Allman Brothers Band / Beacon Run 2009 Vol 3 / 3DVDR

Allman Brothers Band / Beacon Run 2009 Vol 3 / 3DVDR / Johanna

Translated Text:

11th Night : March 23rd 2009 & 12th Night : March 24th 2009 14th & 15th Night March 27th & 28th 2009.PRO-SHOT


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▼ 3/23, 24,27 & 28 performances ka ra ge strike part of speech included ▼
☆ Thom Doucette ( thou Full Fillmore Live Full Harpist!) / Jerry Jemmott / Bernard Purdi / ☆
☆ suーザ· Te nn terrestrial su Cath / Mike Mattison / Jimmy Herring / John Bell / Jimmy Hall / ☆
☆ Bob Margolin (Mudy Waters Band) / thermal knee · ra nnドRitz su / Billy Gibbons, (ZZ TOP) / ☆
☆ Kid Rock / Ivan Neville / Devon Allman / Berry Oakley Jr. / Floyd Miles ☆
☆ Chuck Leavell / Bob Weir & Phil Lesh (THE DEAD) / etc .. participate ☆
Rue Ann terrestrial Io have suitable ma nn nnとtotal thermal · ni Ann Ritz gift ku ri ra nn nnやウィHikaru Exxon ·ピKayッSuites naどでwere performed shi ta
Ji jiェェ· reーッSuitesとholds anードbutterーナ· Part- terrestrialィFull Transfer Shui Full giants of ni plusえ,
Ma terrestrial Sui ·ウcenter have su Full perfect nnドでactive shi ta ri whites comfortable studio strike Bob Margolinや,
Transcendent su ra ide embouchure Full thermal knee · ra su ni nnドLeo plus ornaments ~ te final dayをっta noha Ann Hikaru · ri ri Vinィnn nn bagド· Leo jiェ
GRATEFUL DEAD THE DEADとka ra te activity expands to open shi ta giftィHikaru · LeoッChouとボsleeve ·ウェAnn Ann Shinッド· Full boots Sui nnズBut debut.
Ji tea Rousseau · Full True marrow butter nnドをhearing ka se te kuれmaす.

☆Thom Doucette(あのFillmore LiveのHarpist!)/Jerry Jemmott/Bernard Purdi/☆
☆スーザン・テデスキ/Mike Mattison/Jimmy Herring/John Bell/Jimmy Hall/☆
☆Bob Margolin(Mudy Waters Band)/サニー・ランドレス/Billy Gibbons,(ZZ TOP)/☆
☆Kid Rock/Ivan Neville/Devon Allman/Berry Oakley Jr./Floyd Miles☆
☆Chuck Leavell/Bob Weir & Phil Lesh(THE DEAD)/etc..参加☆
マデイ・ウータースのバンドで活躍した白人ギタリストBob Margolinや、
GRATEFUL DEADからTHE DEADとして活動再開したフィル・レッシュとボブ・ウェアのアシッド・ツインズが登場。

■11th Night : MARCH 23rd 2009■
set I
Done Somebody Wrong
w/ Thom Doucette <harp>
Desdemona w/ Ron Holloway<sax>
Jerry Jemmot M.C.
Soul Serenade
w/ ORIGINAL KINGSPINS : Jerry Jemmott<bass>, Bernard Purdie<drums>,
Jimmy Smith<kd> + Ron Holloway<sax>
Susan Tedeshi & Mike Mattison<vo>
Memphis Soul Stew same as left
Them Changes same as above
You Don’t Love Me w/ Thom Doucette <Harp>
set II
Little Martha with the full band
I Walk On Gilded Splinters
with Jimmy Herring<gtr>, John Bell<vo&gtr>
And It Stoned Me same as above
Can’t Find My Way Home same as above
Les Brers In A Minor
w/ Jimmy Herring <guitar> 

■12th Night : MARCH 24th 2009■
set I
Goin’ Down Slow
w/ Bob Margolin<vo&gtr>,Thom Doucette<harp>
Lonely Man Blues same as above
Midnight Rider
w/ Sonny Landreth<vo&gtr>
Dreams same as above
Southbound w/ Sonny Landreth<vo&gtr>,
John Popper,<harp>, Steve Smith<drums>
set II
Jesus Just Left Chicago
w/ Billy Gibbons<vo&gt> +The Allman Brotherzz
Stormy Monday w/ Billy Gibbons<vo&gt>
Statesboro Blues same as above
The Same Thing (part) w/ John Popper<harp>
One Way Out w/ John Popper<harp>
Sonny Landreth & Bob Margolin, guitar

■14th Night : MARCH 27th 2009■
set I a few some drop out error on movie but it was from master
The Sky Is Crying w/ Jimmy Hall<vo&gtr>
Grits Ain’t Groceries same as above
Keep On Smiling same as above
w/ Kid Rock,<vo>, Paul Riddle<drums>
Can’t You See
w/ Kid Rock<vo>, Jimmy Hall<harp>
Paul Riddle<Marshall Tucker Band : drums>,
set II
Freebird(Gregg vo.) w/ Ivan Neville<piano>
Who’s Been Talking same as above
Midnight Rider
w/ Devon Allman<vo&gtr>
One Way Out w/ Jimmy Hall<harp>,
Devon Allman<gtr>, Berry Oakley Jr.<bass>
Southbound w/ Jimmy Hall<sax>,
Berry Oakley Jr.<bass>,Paul Riddle<drums>

■15th Night : MARCH 28th 2009■
set I
Born Under A Bad Sign
w/ Floyd Miles<vo>
Stormy Monday
w/ Floyd Miles<vo>, Chuck Leavell<kd>
Come and Go Blues w/ Chuck Leavell<kd>
w/ Chuck Leavell<kd>, Paul Riddle<drums>
set II
w/ Bob Weir<vo&gtr>, Phil Lesh<bass>
I Know You Rider same as above
Franklin’s Tower same as above

Interviews (Gregg/Derek)

Johanna. JPD-504

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