Allman Brothers Band / Dig The School Girl Blues / 1DVDR

Allman Brothers Band / Dig The School Girl Blues / 1DVDR / Johanna

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Live At Nikon At Jones Beach Theater, August 13th 2008 Screenshot Shoot+Stereo SBD Audio. NTSC



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★ I collect in a stable ScreenShot + stereo sound board sound 2008 8/13Jones Beach performances of all Man !
I was worried about the fan beacon continuous performances of the annual spring is fully cancel disease of Greg
I collect a screen shot of ultra-stable tripod using live at 8/13, Nikon At Jones Beach Theater revival tour from Allman Brothers , the 2008 summer .
You know , screen video I coarse in that it refers to the outdoors this famous venue , but on a multi-angle multi camera that can be seen fingertips guitarist , sound is recorded in perfect high-quality stereo sound board , the other it is a title that can be said to be a must-have by itself .
If you want to them and two hours playing time , unlike beacon short is ( laughs) , but the song selection rare not much more that installation has introduced plenty long song or in order to saves the throat and physical condition of Greg is a surprise .
In Good Morning Little School Girl which became the blues jam a long and say his real ability of jam band
In which said slide solo of Derek and good acting enough to be handed down , and take that you depressed to a region of Takumi band magic is such that the back also heat up in response to it slide and growl !
You can see Mark Karan you Tobiiri in this song to slide solo furious too Derek being a little blue Derek by hand involuntarily as ” zero too HOT ” ( laughs) . Alone this song is ” buy ” . Warren Haynes also to hear a great solo in the Sky Is Crying to be outdone .
Some audio and video is out of alignment is the second part , the original master is probably sound whether still shift the contents that go up to such future Trent perhaps , shift has also been fixed in the title of this course .

★オールマンズの2008年8/13Jones Beach公演を安定ScreenShot+ステレオ・サウンドボード音声で収録!
オールマン・ブラザーズ 、2008年・夏の復活ツアーから8/13、Nikon At Jones Beach Theaterでのライヴを超安定・三脚使用のスクリーンショットで収録。
ジャムバンドの本領発揮と言える長尺なブルースジャムとなったGood Morning Little School Girlでの
余りに激烈なデレクのスライド・ソロにこの曲で飛び入りしたMark Karanが「HOT過ぎるゼ」と思わず手でデレクを扇いでるのが確認できます(笑)。この曲だけでも「買い」です。負けじとウォーレン・ヘインズもSky Is Cryingで素晴らしいソロを聴かせます。
1DVDR 126mins.

[ JONES BEACH THEATER, WANTAGH, NY. August 13 2008 ] Screen Shot + Stereo Soundboard Audio !!
You Don’t Love Me / I Walk On Gilded Splinters / Les Brers In A Minor / The Sky Is Crying / Leave My Blues at Home / Good Morning Little School Girl with Mark Karan, guitar / 
No One To Run With / Melissa / The Same Thing – Afro Blue with Jeff Chimenti, piano; Roy Haynes, drums & Kenny Brooks, sax / Jessica / <Encore> One Way Out /



Johanna. JPD-492

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