Allan Holdsworth / In Japan 1984 Tokyo Dream / 1DVD+2Bonus Single CDR

Allan Holdsworth / In Japan 1984 Tokyo Dream / 1DVD+2Bonus Single CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Yubin Chokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 14th May 1984 Plus Bonus 2CDR “TOKYO 1984 1ST NIGHT”. PRO-SHOT

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The official video which contained the legendary first visit to Japan arrives in permanent preservation press DVD. ALLAN HOLDSWORTH BAND visited Japan for the first time in 1984. In addition to the fusion boom from the beginning, there was also a topic that the EP “ROAD GAMES” was nominated for the Grammy Award, and a single tour of the hall class was realized.
Whether it is such popularity, official shooting is also realized in “Postal savings hall on May 14, 1984” performance. The official video was released. This work is the official work “IN JAPAN 1984: TOKYO DREAM” recorded with the highest quality ever. First of all, let’s confirm the position from the schedule of the first tour to Japan.

· May 8th: Nagoya City Art Creation Center
· May 9th: Osaka Mid-hall
· May 11: Tokyo Postal Savings Hall * Bonus 2 CDR
· May 14: Tokyo Postal Savings Hall 【this work】

Over all, 4 shows. It was an unexpected hall tour as Alan who was “a man who knows know a maniac guitarist”. There were two performances at the Postal Savings Hall, but the last day it was recorded was this movie.
This work which contained such a show is exactly the highest image beauty ever. Copy DVDR etc. have also been circulated only for the long-time official video, but most of them have dropped VHS. Running irregularities and noise are scattered, red is blurred. When it became terrible, there were things of monaural sound. But this work is different. Laser disk which was released only in Japan then became the original. It is also precisely digitized from a superb quality board. Actually, as I mentioned as a gift DVDR the other day, it is a big hit at the same time as releasing. “I wanted to see you guys!” “Beautiful than our laser disc” and so on, a lot of reactions were received. Many words that “I want to put this image beauty forever at hand” were also given, and it was decided to press here.

Actually, the quality of this work is abnormal. Regardless of the laser disc, if the quality of the board deteriorates, white snow will occur. The laser disk manufactured in the 1990s has dramatically improved preservability due to material improvement and technological progress. However, in the image of the 1980’s, it is a reality that there are few boards that can be reproduced properly in modern times. However, this work seems to be beautiful. There is no white snow at all, and glossy and zero deterioration image beauty is correct at that time properly.
In addition, this work also has wonderful camera work. Works that do not understand the highlights are not uncommon as the home video has not spread soon in the early 1980s. However, the staff who produced this work was a fan of Alan, or his understanding of music / performance is not Hanpa. Spectators and scales of the venue are on the rise, Alan’s hand zooming is heavy. Besides, “that” the left hand is perfectly the leading role. Of course, it does not mean that it only reflects the left hand. The gaze that members interchange in interplay and the solo of each member are perfect. In “Double Road Games” double-tapping solo, Paul came up and muted Alan’s guitar. I also hold down such an unusual scene.
Such a wonderful thing of the legendary first visit to Japan depicted with such beauty and camera work …… Although the beginnings of “Shallow Sea” and “Letters of Marque” where the on-site amp was not good were cut, the whole panoramas of the other shows are glitteringly displayed. Four songs were selected beautifully from the first performing solo album “IOU”, the Grammy nomination “ROAD GAMES”, and the pre-release “METAL FATIGUE”, and the best set of 80’s (“The Things You See It is also “IOU” version). Also, the performance team is full of multi-camera professional shots, including Jimmy Johnson & Chad Wackerman and Paul Williams, who are the basic members of “METAL FATIGUE”.
It is already raining. “Devil Take The Hindmost” which feeds “Road Games” which repeats high-speed phrases, beautiful “Home” full of singing hearts, cord decomposition phrase which crosses a string, at a tremendous speed. It is easy to show off everything as easy as it seems to be showing magic trained. Of course, not only Alan but also the rhythm corps is wonderful. Especially “The Things You See” shows a far more diverse drawer than the original Paul Carmichael / Gary Hasband. Even with relatively simple chord progression …. No, because it is simple, it shows rich sense and sophistication.
And, the final result is “Where Is One”. Alan manipulates a large amount of effects system with one pedal under the feet, directing the contrast of static and dynamic. After that the solos are even furious. A cord decomposition cord straddling a bowstring or a movement of a scale by movement of a position of a standard phrase, etc., a tremendous tension is not known to the ceiling. The rhythm team also gradually gets more work and it sublimates to a performance that is as if everyone is playing solo.

