Aerosmith / Rocks Zurich / 1CD

Aerosmith / Rocks Zurich / 1CD / Zodiac

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Live at Volkhaus, Zurich, Switzerland 30th October 1976 .


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Zodiac 088


Than the ’76 European tour due to “ROCKS”, tour the end of October 30, Switzerland complete recording over 77 minutes in microphone recording of the finest level the Zurich performances. It is a relationship’s outflow sound source at the time of the sound man provides. Probably recorded take to recording in high-performance microphone that has been installed in the vicinity of the PA desk, the sound quality as the microphone recording at the time, it has been recorded in the degree of quality that is surprising, that boggling avid fan quotient. There is enough sound pressure is strange, no muffled sound, heyday Aerosmith superb performance, which is reproduced in the direct sound. Vocals of course, guitar, drums, bass and all of the tone has been recorded in thick punch outstanding sound, is excellent sound clearly different in case the average of the audience recording. Touching the Dream On too vividly emotional performance. Sound quality is a feeling that will become better and better as the show progresses, the last of Train Kept A Rollin ‘, such as Toys In The Attic has been recorded in the best sound quality of all time.
Excellent speedy intro riff of Mama Kin of Joe Perry goose bumps mono. In hard medley ranging from the beginning to about 10 minutes, while singing, including a harp, not entirely fall of tension, Stephen of vocals going up rather. Ending solo with stickiness in SOS, further Lord Of The etc. spree playing suddenly in Thighs, stand out the day strong shaking of Brad Whitford. Fill-in of Lick And A Promise that was mixed interwoven ad-lib, Walk This perfect combination play of Joey Kramer to represent a backing and onbeat in the Way. And Tom Hamilton of the base line to continue to synchro throughout the play. Also I think get to know and the good condition of the bands of this day from the above.
Upon this press on CD, subjected to again remastered from the master tape of the original source, carefully fix all the analog sounds fall point there was a large number. Since Train Kept A Rollin ‘of originally especially ultra-high sound quality is the second half of the later, the other is also the same issues a sense of unity and inferior without equalization, and finished it on a stable and high-quality sound over the whole volume. Lord Of The Thighs that had been cut out would be good to say a big Advantages of this machine is connected to the chitin. The best sound quality and highest quality sound source from 1976 ROCK TOUR is Aerosmith best of timing, revives a press CD release of the long-awaited. No more mono is not so in the boot leg of Aerosmith. Exactly all large exceptional. So far Offenbach performances which has been a tour highest sound quality, Aero Smith strongest time best board of you have already proven that nowhere near of this sound source. This is the long-awaited release determined by the limited press CD from popular ZODIAC label.

「ROCKS」に伴う76年ヨーロッパ・ツアーより、ツアー終盤の10月30日、スイスはチューリッヒ公演を極上レベルのマイク録音で77分に渡って完全収録。当時のサウンドマン提供の関係者流出音源です。おそらくPA卓付近で設置された高性能マイクで記録用に録音されたテイクで、その音質は当時のマイク録音としては、驚く程のクオリティで収録されており、熱心なファンの度肝を抜くことでしょう。音圧が異様な程にあり、音の篭りもない、ダイレクトなサウンドで再現される絶頂期エアロスミスの絶品パフォーマンス。ボーカルは勿論、ギター、ドラム、ベースと全ての楽音が分厚くパンチ抜群のサウンドで収録されており、並のオーディエンス録音とは明らかに格の違う絶品のサウンドです。あまりに生々しくエモーショナルな演奏のDream Onは感動的。音質はショウが進むにつれてどんどんよくなっていく感じで、ラストのTrain Kept A Rollin’、Toys In The Atticなどは空前絶後の最高音質で収録されています。
ジョー・ペリーのMama Kinのイントロリフの抜群の疾走感は鳥肌モノ。冒頭から約10分に及ぶハードなメドレーで、ハープを含む歌唱ながら、全くテンションの落ちない、むしろ上がっていくスティーブンのヴォーカル。S.O.S.での粘りのあるエンディングソロ、さらにLord Of The Thighsではいきなり弾きまくる等、ブラッド・ウイットフォードの好調振りが際立つ日。アドリブを織り交ぜた混ぜたLick And A Promiseのフィルイン、Walk This Wayでの裏打ちとオンビートを完璧に表現するジョーイ・クレイマーのコンビネーションプレイ。そしてそのプレイに全体にシンクロしていくトム・ハミルトンのベースライン。上記からもこの日のバンドのコンディションの良さとが判ってもらえると思います。
今回のプレスCD化に際し、大元のマスターテープより再度リマスターを施し、アナログ的な音落ち個所が多数あったのを全て念入りに修正。Train Kept A Rollin’以降の後半が元々特に超高音質なので、他もそれと遜色無くイコライズして統一感をだし、全編に渡り安定した高音質に仕上げました。カットアウトされていたLord Of The Thighsが本盤はキチンと繋がっているの大きなアドヴァンテージと言って良いでしょう。エアロスミス最良の時期である1976年ROCK TOURからの最高音質・最高品質音源が、満を持してのプレスCDリリースで蘇ります。エアロスミスのブートレッグでこれ以上のモノはそうありません。まさに全てが大別格。これまでツアー最高音質とされていたオッフェンバッハ公演が、この音源の足元にも及ばないことを証明してしまったエアロスミス最強時期の極上盤。好評ZODIACレーベルより限定プレスCDで待望のリリース決定です。

1. Intro 2. Mama Kin 3. Write Me A Letter 4. S.O.S. (Too Bad) 5. Lick And A Promise
6. Big Ten Inch Record 7. Sweet Emotion 8. Rats In The Cellar 9. Dream On
10. Lord Of The Thighs 11. Last Child 12. Walk This Way 13. Sick As A Dog 
14. Same Old Song And Dance 15. Train Kept A Rollin’ 16. Get The Lead Out 
17. Toys In The Attic 18. Outro

Steven Tyler – Vocals Joe Perry – Guitar Brad Whitford – Guitar Tom Hamilton – Bass
Joey Kramer – Drums

Zodiac 088


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