutes) scenes and Sam put the tolyl it has put the discovery of new guitar expression that seems there is no example in any Asia and the past “!” before the song begins has been barrage. There is also a approach of hard touch in lead guitar and keyboard that can be listened in 41 seconds to 57 seconds around three minutes, that continue the dialogue of sound guitar while taking a tremolo picking violently, an example to any Asia in the past also this fresh excitement you should not arise in the representation. “Wildest Dreams” is changing rhythm “uninterrupted” in the second half drum solo thing, this statement the continuity of the sound is maintained until the finale than Malvern performances in the UK and Nagoya performances was “choppy” , driving rhythm that penetrates is exceptional. There is a sense of attack that is similar to the performance of 1990 that Pat Thrall has stayed the “Time Again”, scene bluesy songs also began to attract attention from XXX tour in places that I have to be incorporated, but in fact well sound performance itself is put out and listen is very similar to what was showing off live of ’82 around May, this does not scream happy if people who’ve heard the boot playing at the time will. And scenes of unity with a jerk is improved from the United Kingdom performances and as was the case even Meiban 2DAYS, can feel the solid beat of nascent Asia in the sound without the unpleasant taste lead track from the latest album “Valkyrie” has become. “I Know How You Feel” is likely to flow from right to left as quiet simply song and also a little, how the sink float melodic tough even in a quiet has come out well in the play of the day . Elongated, and hear again in recording this high transparency melodies intertwined in vivid colors while interlaced supple, no doubt the level of understanding of the music increases. Wet-N acoustic version of “Voice Of America”
It is attention to “back side” of the sweet singing voice. There is a striking sound of Carl to express delicate under noodles in there, how is sending a new breath to the music this is entangled with the rhythm guitar is recorded at great sound image.

In the disk 2 was recorded show the second half of the 19th day, please pay attention to “Gravitas” first. The jump out in sound performance dense feel more light and shade, performance-rich insight that will gouge the chest. Ask the state in which the singing Wet-N with a sense of security by increments of backing guitar that is stable in the “Go” is the scene Pojitivu different from the Howe era as well. It has played in the interpretation of Sam own (around 51 seconds to 3 minutes) guitar coming in the second half, the keyboard melody yuku determine the twin lead and this has also greatly expanded the width of the melodic subject. Was returned to the electric version of “Don’t Cry”, how the Yuku push the melody over and over again while being in the lead guitar in 33 seconds 07 seconds near the vicinity to 3 minutes gives off a remarkable shine. Deployment to migrate to the drum solo at the same time as the finale is also a novelty, but this became possible What was Ali, especially in this song = and thanks you came to keep the end up to the stable vivacious groove of “Don’t Cry” (it would benefit) Howe absence. (39 seconds to 00 minutes) the sound of the introduction part is sound out in vivid sound, open your eyes just from there, “Open Your Eyes” comes out play the play with bright tone, such as pay-blind. While the sound image with a stable mid-range runs through the ear, how the melody sharp keyboard Yuku leading the music while Ukitachi strongly in (19 seconds to 2 minutes and 40 seconds) expansion unit is also superb. Twin lead guitar and drums to burst the motility Massive is intense in 16 seconds near the finale ~ 5 minutes, and the good of this sound balance’s out also it will be the charm of this recording. Encore “Heat Of The Moment” also reached the end show a great performance with a sense of unity, we are firmly record the state of the seat or near ending SE flowing through the hall after the show as well.

And 4 disc 3 complete recording of the last day of Shibuya, the 20th. This one has been recorded in the highest quality high-quality than disk 1 and 2. You will be surprised luster of rich sound, and the breadth of the range of the sound image in the rise in the “Sole Survivor”. Goodness of Tsubudachi of bass drifting in the sound image mild stable is also noted, based approach of Wet-N youthful aggressive Sam more than jumped into the ear with great sound also expand from 23 seconds around 5 minutes you can. Local scene also promise to expand and sing by changing the “Sibuya!” Some of the lyrics as well yesterday, you should be deprived of mind in a sound image that captures the scrupulously its high driving rhythm is “Wildest Dreams”. Sound mild plump The attractive also “Face On The Bridge”, I’ll be jumping in the remarkable tone also (55 seconds near the other 1 minute) sampling sound coming out occasionally during the song. Deployment of over 21 seconds near-finale three minutes midfield expression of song transforms into is wonderful in “Valkyrie”. Dense playing depiction was put to one sound one sound is bright, here may be said that it is an ensemble that was highlighted by live music note was written to know if it has an eloquent how expressive power. It is a great play in the same way yesterday also “Voice Of America”. How the melody trembling beautifully about floating feeling to be obtained for the first time in that bass is no longer as Ako version blossomed beautifully, breathtaking in the sound creation-friendly has been arranged by carefully is suggesting Many sections highlight of the show first half and it is with. Delay of the long distance it takes a little at strategic points in the first half vocal line, “The Smile Has …” You are impressed with further singing expression. And the representation to push up the music in the latter half of the melody and expression, a loud of the bridge, great scene fresh and young is jostling.