First visit to the shining legend. It is a cultural heritage that revived the official video that contained the price in the highest quality ever. It is a video work that has long been awaiting for DVD production, but now that Alan is gone, it will not come true anymore. Image beauty of the finest state laser disc that remained in the miracle. Please, please love me forever in addition to your collection.

伝説の初来日公演を収めたオフィシャル映像が永久保存プレスDVDで登場です。ALLAN HOLDSWORTH BANDが初めて日本を訪れたのは1984年。折からのフュージョンブームに加え、EP『ROAD GAMES』がグラミー賞にノミネートされるといった話題もあり、ホールクラスの単独ツアーが実現したのです。
そんな人気もあってか、「1984年5月14日:郵便貯金会館」公演ではオフィシャル撮影も実現。公式映像がリリースされたのです。本作は、その公式作品『IN JAPAN 1984 : TOKYO DREAM』を史上最高峰クオリティで収録したもの。まずは、初来日ツアーの日程からポジションを確認しておきましょう。

・5月11日:東京郵便貯金会館 ※ボーナス2CDR
・5月14日:東京郵便貯金会館 【本作】


さらに、本作はカメラワークも素晴らしい。80年代当初はホームビデオが普及して間もないために、見どころを理解していない作品も珍しくない。しかし、本作を制作したスタッフはアランのファンだったのか、楽曲・演奏への理解がハンパではないのです。観客も会場のスケール感もそっちのけで、アランの手元ズームを多用。しかも、“あの”左手がばっちり主役になっているのです。もちろん、左手しか映らないわけではありません。メンバー同士のインタープレイで交わさせる視線や各メンバーのソロもばっちり。「Road Games」の複音タッピング・ソロでは、ポールが歩み寄ってきてアランのギターをミュート。そんな珍しいシーンもキチンと押さえているのです。
そんな映像美・カメラワークで描かれる伝説の初来日の素晴らしい事……。現場アンプが不調だった「Shallow Sea」や「Letters of Marque」の冒頭がカットされているものの、それ以外のショウ全景が艶やかに映し出される。実施的な初ソロアルバム『I.O.U.』、グラミー賞ノミネートの『ROAD GAMES』、まだリリース前だった『METAL FATIGUE』から綺麗に4曲ずつが選ばれ、正しく80年代のベストセット(「The Things You See」も『I.O.U.』バージョンです)。そして、演奏陣も『METAL FATIGUE』の基本メンバーであるジミー・ジョンソン&チャド・ワッカーマン、ポール・ウィリアムスが勢揃いしての熱演がマルチカメラ・プロショットでたっぷりと観られるのです。
もう見どころは雨あられ。高速フレーズを連発する「Road Games」、歌心たっぷりの美しい「Home」、複弦にまたがるコード分解フレーズを凄まじいスピードで繰り出す「Devil Take The Hindmost」。そのすべてをさも簡単そうに披露し、まるで訓練を積んだ手品を見せられているかのよう。もちろん、アランだけではなくリズム隊も素晴らしい。特に「The Things You See」ではオリジナルのポール・カーマイケル/ゲイリー・ハズバンドよりも遙かに多彩な引き出しを披露。比較的シンプルなコード進行でも……いえ、シンプルだからこそ、豊かなセンスと素養を見せつけてくれるのです。
そして、極めつけは「Where Is One」。アランは大量のエフェクトシステムを足下のペダル1つで操り、静と動のコントラストを演出。その後のソロはさらに猛烈。複弦にまたがるコード分解フレーズや定型フレーズのポジション移動によるスケール移動等々、凄まじいテンションは天井知らず。リズム隊も次第に手数が多くなり、まるで全員でソロを演奏しているような演奏へと昇華していくのです。

1. Intro. 2. Tokyo Dream 3. Road Games 4. White Line 5. Panic Station 6. Interview
7. Letters of Marque 8. Home 9. Interview 10. Devil Take The Hindmost 11. Material Real
12. Metal Fatigue 13. Where Is One 14. The Things You See (When You Haven’t Got Your Gun)
15. Was There ?

