Angel / Frecno 1978 The Video / 1DVDR

Angel / Frecno 1978 The Video / 1DVDR / Shades

Live at Warnors Theatre, Fresno, CA, USA 10th May 1978

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Fresno’s vintage video series from the 70’s, which has drawn a lot of attention to collectors’ shocking images. The shocking image is about to come out when I thought that the shock was about to fade away…
The protagonist of this work is the famous band ANGEL, which prevailed in the 70s. Yes, that is ANGEL, which has just been announced to come back to Japan for the first time in 43 years. This work is exactly like it appeared for Japanese fans, but the filming was “May 10, 1978 Fresno Performance”. This is the impact audience shot. Their first visit to Japan left unprecedented legend that the promoter escaped at night and canceled 2 out of 8 performances, but this work is about 1 year and 3 months later. It was a part of “WHITE HOT TOUR”. First, let’s find out the position of the show from the schedule at that time.

<< “WHITE HOT” release on January 3 >>
・February 22-May 14: North America #1 (30 performances) ←★here★
・June 27: Santa Monica performance
・August 26: Appearance at SPUERJAM ’78
・October 19: Auckland performance
・November 24th-December 18th: North America #2 (8 performances)

[It’s like a professional shot impact quality] This is 1978 ANGEL. I don’t want you to believe in the exact number of performances due to the fact that the band lacks detailed information, but I think you can understand the general flow. They released “WHITE HOT” at the beginning of the year, but they started the tour, but it ended in about three months. Although we will hold a mini tour at the end of the year, the full-scale activities were until early spring. The Fresno performance of this work was a concert at the end of such a tour “North America #1”.
This work that recorded such a show is one of the special grades in the Fresno video series of shocking attacks. As for the features of the series, let’s leave it to the explanations of other works, but the zoom is especially great in this work. From an angle, it’s understandable that the picture was taken from the front of the stage, but the zoom is so much that I can’t see the more detailed position. Moreover, mysteriously high point of view, almost the same line of sight as the members on stage. I used to write “audience shot” as a convention in the series, but the scene seems to be only one angle of a professional shot. There is widespread speculation that this Fresno video series may be “related shots,” but this one is by far the “pro shot-like” one.

[The true impact is a show with plenty of direction] The quality alone is a shock, but what is even more intense is the content. It’s amazing just to say “Moveable ANGEL”, but you can experience the legendary stage production on-site. The series of highlights from the start scene. Following the solemn SE, the solemn baritone’s story (Archangel Gabriel?) introduces the members, and each one emerges from a magic box with nothing. It seems that the production was the same at the first visit to Japan, but you can see the legendary scene that has been told.
After that, you can enjoy light rock with “Tower”, “On the Rocks”, “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” and their original pop, but after that, a surprising production appeared again. While the fanfare is ringing, what rises up is the familiar object from the debut work and the jacket of “HELLUVA BAND”. However, the face in the center is a human being, not a knowledge. This also asks the audience with a solemn voice, “Do you feel the music?” The device itself is like the ancestors of IRON MAIDEN, but the mood is “Flash Gordon” or “Space Daisakusen”… a retro-future science fiction world suddenly emerges. ..
Also, the video draws delicious numbers such as “Over And Over” and “Got Love If You Want It”, but more than that is Greg Jeffria’s keyboard solo. I think that Keith Emerson was fighting against the wall of the synthesizer in white clothes with big breasts, and what I brought out from the middle was the shoulder keyboard. Unfortunately, I can’t even see the solo time completely, but I can enjoy the sight of the flashy solo.

Anyway, it’s amazing. The Fresno video series has been a shocking one by one, but the quality and contents of the show are too great. From the weight of rock history, I think that the best masterpiece will be handed over to the simultaneously released KISS edition “FRESNO 1979 THE VIDEO (Shades 1154)”, but this work exceeds the power of the zoom and the impact of the blown-out production. This fun is not the dimension of whether you are an ANGEL fan or not. A shocking image of the shock that everyone who loves 70’s rock should experience. One piece that makes me want to rush to the performance in Japan this April. Please experience it with your eyes and ears!

そんな本作の主役は、70年代に一世を風靡した名バンドANGEL。そう、43年ぶりの再来日が発表されたばかりの、あのANGELです。まさに日本のファンのために登場したような本作ですが、撮影されたのは「1978年5月10日フレズノ公演」。その衝撃オーディエンス・ショットです。彼らの初来日はプロモーターが夜逃げして8公演中2公演がキャンセルとなる前代未聞の伝説を残してしまいましたが、本作はその約1年3ヶ月後。“WHITE HOT TOUR”の一幕でした。まずは、そんな当時のスケジュールからショウのポジションを探ってみましょう。

《1月3日『WHITE HOT』発売》
・8月26日:SPUERJAM ’78出演

これが1978年のANGEL。詳細な情報に乏しいバンドという事もあって厳密な公演数などは信じないでいただきたいのですが、おおよその流れはご理解いただけると思います。年始に『WHITE HOT』をリリースした彼らはツアーを開始するも約3ヶ月ほどで一旦終了。年末にもミニツアーは行うものの、本格的な活動は春先まででした。本作のフレズノ公演は、そんなツアー「北米#1」の終盤にあたるコンサートでした。

その後は「Tower」「On the Rocks」「Don’t Leave Me Lonely」と、彼ら本来のポップで軽快なロックが楽しめるわけですが、その後に再び驚きの演出が登場。ファンファーレが鳴り響く中でせり上がってくるのは、デビュー作や『HELLUVA BAND』のジャケットでお馴染みのあのオブジェ。ただし、中央の顔は造詣ではなく人間。これまた厳かな声で「Do you feel the music?」と観客に問いかけるのです。仕掛けそのものはIRON MAIDENの御先祖様のようでもありますが、そのムードは『フラッシュ・ゴードン』と言うか『宇宙大作戦』と言うか……レトロ・フューチャーなSF世界が突如として現出するのです。
さらに映像は「Over And Over」や「Got Love If You Want It」といった美味しいナンバーを描いていくものの、それ以上なのがグレッグ・ジェフリアのキーボード・ソロ。胸を大きくはだけた白装束でキース・エマーソンよろしくシンセサイザーの壁と格闘したかと思うと、途中から持ち出すのはショルダー・キーボード。残念ながらソロタイムも完全には目撃できないものの、ド派手なソロを繰り広げていた光景はしっかりと楽しめるのです。

とにかく凄い。これまでも1本1本が衝撃的だったフレズノ映像シリーズですが、本作はクオリティもショウの中身も凄すぎる。ロック史の重みから言って最高傑作は同時リリースのKISS編『FRESNO 1979 THE VIDEO(Shades 1154)』に譲るかと思いますが、ズームのド迫力とぶっ飛んだ演出の衝撃度は本作が上回る。この面白さはANGELのファンか否かの次元ではありません。70年代ロックを愛するすべての方にご体験いただきたい衝撃中の衝撃映像。思わず今年4月の来日公演に駆け込みたくなる1枚。ぜひその目で、耳で、しっかりとご体験ください!

1. Introduction
3. On the Rocks
4. Don’t Leave Me Lonely
5. Gabriel Speaks
6. Over And Over
7. Keboard Solo
8. Got Love If You Want It

Frank DiMino: vocals
Punky Meadows: guitars
Gregg Giuffria: keyboards
Felix Robinson: bass
Barry Brandt: drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.28min.

Shades 1158

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