Alice Cooper / Welcome To My Nightmare Japanese Broadcast Version/ 1DVDR

Alice Cooper / Welcome To My Nightmare Japanese Broadcast Version/ 1DVDR / Non Label
Wembley Arena, London, UK 11th & 12th September 1975

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“WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE TOUR” which was the first solo of emperor Alice Cooper and the culmination of his career. The super-super multi camera pro shot is a gift release decision.
Inscribed in this work is the 1975 classic movie “WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE”. Teikoku Eternity’s masterpiece “Welcome to a Nightmare” was a concept album, but it was also a soundtrack edition linked to the TV movie “THE NIGHTMARE”. And, the tour is a huge explosion of theatrical character beyond the age of THE ALICE COOPER GROUP. I had a great sensation. Among them, “September 11th & 12th: Wembley Arena Performance” will be the concert movie “WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE”, and it can be enjoyed on the official DVD even now. However, this work is not the official DVD, but is a Japanese broadcasting version aired by Sakai satellite broadcasting station.
This program is a recent digital broadcast “Western music live legend”. Therefore, the quality is perfect. There is no deterioration at all because it is broadcasted and recorded without passing analog. That is the same quality as the official DVD. However, the broadcast version only. At the beginning there is a unique corner to explain the background of the career and the show of the emperor, the narrative of Vincent Price and Alice’s MC will also have Japanese subtitles.

Such a unique corner is well done, but what is wonderful is “WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE TOUR” itself. It’s a good opportunity, so this time we’ll sort out from solo independence to separation from Bob Ezulin. Let’s introduce the situation at that time.

● 1975
“March 11” Welcome to Nightmare “released”
March 21-July 27: North America # 1 (74 performances)
・ August 31-September 17: Europe (13 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
・ December 13-18: North America # 2 (6 performances)
● 1976
June 25 “Go to Hell” Release
・ August 17: Performance in New York
● 1977
・ March 14-April 4: Oceania (12 performances)
“April 29” Race and Whiskey “release”
・ June 16-August 30: North America # 3 (38 performances)
“December” Live! Alice Cooper Show released ”
● 1978
April 27-September 2: North America # 4 (27 performances)

This is the golden age that can be said to be the “solo first phase”. “Welcome to nightmare” “Go to hell” “Race and whiskey” has been announced, but the tour is not linked, “Welcome to nightmare” “Go to hell” is collectively “WELCOME TO MY It was NIGHTMARE TOUR “(” I Never Cry “has been added since the release of” Go to Hell “). Most of it was in North America, but the Wembley performances of this film are few exceptions. It is the “Europe” tour 9 performances and 10 performances that became the only one in the “solo first stage”.
And that show is just a horror rock musical. Even now Alice still uses dancers and performers, but this tour has different figures. The band is treated as Kuroko in the back, and it is just Alice on stage. The other party to Alice is a number of characters, including a wolf, a one-eye giant cactus, a glowing skeleton, a beautiful girl Esyl, and so on. Alice dances, hunts down, fights back and laments while singing the famous songs that remain in rock history. Climb through the spider’s web and jump out of a huge box ….
I have no time to count, but if I give one, is it “Escape”? When the graveyard is projected on the screen of the stage, Alice who woke up from a nightmare will be chased by the monsters who appear from nowhere when breaking his tombstone, and will be trapped in a trap. I’m going to break through my bag and run away, but the screen is a slit and the image turns into real Alice! After that, the monsters and Alice repeatedly enter and leave the screen, and finally, Alice captured by the monster disappears into the screen. The screen and the action are horribly synchronized, and even though the music nuqui is a first-class stage play, the song is also perfect. Moreover, this is only one of the effects. There have been many performances in the history of rock, but there is nothing like a well-made and highly complete performance. Although modern technology is advanced in mechanical technology, the manpower of this work surpasses even that. It is a rock musical that shines in the history of music.
I’m overwhelmed by the awful production, but of course the music is great. A variety of musicians participated in the Daimyo board “Welcome to a Nightmare”, but the five people who were at the core of the game are also on stage. Especially, Dick Wagner & Steve Hunter’s golden twins are excellent. In particular, “Devil’s Food” comes out before the stage and develops a hot battle. You will hear plenty of combinations reminiscent of Lou Reed’s ‘ROCK’ N ‘ROLL ANIMAL’.

“WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE TOUR” where shock rock evolved and reached the dimension of a musical. Furthermore, the performance of the 1st solo member named side by side with THE ALICE COOPER GROUP is also the best in the production Nuki too. It is the heyday of the great emperor Alice. It is a super masterpiece of a nostalgic that you can witness the whole scene with a super high quality multi camera pro shot. Please have a nightmare with this work this weekend.

