Aerosmith / Rocks Original US Quadraphonic LP / 1CD

Aerosmith / Rocks Original US Quadraphonic LP / 1CD / Non label

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Taken from the Original US Quadraphonic LP(Columbia, PCQ 34165)

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It is also the biggest hits of the 70’s Daimyo’s record “ROCKS”. Official work that becomes another version is appearing in press CD.
This work is a quadrupolic mix of the Daimyo board “ROCKS”. In the 1970s some 4ch stereo boards were released with some works but three works in the case of AEROSMITH. “GET YOUR WINGS” “TOYS IN THE ATTIC” “ROCKS” was produced. These are not just 4 ch, but completely different mixes. Some of them have different levels of balance, but there were sounds that were not on the 2 ch board, and sometimes completely different takes were used. Of course, as the band himself produced at that time, sense and perfection degree are not less than 2 ch board, “Another form of a masterpiece” is regularly recorded.
This work is such a quadrafonic ‘ROCKS’. It is its highest quality quality board. The Quadrafonic version of AEROSMITH was released only by COLUMBIA of the time by 8 track cassette and analog board, but this work uses mint board of original LP “PC Q 34165”. Overseas audio mania was digitized precisely. This mania is not just a person. Recently, our shop introduced numerous works digitized analogue of the 70’s, especially the early works of BLACK SABBATH and Jeff Beck’s “WIRED UK ORIGINAL LP” “TRUTH: ORIGINAL UK LP MONO PRESSING” etc. Popular. This work is what the same maniacs as the masterpieces handled.
That quality is abnormal. Originally, none of the needle patches that should have been the fate of analog raising was found, neither rotation unevenness is felt at all. Moreover, this mania only leaves the sound of the first playing altogether, and does not perform processing after digitalization. Nevertheless it is a perfect playing sound, it reprints the sound that is much more realistic than the regular CD-like sound of later years and thin on the master tape. In recent years, analog restoration has become remarkable abroad, and that is why the technology of analog reprinting is evolving dramatically. It’s that cutting edge sound.
This work is also made in such a process. Besides, Quadrafonik Mix is ​​quite different from regular CD. It usually falls into the CD for 2ch stereo, but it can enjoy a completely different sound world. Let’s introduce each song.

SIDE A-1: ​​Back In The Saddle
Suddenly completely different! There is no chipping of the introduction horse that was in the regular version, and the sound of the hoof is outstanding. Of course, this is not a mistake, but a thing that is aimed clearly. The sound of this hooves is plenty panning, running around in the head with a round head. Although this work is a general 2ch stereo CD, this effect is still overwhelming. By all means, I’d like to have fun with headphones.
Also, not only sound effects, but also the band’s performance is much more three dimensional. Especially please pay attention to “2:48” guitar. Gun from the unlikely direction! I was made to feel relieved with a single shot. In the regular CD, the intention of the band which was flat was clearly engraved.

SIDE A-2: Last Child
The most different song is “Last Child”. Although the balance of mix and fade of vocal differs from intro, it takes completely different than that. It is another different track up to lyrics. The stereoscopic feeling of “Home sweet home!” · “Stand up!” Like singing toward the main vocal is also brilliant.

SIDE A-3: Rats In The Cellar
The street sound SE which is ringing in the intro has become long, and the sound of another totally different thing is also recorded. The songs of this song and vocals are amazing, too. It’s like two Stephens from different positions. Even though it is a regular CD, the feeling is totally different. If you compare to the stage, the regular CD is like a singer singing with one microphone, and this work seems to work from both ends of the stage.

SIDE A-4: Combination
SIDE B-1: Sick As A Dog
There is not much difference in this song, the stereo feeling is similar to the regular CD. In this way, you notice the goodness of the sound of the original LP. Although the miscellaneous differences are only bothersome, the dreadfulness of this work is also in the sound itself. Even with exactly the same mix, the sound is much more natural, you can taste plenty of freshness of original LPs that are thin on master tapes.
……, with confidence (?) Where you are surprised to find a guitar solo or chorus. The guitar came in with bread that is completely different from the regular CD, and floated inside the head with the grugle. Chorus also cuts “Sick as a dog !!” from the unlikely direction. After all quadrafonik is amazing!

SIDE B-2: Nobody’s Fault
This stereoscopic feeling is also amazing. Two guitars flutter from the left and right in the intro, and the piano and the sound effect in the song stir up the group and brains. Things that were just underlaying on regular CDs will jerk together. Even more amazing is guitar solo. It is already distracted from Akikochi, and there is no disposition. It seems that Joe Perry is also using it as an alternative technique.
This process is just making it flashy. The stereo feeling floating and standing has become a dazzling feeling and a trip feeling, and it matches to the sound of the 70’s. It sounds as if you are listening to PINK FLOYD as well.

SIDE B-3: Get The Lead Out
The colorful stereo feeling is a vivid Quadrafonik, but the reverse is “Get The Lead Out”. On regular CDs, intro’s guitar fades in while panning from right to left, but this work has neither fade nor pan. However, if it says whether the three-dimensional feeling is poor, it is not. While the song is covered with the sound effect matching the beat, this is clearly felt. On regular CDs, sounds confused with musical instrument sounds and difficult to understand sound from another direction, and there are many discoveries of “There was even such a sound!” Of course, as usual guitar solos are also dazzling with fluffy.