In the second half of the 20th, stunning one act will expand its beginning from “An Extraordinary Life” disk 4. How sad melodies lurking time to time in the sound colorful runs through refreshingly from right to left are recorded scrupulously in this case, great performance, not disturbed the Isshi is on the ear sound of high resolution with good prospects are delivered. On the other hand deployment to shine dazzling sound of heavy sharp melody while crossing over and over again, driving force of music Yuku push up the axis it is moving in the “Gravitas”. Dynamic sense of a lively performance, it is flying while a compact is improved even more yesterday and this last day, “Days Like These” has become the scene of one end of the extraordinary performance power of the band is a glimpse. “And Don’t Cry” is a feature ensemble excellent displacement does not occur this day attracts the ear, and a sense of scale of shaded expression’s out well even an entire performance. “Open Your Eyes” is to demonstrate the musical charm of the best as well yesterday, and it is with that expression full of siren call that we feel here and there. It has been assumed that the part of the guitar and keyboard to plunge from 53 seconds around 4 minutes full of pleasant change, it is going to be amazed at the sound coming up against to this place straight coupled with speedy drums spit it is reservoir . There is a sense you are playing and being heavy and, very carefully whether there is also a fact that the last track of the last day of “Heat Of The Moment”. You will point just interesting here, is that “no you’re out to make” the sound fat in heavy bother to do so. (Not a ※ sound itself) is heard Gotsuku music structure and framework of the music because they are configured exactly, it’s going on and what it is we feel In this final performance. Was expressed through this song, which in some sense, the nascent Asia went put to Japanese fans at the end of the last performance in Japan this time, may have been a sense of stability new as heavy without enduring band does not.

I think question expectations and fans all over the world have to nascent Asia and albums “GRAVITAS” is, and ran out in terms of changes in the sound image due to the fact that Sam has joined. Speaking of nascent Asia that is home to Sam, or its Milton Keynes concert that took place in June 2013 about a year ago now, even in small-scale performances that have been made up to 5 days in September head from late August I ask about the situation. Performance in Milton Keynes even from Amity label of our particular “HEAT & WILDEST: FIRST 2 STAGES WITH SAM (Amity – 313)” was released at that time under the title, the very first Shii playing content but became a hot topic , imagine, one years have passed since then, came out through the album production was Asia sound hard pop of 1990 “THEN & NOW” times. So (four Holger Rarisshu of ※ 89 years and put) the third person, is what is required of Asia sound band = Wet-N aim again, the band’s welcome guitarist of hard rock is, this album officially the What a guitar element to the approach with the sinter hard and as was the case from “ASTRA” is essential.

Just put a guitar hard rock-metal system badly in the music of the progressive system, the sound is cheap and rapidly. I think that was the dexterity of Pat Thrall of the 1990’s was the sound of hard touch with the sinter without cheap this and you think by force and was also a key decipher Asia of “THEN & NOW” era but, I think that it inherits beautifully “Hana” that also live not only album, Sam that your sound style is similar to that shown in this Japan tour the new Asia sound as good as pat era. And simply because it is now the memory of that performance will remain vividly, is there meaning to this work space of good visibility of the venue recording unique texture and sound jumps out at the sound of high-quality and high resolution. Iyamoni sound source is different from the impression of the performance and sound that I heard that day sound is too close unnaturally, and because poor audience recording will not could distort the goodness of live music. In other words, let’s Mose optimal what “recording excellent in the same eye line sound that I heard” to relive in the best audience recording such as this work, to relive the performances Memorial. This work was complete recording of the Tokyo 2DAYS, and, it is simultaneously released with perfect recorded Meiban 2DAYS of Nagoya and Osaka “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1”, that seat you were in two weeks ago you this weekend it is going to make me time to slip comfortable. Best sister board of gem Virtuoso label with a reputation for high quality is to deliver it with confidence, please stay tuned!