帝王アリス・クーパーの初ソロであり、キャリアの絶頂でもあった“WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE TOUR”。その超・極上マルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。
本作に刻まれているのは、1975年の名作映画『WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE』。帝王永遠の代表作『悪夢へようこそ』は1枚のコンセプト・アルバムだったわけですが、同時にTV映画“THE NIGHTMARE”と連動したサントラ盤でもありました。そして、そのツアーはTHE ALICE COOPER GROUP時代を遙かに超える演劇性が大爆発。一大センセーションを巻き起こしました。そのうち「1975年9月11日+12日:ウェンブリー・アリーナ公演」はコンサート映画『WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE』となり、現在でも公式DVDで楽しめます。ただし、本作はその公式DVDではなく、某衛星放送局によって放映された日本放送バージョンです。

そんな独自コーナーも良くできていますが、何と言っても素晴らしいのは“WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE TOUR”そのもの。良い機会ですので、今回はちょっと広めに「ソロ独立」から「ボブ・エズリンとの別離」までを整理。当時の状況をご紹介しましょう。


これが“ソロ第1期”とも言える黄金時代。『悪夢へようこそ』『地獄へ行く』『レースとウイスキー』の3枚が発表されましたが、ツアーは連動しておらず、『悪夢へようこそ』『地獄へ行く』はまとめて“WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE TOUR”でした(『地獄へ行く』発売以降は「I Never Cry」が加えられた程度)。その大部分は北米だったのですが、本作のウェンブリー公演は、数少ない例外。“ソロ第1期”で唯一となった「欧州」ツアー9公演目・10公演目なのです。
枚挙に暇がないのですが、1つ挙げるなら「Escape」でしょうか。ステージのスクリーンに墓地が映し出されると、そこには悪夢から目覚めたアリスは、自分の墓標をぶっ壊すとどこからともなく現れた怪人たちに追われ、棺桶に閉じ込められる。棺桶をブチ破って逃げ出すのですが、スクリーンがスリットになっており、映像が本物のアリスに早変わり! その後も怪人たちとアリスはスクリーンに入ったり出たりを繰り返し、最後は怪人に捕まったアリスがスクリーンの中に消えていく。そのスクリーンとアクションが恐ろしくシンクロしており、音楽ヌキでも一級のステージ演劇になっているのに、歌もピッタリと合っている。しかも、これ演出の1つにすぎない。ロック史には幾多の演出が行われてきましたが、ここまで凝っていて完成度の高いパフォーマンスは類を見ない。機械的な技術では現代の方が進んでいるものの、本作のマンパワーはそれさえ凌駕する。まさに音楽史に輝くロック・ミュージカルなのです。
あまりに凄い演出に圧倒されますが、もちろん演奏も素晴らしい。大名盤『悪夢へようこそ』には多彩なミュージシャンが参加していましたが、その核となった5人がステージでも勢揃い。特にディック・ワグナー&スティーヴ・ハンターの黄金ツインは絶品。特に「Devil’s Food」ではステージ前に出てきて熱いバトルを展開。ルー・リードの『ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ANIMAL』を彷彿とさせるコンビネーションをたっぷりと聴かせてくれます。

ショック・ロックが進化し、ミュージカルの次元にまで到達した“WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE TOUR”。さらに演出ヌキでもTHE ALICE COOPER GROUPと並び称される第1期ソロメンバーの演奏が最高すぎる。まさに帝王アリスの一大全盛期。その全貌を超極上マルチカメラ・プロショットで目撃できる希代の超傑作です。どうぞ、今週末は本作で悪夢に苛まれてください。

1. Introduction 2. Opening Titles 3. The Awakening 4. Welcome To My Nightmare
5. Years Ago 6. No More Mr. Nice Guy 7. Years Ago (reprise) 8. I’m Eighteen
9. Years Ago (reprise) 10. Some Folks 11. Cold Ethyl 12. Only Women Bleed
13. Years Ago (reprise) 14. Billion Dollar Babies 15. Devil’s Food/Guitar Solo
16. The Black Widow 17. Steven 18. Welcome to My Nightmare (reprise)
19. Escape 20. School’s Out 21. Department of Youth 22. Member Introduction
23. Only Women Bleed (End credits)

Alice Cooper – Vocals Dick Wagner – Guitar, Vocals Steve Hunter – Guitar
Josef Chirowski – Keyboards, Vocals Prakash John – Bass, Vocals
Pentti “Whitey” Glan – Drums


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