Asia / Hartford 2014 / 2CDR

Asia / Hartford 2014 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Infinity Music Hall & Bistro, Hartford, CT, USA 14th September 2014.


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The best AUD recording the quotient of 14 days, the United States, Hartford September from the (ongoing 11 days to September) ASIA latest North American tour vivid still in 2014, memories of Japan tour in June also becomes the fourth title at was containment will appear as a special gift board this week. Big feature of the present performances two points. And that brand new latest approach can be found in the music of some of this North American tour, another was set in after a long time, “Finger On The Trigger” will listen that the first one. It has become the latest source of fascination that has Uncut recorded in performance sound very close to the interesting contents of these!

Now it is playing what has been updated that, but would note first that this has changed in hammering representation loud with an emphasis on bass in that it can be said that the drum solo that comes out in the end of the “Wildest Dreams” is also 2014 and autumn version. Since the main also has the performance with an emphasis further DRIVE sense, this late drum part that has been updated tells the start of the show, leaving a stronger impression. It stops suddenly to think suddenly, the curl whether began beating drums alone in finale after “Time Again”, where the place is wrapped in laughter I have been included, but this is as one music destination the Happening scene due to the fact that it was hammered by mistake that Carl do next intro will showcase the “Finger On The Trigger”. Wet ‘n’ is also re-partition the place along with the peaceful feeling of laughter, “it ‘s another song” and, how it is not yet familiar to set change also is a place pleasing. But it begins to re partition the two songs after the “Finger On The Trigger” has become a performance that meet to hear the playing force fresh attract the ear, does not feel the passage of time and member change in spite of the set-in after a long time. There is a great dynamic also rhythm strokes of Carl that enthusiastic about wrong the flow of the set, seasoned Sam sounded the approach of the current type by concealed a representation of its own slightly while protecting the guitar representation of the original Howe had played it would pay attention to. Ability of recording quality picked up to clean the dampers of each instrument will suggests acoustic version in the “Voice Of America”. Also the second half from the bridge of “The Smile Has …”, I will spread well outlook sound straight stood up with a jerk.

Disc 2 has become the sound image dynamic resolution of sound increases than such disk 1 Was it slightly changed the recording position during the interval, the closeness of the performance sound is more pronounced. Also has become interesting content representation change of playing suggests everywhere even this late show also features. Appearance (20 seconds near the finale ~ ※ 4 minutes) echo of a little deeper in the vocal line after the guitar solo is over will attract the ear in “An Extraordinary Life.” It has a powerful singing slightly different from usual also Wet ‘n’ Is it such accordance with this, it is also noted in its appearance. And on this day of a distinctive say anything very probably “Go”. (22 seconds near ~ ※ 2 minutes) expansion of the middle portion is unlike the past, and a total of six turns long approach of the guitar (※ usually 4 turn) on to add what the modulation the late 2 turn (! ! you have been called), play and surprise there is no example in the past. It can be said it would be reasonable to look for keyboard has also been transposed in the same position with the guitar, and was changed to this kind of approach this and changes and especially conspicuous among the music that has been leveraged from this North American tour . A masterpiece hitch of dynamic sound came out very well, the impression of the contour and texture of the melody until this by used effectively (※ sampling sound) chorus coming out at strategic points in the “Only Time Will Tell” you should be your feeling that is quite different from the. Sampling sound of the “Open Your Eyes” at the beginning of “♪ O ~ pen Your Eyes ..” has also been changed slightly to something digital + sharp the sound image in the same way, you can feel and expectations change from the onset of the song it has been playing to give me. Its performance in the superb, powerful drama of the song originally had been hidden by Sam play the guitar without blurring has also bloom this day actually. In good playing rhythmic is came out strongly “Heat Of The Moment”, the expression grabbed beautifully the essence of the song could not without any Pat thrall and Howe Reunion after exploded in the guitar solo of the intermediate portion, this you will you can confirm is’re pushed to a new dimension masterpieces. How the show is tightened in the announcement of the moderator ending SE is in “no flow” this day also included 40 seconds nearly a minute after the show, and become a record that suggests even the height of the documentary of not only good sound quality have.

Band you should Yuku undergone a change with the further evolution also through the North American tour that follows a while now, but this sound is one work to guide the best in understanding the trends of the latest Asia obvious change has begun to representation. Please enjoy recording in an excellent performance to be reckoned with content Nonetheless Gift board!


6月の来日公演の記憶もまだ生々しい2014年エイジア最新北米ツアー(9月11日~現在進行中)から、その4回目となる9月14日・米国ハートフォードでのショウを極上AUD録音で封じ込めたタイトルが今週はギフト盤として特別に登場致します。本公演の大きな特徴は2点。まずひとつはこの北米公演から幾つかの楽曲で真新しい最新アプローチが確認出来る事と、もうひとつが久々にセットインした「Finger On The Trigger」が聴ける事でしょう。これら興味深い内容を非常に近い演奏音でノーカット完全収録した魅惑の最新音源となっています!