つい2週間前に来日公演を終えたばかりの新生エイジアですが、そのリフレッシュしたサウンドに接した興奮が未だ覚めやらぬ方も多いでしょう。当店も先週はまず日本公演の前にイギリスはマルヴァーンで行われたGRAVITASツアー初日のタイトル『MALVERN 2014: 1st show of Gravitas World Tour (Amity 324)』をお届けし、現地在住のテーパーによる魅惑の録音で御好評戴きました。そして今週は日本ツアー前半となる名阪2DAYSを収録した『LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1』、そしていよいよお待ち兼ねの東京2DAYS、6月19日・20日の渋谷公会堂での2日間を怒涛の超優良音質でノーカット完全収録した本作が、プレス盤4CD・ピクチャーディスク仕様で登場致します!

名阪2DAYSの姉妹作『LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1』と同様、この東京2DAYSの本作に使用されたオリジナル録音も両日共に極上そのものです。何と言ってもその見通しの良い透明感のある音像と音抜けの良さ、響きの深さは昨今の録音レベルでもなかなかありません。特に20日公演は群を抜いて高品質なものとなっており、19日の音像以上に幅と奥行きを感じさせる音の密度感、そして低音域の威力ある出音から高音域の豊かな伸びまでが完璧に捉えられた鮮烈のサウンドとなっています。録音者から直々に寄せられたデータを見ると、19日の録音位置は「センターブロック4列目左寄り」、20日は「右ブロック5列目」となっており、位置は異なれど両日どちらもステージ5列目以内という至近距離でシューティングした生録サウンドが自慢です。実際、音を聴いてみるとどちらも音が非常に近く、また透明度の高い空間から響きがダイレクトに耳に届いてくる印象があるので、録音機材も優秀なものを使用している事が伺える筈です。ではそれがどんな感じのサウンドで録れているのか、まずはディスク1の19日・ショウ前半部分から御紹介致しましょう !

「1812 Overture」のSEが鳴り終わると、広がりのある端正なサウンドと共に「Sole Survivor」がスタート。歌詞1番突入前のギターフレーズから変化が感じられ、サムがトリルを入れるシーン(00分25~26秒、及び00分42秒付近)や独自の下降音型(00分34~36秒付近)を入れており、歌が始まる前から過去のどのエイジアにも例が無い「!!」と思える新しいギター表現の発見が連発しています。また3分41秒~57秒付近で聴けるキーボードとギターのリードでも、ギターが激しくトレモロ・ピッキングを入れながら音の対話を続けるというハードタッチのアプローチがあり、これまた過去のどのエイジアにも例が無い表現に新鮮な興奮が沸き起こる筈です。「Wildest Dreams」は後半ドラムソロでリズムが”途切れない”ものに変化しており、これは”途切れ途切れ”だった名古屋公演やイギリスのマルヴァーン公演よりも音の連続性が終曲まで維持されているぶん、突き抜けるドライヴ感が格別です。「Time Again」はパット・スロールが居た1990年の演奏に似たアタック感があり、曲も所々でXXXツアーから目立ち始めたブルース調のシーンが組み込まれてはいるのですが、しかし実はよく聴くと演奏そのものが出している音色は82年5月頃のライブで披露していたものと酷似しており、これは当時の演奏をブートで聴いた事がある方なら嬉しい悲鳴を上げるのではないでしょうか。最新アルバムからのリード・トラック「Valkyrie」は名阪2DAYSでもそうだった様にイギリス公演よりグッと纏まりが向上し、雑味の無い響きの中に新生エイジアの確かな鼓動が感じられる名シーンとなっています。「I Know How You Feel」は、ややもすると単に静かな曲として右から左へと流れてしまいそうですが、静かな中にも厳しい旋律の浮き沈む様子がこの日の演奏ではよく出ています。長く伸び、しなやかに交錯しながら色鮮やかに絡み合う旋律をこの透明度の高い録音で改めて耳にすると、曲の理解度が増すこと間違いありません。アコースティック版の「Voice Of America」はウエットン

