Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe / Close To The Master / 3CD

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe / Close To The Master / 3CD / Virtuoso

Translated text:
Live at Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan 7th March 1990 STEREO SBD


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Rock fans I’m carrying a sex would follow a “dream”. “I want to see the heyday of that band again.” “‘ll Surely amazing Once teamed up is with that guitar that rhythm,” and so on, everyone think things. Quarter of a century ago, one of the band that delivered me the “dream” was the ANDERSON BRUFORD WAKEMAN HOWE to this Japan. Sound board album revive the overnight the “dream” was waged in Japan of 1990 is appeared in 2 Disc Press CD!
This work is a sound board sound source that contains the “March 7 Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium performances” that becomes the fifth day of ABWH Japan tour. This recording, previously from “THE MEETING IN YOKOHAMA (Ayanami143)” “GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN (Amity256)” had been released as, this work is not in its remastered, via the net in recent years excavation been new master. Well obviously freshness than was strong already issued a hiss reduction, Duration also is a long upgrade! If you have a already issued you may think that the “long? So what are gone also already issued the cut!”, But this work seemed was cut from the time of recording unfortunately also not a complete recording. However, this time to supplement with cut-point (“And You And I” of 6 minutes stand as “Brother Of Mine” last two minutes of the board) “NHK Hall performances March 4” the same Japan tour of SBD, as live album and finished to cut – listen at once.
As a contour even more clearly the sound, the unfolds in sound that became natural to much is, that sound as it is seen in the spring of 1990. “Time And A Word” arpeggio to the led to sing out is John Anderson of voice of freshness of, likely to tears in the show’s opening …. This impression is simply beyond the beauty of the melody. So, “finally, this 4 people!” I felt that day is inspiring. As if responding to that feeling, Howe, show that Wakeman, continue to check the members one alone connect the bra Ford …… and solo. Not is very’m, but bold configuration you do not think the first half of the live well, I was happy to seem to have created a “fragile” “That four”. Almost no sound board cheers you lacking in realism, but brilliant performance to detail even wake up as eyes. Finished the ear to picking nuances, that day you try to Koraso the eye until the fingertips of Wakeman. Precisely because freshness of sound was remarkably up, I that scene comes revived.
And, in the middle of the show, you visited the moment that finally “dream” come true. And withdrew along with the recording end, the song building did not have to play the “crisis” in live. He himself hit with “And You And I” is “Close To The Edge”! Only “Yessongs” track of the building, even the “Perpetual Change”, “Long Distance Runaround / The Fish”. That listening to delicate drumming was envisioned, “the raw building” crisis “” moment was realized in front of ……. It is ABWH, which is also the official live album, but take of this work do not forget now, it is playing that day. Especially “Close To The Edge” is, yet representative song in representative song, ’17 the first time since the first visit to Japan is was unveiled in Japan. The next opportunity you had to also be 24 years until the “crisis / fully reproduce live” of this year. Like annular solar eclipse or raw super masterpieces that were not met only in dimension, such as the comet. I heard among you remember the dizziness to birdsong, such as bitten and tightened the John “Close, To, The …… Edge!” Call. …… It is heard in the ear sound of upgraded sound board.
And one of the “dream” was housed in this work, it is the fifth man Tony Levin. Jeff Berlin’s official board “AN EVENING OF YES MUSIC PLUS” is also great, but still the appropriate to “dream” it would be Levin. Rhythm of the building, just the UK progressive rock strongest. Two combination in KING CRIMSON, as well, is a drummer sitting on the stool Kata and GENESIS, it is even with the stick man also became a partner in Kata and PETER GABRIEL. The two people at once dyed change the show is “Levin / Bruford Duet” I listen with vivid sound board. This 6-minute and a half, is the centerpiece of this work which is not as good as “Close To The Edge”.
Duration extends, this work that no longer fit in the 2 Disc, luxurious press 3CD specification. In addition, we have included as a bonus the climax part from the sound board sound source of “March 4 NHK Hall performances”.

At the time, Bill had said that “I thought I had not be such thing to play the” Close To The Edge “in Japan”. ’24 Since then, at that time came true is “dream” of such “full reproduction of the” crisis “” that could not OJ imagination. In the 2014, let alone reproduce the golden age, representative by building that was not expected even in the heyday song was revived. Memorial decision board with one month prior to the tour to Japan and a quarter of a century before the scene overlap. forever of that day, and is the release decision in not forget press 3CD the excitement of today!