さてそのアップデートされた演奏内容ですが「Wildest Dreams」の終盤に出てくるドラムソロが2014年・秋バージョンとも言える中低音を重視したラウドな打音表現に変わっている事にまず注目でしょう。本編もドライヴ感を更に重視したパフォーマンスになっている為、更新されたこの終盤ドラムパートがより強い印象を残してショウのスタートを告げています。「Time Again」の終曲後にはそのカールが突然、単独でドラムを叩き始めたかと思うと突然止まり、場が笑いに包まれる箇所が含まれているのですが、これは一つ先の曲として披露される「Finger On The Trigger」の出だしをカールが次にやると勘違いして叩き出した事によるハプニング・シーン。ウエットンも「それは別の曲だよ」という感じの和やかな笑いと共に場を仕切り直しており、セット変更にまだ慣れない様子も微笑ましいところです。しかし2曲後に仕切り直して始まるその「Finger On The Trigger」はフレッシュな演奏力が耳を惹き、久々のセットインにも拘らずメンバーチェンジや時間経過を感じさせない聴き応えのあるパフォーマンスとなっています。セットの流れを間違うほど意気込んだカールのリズム運びもダイナミックで素晴らしいものがあり、ハウが奏でていたオリジナルのギター表現を守りながらも僅かに独自の表現を忍ばせて現行型のアプローチを響かせるサムの味付けにも注目でしょう。アコースティック版「Voice Of America」では各楽器の弱音を綺麗に拾った録音クオリティの実力が伺えるでしょう。「The Smile Has…」のブリッジから後半も、ストレートな音像がグッと立ち上がって見通し良く広がります。

ディスク2はインターバル中に録音位置を若干変えたのかそんなディスク1よりも音の解像度が増し、演奏音の近さが更に際立ったダイナミックな音像になっています。またこのショウ後半も演奏の表現変化が随所で伺える興味深い内容になっているのも特徴です。「An Extraordinary Life」ではギターソロの後でボーカルラインにやや深めのエコーが掛けられている(※4分20秒付近~終曲)様子が耳を惹くでしょう。これに合わせてなのかウエットンもいつもと若干違う力強い歌唱をしており、その様子にも注目です。そして何と言っても非常に特徴的なのがこの日の「Go」でしょう。中間部の展開(※2分22秒付近~)がこれまでとは違っており、ギターのアプローチが計6ターンと長い(※通常4ターン)うえ、その後半2ターンは何と転調を加える(!!)という、過去に例が無い驚きの演奏となっています。ギターと一緒にキーボードも同位置で転調している為、これはこういうアプローチに変えたと見るのが妥当でしょうし、この北米公演からテコ入れされた各楽曲の中でも特に目立った変更点と言えるでしょう。「Only Time Will Tell」はダイナミックな音の筆致が極めて良く出た名演で、要所で出てくるコーラス(※サンプリング音)が効果的に使われる事でメロディの質感と輪郭の印象がこれまでとは大きく違っている事を御実感される筈です。同様に「Open Your Eyes」冒頭の「♪O~pen Your Eyes..」というサンプリング音もそのサウンドイメージがデジタル+シャープなものに若干変更されており、曲の出だしから変化と期待を感じさせてくれる演奏になっています。実際その演奏は極上で、ブレないギターをサムが奏でる事により曲本来が秘めていた力強いドラマ性がこの日も咲き乱れています。「Heat Of The Moment」もリズミカルさが強く出た好演奏で、中間部のギターソロではリユニオン後のハウやパット・スロールも成し得なかった曲の本質を見事に掴んだ表現が炸裂し、この名曲を新たな次元へ押し上げているのが御確認戴けるでしょう。終演後はこの日エンディングSEが”流れず”に司会者のアナウンスでショウが締められる様子が1分40秒近くも含まれており、音質の良さだけでなくドキュメンタリー性の高さも伺える録音となっています。


Disc 1(51:55)
1. 1812 Overture 2. Sole Survivor 3. Wildest Dreams 4. Face On The Bridge 5. Time Again 
6. Valkyrie 7. Finger On The Trigger 8. I Know How You Feel 9. Voice Of America 
10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 

Disc 2(57:57)
1. Carl Palmer Introduction 2. An Extraordinary Life 3. Gravitas 4. Keyboard Solo 
5. Days Like These 6. Go 7. Don’t Cry 8. Drum Solo 9. Only Time Will Tell 10. Open Your Eyes 
11. Heat Of the Moment 

John Wetton – Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Backing Vocal
Carl Palmer – Drums Sam Coulson – Guitar

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