Allan Holdsworth / Pit Inn Tokyo 1994 / 1CDR

Allan Holdsworth / Pit Inn Tokyo 1994 / 1CDR / Crossover
Translated Text:
Live At Pit Inn, Tokyo, Japan May 7th 1994. Audience


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Memorial Allan Holdsworth!
April 16, 2017 Alain · Holdsworth arrived, May 7, 1994 Performance at Tokyo Roppongi pit in appeared as a sound board sound source!
Progress to jazz fusion and a wide range of genres in Eddie Van Halen, Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin etc. Lonely recommendation title capturing the talented performance of Alan Holdsworth guitarist aloof craftsman, who was acclaimed from guitarists all over the world We will deliver.

01. Ruhkuhka/02. The Things You See/03. Low Levels, High Stakes/04. Letters Of Marque/05. Devil Take The Hindmost/06. Water On The Brain pt. 2/07. Drum Solo/08. Protocosmos/09. Postlude / Material Real
Live At Pit Inn, Tokyo, Japan May 7th 1994


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