ロックファンは“夢”を追ってしまう性を背負ってる。「あのバンドの全盛期がもう一度見たい」「あのギターとあのリズム隊が組んだらきっと凄いぞ」等々、誰しもが思うもの。四半世紀前、この日本までその“夢”を届けてくれたバンドのひとつがANDERSON BRUFORD WAKEMAN HOWEでした。1990年の日本で繰り広げられた“夢”の一夜を甦らせるサウンドボード・アルバムが2枚組プレスCDで登場です!
本作は、ABWH日本公演の5日目となる「3月7日横浜文化体育館公演」を収めたサウンドボード音源です。この録音は、以前から「THE MEETING IN YOKOHAMA (Ayanami143)」「GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN(Amity256)」としてリリースされていましたが、本作はそのリマスターではなく、近年になってネットを介して発掘された新マスター。ヒスリダクションの強かった既発よりも明らかに鮮度が良く、収録時間も長いアップグレード版です! 既発をお持ちの方は「長い? じゃあ既発のカットもなくなってるのか!」と思われるかも知れませんが、残念ながら録音時からのカットだったらしく本作も完全録音ではありません。しかし、今回はカットポイント(「And You And I」の6分台と「Brother Of Mine」の2分台後半)を同じ日本ツアーのSBD「3月4日NHKホール公演」で補い、ライヴアルバムとして一気に聴ききれるように仕上げました。
音の輪郭もよりハッキリとして、遙かに自然になったサウンドで繰り広げられるのは、1990年の春に見たあの音そのまま。「Time And A Word」のアルペジオに導かれて歌い出されるジョン・アンダーソンの声の瑞々しさ、ショウのオープニングにして涙が出そう……。この感動は、単にメロディの美しさを超えている。そう、あの日感じた「ついに、この4人が!」の感動です。その気持ちに応えるかのように、ハウ、ウェイクマン、ブラフォード……とソロを繋いでメンバー1人ひとりを確認していくショウ。とてもじゃありませんが、ライヴの前半とは思えない大胆な構成も、「こわれもの」を創った“あの4人”らしくて嬉しかった。歓声がほとんどないサウンドボードは臨場感には欠けますが、細部まで鮮やかな演奏は目も覚めるよう。ピッキングのニュアンスまで耳を澄ませ、ウェイクマンの指先まで目を凝らそうとしたあの日。音の鮮度が格段にアップしたからこそ、あの光景が甦ってくるのです。
そして、ショウの中盤には、ついに“夢”が叶った瞬間が訪れます。レコーディング終了と共に脱退し、ライヴで「危機」の曲を演奏することがなかったビル。彼本人が叩く「And You And I」と「Close To The Edge」です! 「イエスソングス」でもビルのトラックは「Perpetual Change」「Long Distance Runaround/The Fish」だけ。あの繊細なドラミングを聴いては思い描いた、“ビルの生『危機』”が目の前に実現した瞬間……。オフィシャル・ライヴ盤もあるABWHですが、本作のテイクは今も忘れない、あの日の演奏です。特に「Close To The Edge」は、代表曲中の代表曲でありながら、日本で披露されたのは初来日以来の17年ぶり。次の機会は今年の「危機/完全再現ライヴ」まで24年間も待たなければならなかったのです。まるで金環日食か彗星のような次元でしか出会えなかった生の超名曲。小鳥のさえずりに目眩を覚えるなか聴いた、ジョンの噛みしめるような「Close、To、The……Edge!」のコール。それがアップグレードしたサウンドボードの耳元サウンドで聞こえてくる……。
そして、本作に収められたもうひとつの“夢”、それは5番目の男トニー・レヴィンです。オフィシャル盤「AN EVENING OF YES MUSIC PLUS」のジェフ・バーリンも素晴らしいですが、やはり“夢”に相応しいのはレヴィンでしょう。ビルとのリズム隊は、まさに英国プログレ最強。KING CRIMSONでの2人のコンビネーションはもとより、方やGENESISのスツールに座ったドラマーであり、方やPETER GABRIELの相棒にもなったスティックマンでさえある。その2人がショウを一気に染め変える「Levin/Bruford Duet」が鮮やかなサウンドボードで聴ける。この6分半は、「Close To The Edge」にも劣らぬ本作の目玉です。

当時、ビルは「日本で『Close To The Edge』を演奏するなんてあり得ないと思っていたよ」と語っていました。あれから24年、当時は想像だにできなかった“「危機」の完全再現”などという“夢”が叶いました。その2014年に、黄金期の再現どころか、全盛期でも望めなかったビルによる代表曲も甦った。つい1ヶ月前の来日公演と四半世紀前の光景がオーバーラップするメモリアルな決定盤。いつまでもあの日の、そして今日の感動を忘れないプレス3CDでリリース決定です!

Disc 1 (64:15)
1. The Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra 2. Time And A Word/Owner Of A Lonely Heart/Teakbois
3. Clap 4. Mood For A Day
5. Wakeman Solo(Madrigal/Gone But Not Forgotten/Catherin Parr/Merlin The Magician)
6. Long Distance Runaround 7. Bruford Solo 8. Birthright 9. And You And I 10. Themes
11. Levin/Bruford Duet

Disc 2 (61:38)
1. Close To The Edge 2. Zoh-San 3. The Meeting 4. Brother Of Mine 5. Heart Of The Sunrise
6. Order Of The Universe

Disc 3(72:30)
1. Roundabout 2. Starship Trooper incl. Soon

Bonus Tracks
NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 4th March 1990
3. Close To The Edge 4. Brother Of Mine 5. Heart Of The Sunrise 6. Order Of The Universe


Virtuoso 228/229/230

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