19日のショウ後半を収録したディスク2では、まず「Gravitas」に御注目下さい。密度の濃い演奏がより濃淡を感じるサウンドで飛び出し、その洞察力に富んだパフォーマンスが胸をえぐります。「Go」ではバッキング・ギターの刻みが安定していることでウエットンが安心して歌唱している様子が伺え、これもまたハウ時代とは異なるポジティヴなシーンです。後半で入ってくるギター(3分51秒付近~)もサム独自の解釈で弾いており、これとツインリードを決めてゆくキーボードの旋律も楽想の幅を大きく広げています。エレクトリック版に戻された「Don’t Cry」は、3分07秒付近~33秒付近でギターにリードされながら幾重にも旋律を押し込んでゆく様子が目覚しい輝きを放っています。終曲と同時にドラムソロへ移行する展開も斬新ですが、これが可能になったのも「Don’t Cry」の快活なグルーヴを最後まで安定して保てる様になったおかげ(=この曲では特に難アリだったハウ不在の恩恵)でしょう。「Open Your Eyes」は導入部のサウンド(00分39秒~)が鮮烈な音で出音し、そこからまさに瞳を開き、盲を払う様な鮮やかな音色で演奏が弾け出てきます。中音域の安定した音像が耳を駆け抜ける中、展開部(2分19秒~40秒)ではキーボードの鋭い旋律がグッと浮き立ちながら楽曲を牽引してゆく様子も見事です。5分16秒付近~終曲ではマッシヴな運動性を炸裂させるドラムとギターのツインリードが強烈で、このサウンドバランスの良さが出ているのも本録音の魅力でしょう。アンコール「Heat Of The Moment」も一体感のある素晴らしい演奏でショウ・エンドを迎え、終演後も場内に流れるエンディングSEや座席付近の様子をしっかり記録しています。

ディスク3と4は最終日・20日の渋谷を完全収録。こちらはディスク1と2より更に質の高い極上音質で収録されています。「Sole Survivor」ではその立ち上がりで音像のレンジの広さ、そして豊かな音の艶に驚かれるでしょう。安定したマイルドな音像の中に漂う低音域の粒立ちの良さも特筆され、5分23秒付近からの展開もサム以上に若々しく攻撃的なウエットンのベース・アプローチが素晴らしい音で耳に飛び込んできます。「Wildest Dreams」は昨日同様に歌詞の一部を”Sibuya !”と変えて歌うなど現地お約束のシーンも展開し、その高いドライヴ感を克明に捉えた音像に心奪われる筈です。「Face On The Bridge」もまたふくよかでマイルドな音像が魅力で、曲中で時折り出てくるサンプリング音(1分55秒付近ほか)も目覚しい音色で飛び出してきます。「Valkyrie」では曲の表情が変わってゆく中盤3分21秒付近~終曲にかけての展開が見事です。一音一音に込められた濃密な演奏描写が眩しく、ここは書かれた音符がどれほど雄弁な表現力を持っているかが生演奏によって浮き彫りになったアンサンブルと言えるでしょう。「Voice Of America」も昨日同様に素晴らしい演奏です。アコ版として低音部が無くなった事で初めて得られる浮遊感が見事に花開き、丁寧に編曲された優しい音創りの中に息を呑むほど美麗に震える旋律が随所で伺える様子はショウ前半のハイライトとなっています。「The Smile Has…」は前半ボーカルラインの要所でやや遠目のディレイが掛かり、歌唱表現を更に印象深いものとしています。ブリッジの高らかな旋律表現、そして後半部での音楽を押し上げる表現など、瑞々しく素晴らしいシーンが目白押しです。

ディスク4は20日の後半で、その冒頭「An Extraordinary Life」から見事な一幕が展開します。ここではカラフルなサウンドの中に時折り顔を覗かせる切ない旋律が右から左へ爽やかに駆け抜ける様子が克明に記録されており、その一糸乱れぬ素晴らしい演奏が見通しの良い高解像度のサウンドで耳に届けられます。一方「Gravitas」では鋭く重たい旋律が幾重にも交錯しながら眩いサウンドの輝きを放ち、それを軸に音楽の推進力が押し上がってゆく展開が感動的です。「Days Like These」はこの最終日も快活な演奏で、コンパクトに纏めながら飛翔するダイナミック感が昨日より一層向上しており、バンドの非凡な演奏力の一端が垣間見られるシーンとなっています。そして「Don’t Cry」はこの日もズレが生じない優れたアンサンブルが耳を惹き、演奏全体も表現の隈取りとスケール感が良く出ているのが特徴です。「Open Your Eyes」は昨日同様に極上の音楽的魅力を発揮しており、訴える力に満ち溢れた表現が随所で感じ取れるものとなっています。4分53秒付近から突入するキーボードとギターのパートも快い変化に富んだものとなっており、それが溜めて吐き出すドラムの疾走感と相まって真っ直ぐにこちらへぶつかってくるサウンドに驚嘆される筈です。「Heat Of The Moment」は最終日の最終曲という事もあるのか大変丁寧に、そしてどっしりと演奏している感があります。ただここで興味深いのは、その為にわざわざヘヴィでファットな音を”作って出しているのではない”という点でしょう。音楽(※音そのものではありません)がゴツく聞こえるのはその楽曲の骨組みと構造がきっちり構成されているからで、この最終演奏ではそれが感じ取れるものとなっているのです。或る意味で、新生エイジアが今回の来日公演で最後の最後に日本のファンへ置いていったものは、この曲を通して表現した、揺ぎ無く重たいバンドとしての新しい安定感だったのかもしれません。

