Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe / Second LP Demos 1990 / 2CDR

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe / Second LP Demos 1990 / 2CDR / Amity
2nd Album “Dialogue” demos & outtakes plus Steve Howe’s demos

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ABWH who was in the limelight as a golden age YES and sublimed to 8 yes. A demo sound source for that 2nd album is appearing.
They joined with 90125 YES leaving only the “Senko” and the world tour, but just before that they began producing 2nd album, which was tentatively titled “DIALOGUE”. This work is its demo album. This demo itself has been known for a long time, but this work is said to be its highest peak. This week a demo album “Crystal” demoed by overseas maniacs “DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991 (Virtuoso 387/388)” will be released, but this work is also from the same mania. It is 1st Genie master from analog. In fact, its quality is truly amazing. It was not overwhelming quality like the “DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991” as it approached the official work, so it was not a big upgrade so it was introduced from the Amity label, but the natural ringing is really glossy. That sound is surely a record high.
And its contents are also wonderful. Although there are various types from memo recording of idea that tends to be in the composition stage to rough mix just before completion, the majority of this work is the stage when the song almost finished. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of demonstrations by John Anderson and Demo by Steve Howe. Let’s divide each and introduce.

【John Anderson’s demo】
It is the demonstration of John that becomes the main. It occupies the whole disc 1 and the first half of 4 disc 2. Songs assembled by driving backing, something sung on Angelic Voice on top of it. However, this backing is not something that the chord progression is understood somehow, but a phrase is built firmly. Perhaps it was a style that each member replaced with a unique phrase based on this demonstration. Some keyboards reminiscent of Rick Wakeman, but even among maniacs, it is argued that “This phrase is Rick”, “No, it is not,” and it is still unknown. Clearly John ‘s color is thick, rather than YES, it sounds like a solo work, but that is the truth of ABWH. The inside of such a band is a demonstration transmitted from music.
And that song is also delicious. Only “Take the Water To the Mountain” was adopted as “crystal” after that. There is also “Santa Barbara” which became the original song of “Is It Love?” And “Universal Garden (recorded OPEN YOUR EYES recorded)” recorded in John & Vangelis’s “PAGE OF LIFE”, but mostly Only songs to be released. As mentioned earlier, most of these songs have been completed and (aside from the sound) it is a level that you can enjoy as a solo album of John ordinarily. Of course, the arrangement of the songs that were recorded last in the latter year is quite different, even if it is set to “Take the Water To the Mountain”, it’s quite lighter and pop finish. With no majestic synths by Wakeman, there is no versatile percussion by Bill Burford. It is a take that you can realize how the individuality of each member colors the YES music while understanding the goodness of the song itself.

【Demo of Steve Howe】
Three songs “God With a Southern Accent”, “Without a Doubt” and “Big Love” arranged in the last of this work are demonstrations by Howe and he himself is singing. This is also a demonstration that the driving hack is solidly assembled like John’s demonstration.
Although there is no song adopted as “crystal”, “Big Love” is a song recorded in the solo album “HOMEBREW”. In this work too, chorus of multiple recording is already included, and you can listen to plenty of moving guitar solos as well. Although this work is a prototype demonstration for “DIALOGUE” to the last, these three songs can also be enjoyed as outtakes of “HOMEBREW”.

The illusion 2nd album “DIALOGUE” disappeared into the dark of history. It is a 2-pack set that can enjoy its fetal movement with the highest peak sound. Not only is it full of unreleased masterpieces but also one that you can realize with the shape of music until the formation of a project called ABWH. Please, please enjoy plenty on this occasion.

彼らは『閃光』とワールド・ツアーだけを残して90125 YESと合流していったわけですが、その直前には『DIALOGUE』と仮題された2ndアルバムの制作を開始していました。本作は、そのデモ・アルバムなのです。このデモ自体は古くから知られていますが、本作はその最高峰と言われているもの。今週は海外マニアが編纂し直した『結晶』のデモ・アルバム『DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991(Virtuoso 387/388)』がリリースされますが、本作もまた同じマニアによるもの。アナログからの1stジェネ・マスターなのです。実際、そのクオリティは、実に素晴らしい。『DEFINITIVE UNION DEMOS 1990-1991』のように公式作に迫るような圧倒的クオリティではなく、大幅なアップグレードというわけにはいかなかったのでAmityレーベルからのご紹介となりましたが、自然な鳴りは実に艶やか。そのサウンドは確かに過去最高となるものです。

そして、その曲がまた美味しい。その後の『結晶』に採用されたのは「Take the Water To the Mountain」だけ。他にもジョン&ヴァンゲリスの『PAGE OF LIFE』に収録された「Is It Love?」や「Universal Garden(OPEN YOUR EYES収録)」の原曲になった「Santa Barbara」もありますが、大半が未発表となる曲ばかり。先述した通り、そうした曲もほとんどが完成しており、(サウンドはさておき)普通にジョンのソロ・アルバムとして楽しめるレベルなのです。もちろん、後年最録音された曲もアレンジがまるで異なり、「Take the Water To the Mountain」にしても、かなり軽くポップな仕上がり。ウェイクマンによる荘厳なシンセもなければ、ビル・ブルーフォードによる多彩なパーカッションもない。曲そのものの良さが分かりつつ、いかに各メンバーの個性がYESミュージックを彩っているのかも実感できるテイクなのです。

本作のラストに配された3曲「God With a Southern Accent」「Without a Doubt」「Big Love」はハウによるデモで、彼自身が歌っています。こちらもジョンのデモと同じように打ち込みバッキングがしっかりと組まれているデモです。
『結晶』に採用された曲はありませんが、「Big Love」はソロアルバム『HOMEBREW』に収録された曲。本作でもすでに多重録音のコーラスも入っており、感動的なギターソロもたっぷり聴ける。本作はあくまで『DIALOGUE』用の試作デモなわけですが、この3曲は『HOMEBREW』のアウトテイクとしても楽しめるパートです。


Disc 1 (59:12)
1. Intro 2. Hold You in My Arms 3. Watching the Flags 4. Make Believe
5. Is It Love? 6. Untited 7. Take the Water To the Mountain
8. Prelude 9. To the Stars 10. Intro #2 11. Santa Barbara 12. Touch Me Heaven
13. Axis of Love

Disc 2 (26:15)
1. Untitled Instrumental 2. After the Storm 3. Stalker 4. Tall Buildings
5. God With a Southern Accent 6. Without a Doubt 7. Big Love

Amity 496

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