Aretha Franklin / Montreux 1971 / 1CD

Aretha Franklin / Montreux 1971 / 1CD / Poison Apple
Translated Text:
Recorded live at “Montreux Jazz Festival” At Montreux, Switzerland on June 12, 1971. Stereo SBD

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came out! came! Montreux 1971 which is famous for images! It is not a picture drop but a real sound board sound source! This is amazing ~! What you know is King Pins! it is perfect! Although the title of the CD-R that is using the sound source as it is recently released has already been released, there are three signal sounds to be entered after the performance of the right balance, poor toy, noise, and painful “Soul Serenade” There is, and it is a very unsatisfactory title. But this title has overcome all its weak points and can be called a decision board. Attention to using the picture of the day also on the jacket. Attention to everyone’s hairstyle and cleavage of the chest! Excellent destructive power! This is the Queen of Soul! It is a highly recommended item!
出ました!来ました!映像で有名なモントルー1971!映像落しではなくリアルなサウンドボード音源です!これはすごいですね~。ご存知バックをつとめるのはキング・ピンズ!完璧です!最近出回ったこの音源をそのまま使用しているCD-Rのタイトルがすでにリリースされていますが、左右のバランスの悪さ、音トビ、ノイズ、そして痛恨の”Soul Serenade”の演奏後に入る信号音3回があり、非常に不満足なタイトルとなっております。しかし本タイトルはそのウィークポイントをすべて克服し決定盤と呼べる内容となっています。ジャケットにも当日の写真を使用するこだわり。みなさんヘアスタイルと胸の谷間に注目!破壊力抜群!これでこそクイーン・オブ・ソウル!大推薦アイテムです!

1. Soul Serenade
2. Respect
3. Natural Woman
4. Say a Little Prayer for You
5. Call
6. Just Because
7. Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water
9. Dr. Feelgood > Spirit In The Dark
1971 June 12 Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland

Aretha Franklin (Vocal, Piano)
King Curtis (T/A/S Sax)
Cornell Dupree (Guitar)
Jerry Jemmott (Bass)
Truman Thomas (Organ)
Bernard Purdie (Drums)
Warren Smith (Percussion)

Poison Apple

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