Allan Holdsworth – Guitars Jimmy Johnson – Bass Chad Wackerman – Drums
Paul Williams – Vocals



Allan Holdsworth / Tokyo 1984 1st Night / 2Single 2CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Yubin Chokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 11th May 1984.

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The main press press DVD is a large decision board that reprinted legendary first visit to Japan’s Official Video with the highest quality ever. However, even though the quality was the highest peak ever, the official footage was not a complete record of the full show. So I will present a full live album of the same Japan tour to that bonus.
This work includes “Postal Savings Hall, May 14, 1984” performance. I mentioned in the commentary on the main press DVD, but the postal savings hall of the first visit to Japan is two performances. The main press press DVD was the second day “May 14th”, but this work is the first day “May 11th”. This recording is usually released from the Gravy Train label, and it is a famous board that became a topic of much importance as the first appearance record of “May 11”.
Just as it was normally released, the quality of this work is overcome and a clear audience sound. Directly CD-converted original master who was directly handed down from the recordingist himself, it is a beautiful sound without any dubbing deterioration. Although there is sense of distance slightly, musical sound accompanied by beautiful “ringing” in clear-cut air feeling responds to crystal clear. In fact, there was no audience / noise in the venue where it calms down, the enthusiasm is only cheers that suddenly boils between songs. The subtlety of playing is a superb sound environment that clearly reaches extremely fine nuances.
Alan · Holdsworth of era of frenzy rushing as well as the main press press DVD is drawn with that quality. His solo career is also the most lock-oriented style, different from the calm and fluent artistic afterwards, it has a different taste, beat wild & tough. And more than anything, Full Sho wrestling is boring. Unfortunately at 2:23 of “Shallow Sea”, there is a momentary lack of sound, there is a cut in the 4th measure of the “Metal Fatigue” intro’s head, but at the beginning of “Shallow Sea” and “Letters Of Marque” , And also enjoy the whole view of the show including “Up Country”.

This press DVD which is the vertex picture of the Tokyo 2nd day and this work which is the best live album of Tokyo first day. It is a luxurious set where the whole picture of legendary first visit is transmitted by matching. Why is this first visit to Japan a legend? How hot Alan was at this time was a hot guitarist. Please experience the truth fully with the vertex record of the two performances.

本作に収められているのは「1984年5月14日:郵便貯金会館」公演。本編プレスDVDの解説でも触れましたが、初来日の郵便貯金会館は2公演。本編プレスDVDは2日目「5月14日」だったのに対し、本作は初日「5月11日」なのです。この録音はGravy Trainレーベルから通常リリースされ、「5月11日」の初登場記録として大いに話題となった名盤なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのが、本編プレスDVDと同じく怒濤の弾きまくり時代のアラン・ホールズワース。彼のソロキャリアでも最もロック寄りなスタイルで、後の落ち着いた流暢な美技とは趣が違い、ワイルド&タフに弾き倒す。そして何より、フルショウ収録がたまらない。残念ながら「Shallow Sea」の2:23に一瞬の音欠け、「Metal Fatigue」イントロの頭4小節にカットがありますが、オフィシャルには未収録だった「Shallow Sea」や「Letters Of Marque」冒頭部分、さらには「Up Country」も含めたショウの全景が楽しめるのです。


Disc 1(86:48)
1. MC 2. Shallow Sea 3. Tokyo Dream 4. Road Games 5. White Line 6. Panic Station
7. Letters Of Marque 8. Home

Disc 2(45:05)
1. Davil Take The Hindmost 2. Material Real 3. Metal Fatigue 4. The Things You See
5. Was There ? 6. Up Country

Allan Holdsworth – Guitar Paul Williams – Vocals
Jimmy Johnson – Bass Chad Wackerman – Drums

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