アルバム『GRAVITAS』や新生エイジアに世界中のファンが持っていた期待と疑問は、サムが加入した事によるサウンドイメージの変化という点に尽きたと思います。サムを擁した新生エイジアと言えば、今から約1年前の2013年6月に行われたミルトン・キーンズ公演や、8月後半から9月頭まで5日間行われた小規模な公演でもその様子を伺えました。特にミルトン・キーンズでの演奏は当店のAmityレーベルからも『HEAT & WILDEST : FIRST 2 STAGES WITH SAM (Amity – 313)』というタイトルで当時リリースされ、その大変初々しい演奏内容が話題となりましたが、あれから1年が経ち、アルバム製作を経て出てきたのは想像通り、1990年『THEN & NOW』時代のハード・ポップなエイジアサウンドでした。バンドがハードロック系のギタリストを迎えるのは、公式にはこれが3人目(※89年のホルガー・ラリッシュも入れると4人)ですから、やはりバンド=ウエットンが目指すエイジアサウンドの要にあるものは、アルバム『ASTRA』からそうだった様にハードで華のあるアプローチをするギターが欠かせない要素なのでしょう。

ただプログレ系の楽曲に下手にハードロック・メタル系のギターを入れると、そのサウンドは急激に安っぽくなります。これを安っぽくせず華のあるハードタッチのサウンドにしていたのが1990年のパット・スロールの巧さだったと思いますし、強いては『THEN & NOW』時代のエイジアを読み解く鍵でもあったと思うのですが、そのサウンドスタイルが似ているサムはアルバムだけでなくライブでもその”華”を見事に継承し、パット時代にも劣らない新しいエイジアサウンドをこの来日公演で示したと思います。そしてその公演の記憶が生々しく残る今だからこそ、会場録音独特の、音の質感と見通しの良い空間性が高品質・高解像度のサウンドで飛び出してくる本作に意味があるのです。何故ならイヤモニ音源は音が不自然に近過ぎてあの日自分が聴いた音や演奏の印象とは異なりますし、下手なオーディエンス録音は生演奏の良さを歪めかねません。即ち本作の様な極上オーディエンス録音で追体験する「自分が聴いた音と同じ目線にある優れた録音」こそが、メモリアルな公演を追体験するには最適と申せましょう。東京2DAYSを完全収録した本作、及び、名古屋・大阪の名阪2DAYSをパーフェクト収録して同時リリースとなる『LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 VOLUME 1』は、今週末のあなたを2週間前に居たあの座席に心地良くタイムスリップさせてくれる筈です。品質の高さで定評のあるVirtuosoレーベルが自信を持ってお届けする珠玉の極上姉妹盤、どうぞ御期待下さい!!

Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 19th June 2014

Disc 1 (46:23)
1. 1812 Overture 2. Sole Survivor 3. Wildest Dreams 4. Face On The Bridge 5. Time Again
6. Valkyrie 7. I Know How You Feel 8. Voice Of America 9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Disc 2 (61:40)
1. Carl Palmer Introduction 2. An Extraordinary Life 3. Gravitas 4. Keyboard Solo
5. Days Like These 6. Go 7. Don’t Cry 8. Drum Solo 9. Only Time Will Tell 10. Open Your Eyes 
11. Heat Of The Moment 12. Outro. 

Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 20th June 2014

Disc 3 (45:48)
1. 1812 Overture 2. Sole Survivor 3. Wildest Dreams 4. Face On The Bridge 5. Time Again
6. Valkyrie 7. I Know How You Feel 8. Voice Of America 9. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Disc 4 (63:16)
1. Carl Palmer Introduction 2. An Extraordinary Life 3. Gravitas 4. Keyboard Solo 
5. Days Like These 6. Go 7. Don’t Cry 8. Drum Solo 9. Only Time Will Tell 10. Open Your Eyes
11. Heat Of The Moment 12. Outro. 

John Wetton – Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Backing Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums Sam Coulson – Guitar


Virtuoso 183/184/185/186

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