SIDE B-4: Lick And A Promise
Not only the guitar is floating. This song starts with a snare strike, but in this work it turns around the group.
What’s even wonderful is the cheers. Although this song is cheered with live consciousness in the second half, on the regular CD, it is only the rising “wa” and it gets smaller quickly. However, in this work, it was recorded greatly afterwards, and it will naturally lead to the chorus part of “Na, na, na ♪” naturally. This mood is the best! Although it seems useless to think that “what sound is?” On the regular CD, it is clear that this work is a concert feeling clearly. It is a mix that the band’s will is clearly felt.

SIDE B-5: Home Tonight
Although this song is not much flashy difference, it is still more dynamic than regular CD. The performance of the band has a dynamism that is suitable for the circle, and the singing voice is also real like being close to each other. Although there is no poor workmanship, from here also you can see the seriousness to Quadrafonik. It is not simply “I do not have to change something?”, But rather boldly change the songs that I can treasure a lot, I will not do meaningless songs that I do not need. I am exploring the possibilities of Quadrafonic as having chitin and aesthetics as a work.

It is exactly “another name plate” · “ROCKS that AERO wanted to make”. The highest peak ever recorded digitized precisely by audio mania who bet such obsession with analogue raising such a Quadrafonik · mix. Not only the sound of the master tape, but also a masterpiece of the age that can be thinned to the real intention of the band “I wanted to work like this”. Please, please enjoy plenty with the permanent preservation press CD.

本作は、大名盤『ROCKS』のクアドラフォニック・ミックス。70年代にはいくつかの作品で4chステレオ盤がリリースされましたが、AEROSMITHの場合は3作品。『GET YOUR WINGS』『TOYS IN THE ATTIC』『ROCKS』が制作されました。これらは単に4chというだけでなく、完全に別ミックス。中にはバランスが異なる程度のものもありますが、2ch盤にはなかった音が入っていたり、まったく別テイクが使われることもあった。もちろん、当時のバンド自身が制作しているだけあってセンスも完成度も2ch盤に劣らず、“名盤のもう1つの姿”が正規に記録されているのです。
本作は、そんなクアドラフォニックの『ROCKS』。その最高峰クオリティ盤なのです。AEROSMITHのクアドラフォニック版は、当時の米COLUMBIAが8トラック・カセットとアナログ盤でのみリリースしましたが、本作はオリジナルLP「PCQ 34165」のミント盤を使用。海外のオーディオ・マニアが精緻にデジタル化したのです。このマニアがただ者ではない。最近、当店では70年代アナログをデジタル化した作品を多数ご紹介しており、特にBLACK SABBATHの初期作品群やジェフ・ベックの『WIRED UK ORIGINAL LP』『TRUTH: ORIGINAL UK LP MONO PRESSING』などが大好評。本作は、その名作群と同じマニアが手がけたものなのです。

SIDE A-1: Back In The Saddle
いきなりまったく違う! 正規版に入っていたイントロの馬の嘶きがなく、蹄の音がデカい。もちろん、これはミスなどではなく、はっきりと狙ってのもの。この蹄の音が思いっきりパンしており、グルグルと頭の中を駆け回るのです。本作は一般の2chステレオ用CDですが、それでもこの効果は圧倒的。ぜひ、ヘッドフォンでお楽しみいただきたいところです。

SIDE A-2: Last Child
もっとも違う曲が「Last Child」。イントロからヴォーカルのミックスやフェードのバランスが異なりますが、それ以上に完全別テイク。歌詞まで違う別物トラックなのです。メイン・ヴォーカルに向かって歌いかけるような“Home sweet home!”・“Stand up!”の立体感も鮮烈です。

SIDE A-3: Rats In The Cellar

SIDE A-4: Combination
SIDE B-1: Sick As A Dog
……と、安心して(?)いるところで不意を突くのがギターソロやコーラス。正規CDとはまったく異なるパンでギターが入ってきて、頭の中をグルグルと浮遊。コーラスもあらぬ方向から「Sick as a dog!!」と切り込んでくる。やっぱりクアドラフォニックは凄い!

SIDE B-2: Nobody’s Fault
こうした処理も、ただ派手にしているわけではなのです。浮遊しまくるステレオ感は、眩惑感やトリップ感にまでなっており、70年代サウンドにメチャクチャ似合う。まるでPINK FLOYDでも聴いているかのようです。

SIDE B-3: Get The Lead Out
色鮮やかなステレオ感が鮮烈なクアドラフォニックですが、真逆なのが「Get The Lead Out」。正規CDではイントロのギターがフェイド・インしながら右から左へパンしますが、本作はフェイドもパンもない。とは言え、立体感に乏しいかと言うと、さにあらず。曲中にビートに合わせた効果音が被せられているのですが、これがはっきりと感じられる。正規CDでは楽器音と混同して分かりづらい音も別方向から鳴り、「こんな音まであったのか!」の発見が多い。もちろん、相変わらずギター・ソロもフワフワと眩惑してくれます。

SIDE B-4: Lick And A Promise
さらに素晴らしいのは大歓声。この曲は後半でライヴを意識した歓声が重ねられていますが、正規CDでは立ち上がりの「ワァー」だけ大きく、すぐに小さくなってしまう。ところが、本作ではその後も大きく収録され、そのまま“Na, na, na♪”のコーラス・パートへと自然に繋がっていく。このムードが最高! 正規CDでは「何の音?」と思われても仕方ない感じでしたが、本作はハッキリとコンサート感だと分かる。バンドの意志がクッキリと感じ取れるミックスなのです。

SIDE B-5: Home Tonight



1. Back In The Saddle 2. Last Child 3. Rats In The Cellar
4. Combination 5. Sick As A Dog 6. Nobody’s Fault 7. Get The Lead Out
8. Lick And A Promise 9. Home Tonight

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