Aerosmith / Live Texxas Jam 78 / 1DVD

Aerosmith / Live Texxas Jam 78 / 1DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas, USA 1st July 1978 PRO-SHOT


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Finally. Finally, the video you can release! This work, lock ever rare to see the monster, is a masterpiece the world’s highest quality version of the video of AEROSMITH!
This work, of Japan board laser disc of the reprint series of overlapping very popular in recent years very popular “70s AEROSMITH Hen”. It is Kano “LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78”. In fact, from the beginning of this series, there was no choice but to want to release this work. In fact, it had been up from the top of the stomach candidate list, but the state of preservation of the laser disk which is a large book was not the best. No, “most best” How can there was in, only decisive video too historical, and I want I did not press of up to be confident that “absolute best to”. And, this time. Finally “Korezo!” Press reduction from the master disk was able to achieve!
Mania during the mania of the laser disc that became the original of this work has been treasured. The state is exactly perfect, as you’ve heard that “Did you mean whether I did not even play once!?”. In fact, if the can see the digitized this work, I think of being surprised by the distinguished image quality and sound quality, even in the past laser disc reissue series.
…… Husband. Although I have to volley a “series”, the first one I might I might become a “???”. Let we also classic .. explanation. If you know, please skip. This series, as “the world’s best quality” the renowned Japanese edition laser disk from abroad mania, is the press DVD was digitized entrusted to overseas professional manufacturer. Laser disc is a media endangered, but the masterpiece also numerous that it is not yet been an official DVD of. The streets, has also been churning DVDR that caused from VHS and half-hearted master, but this series is quality emphasis that gave a thoroughly “super”. Japanese edition was early sensitive to the new media, it is also used to save state is carefully selected only the perfect thing, it is are you turned into DVD with high-end equipment of professional use. The original is just what many people have seen only in official work, a resolution that does not compare to the VHS, traveling unevenness noise none such, I have a drawer ultimately the visual beauty that laser disc had been contained . On the contrary, even the person who was supposed to look at the real laser disk in consumer machine is surprised and “did was so amazing video!?”, And I, such as you Kudasaru purchase many times in the repeat.

And …, I always say. This work is a “LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78” of literally AEROSMITH that “more is no way to do” was revived in the world’s highest quality of about say. Again, the best of this video is in the best! That said set for festival appearances short, you would think, “Dream On” and “Back In The Saddle” Madenaito “What?”, You can press the Play button at least once, such a thing is trivial things. Just of “DRAW THE LINE” golden age in the golden age of until they, plenty to exude dangerous air “that” AEROSMITH will overflow during the screen.
So, how far left also innocent, and rock ‘n’ roll to Ya want AEROSMITH is taste with plenty to Real. Futebuteshiku to Steven Tyler to provoke tourists, and sight of Joe Perry of pale complexion is cuddle. Monster the first time also to is amazing after the resurrection, professionalism and entertainment to thoroughly control is also very great. However, here are they, Kurae such thing feces. Among the “cool nothing” Dechoppiri cloudy consciousness, I am not thinking only be as possible leave the body and soul to groove to be at that moment. “Milk Cow Blues” by Stephen you are a grin turn licked members Yaba go with! This expression, confined performance remains press DVD of the best ever quality. After all, it was good and had been waiting for the best master …. Although I forgot to say, in the “Milk Cow Blues” and worship pat figure of Ted Nugent who appeared in the same Texas jam. If the original, but’s a co-star scene of this work centerpiece, indeed well it even even hup, AEROSMITH itself is cool! I.

1987 made a large revival to see rare in rock history, rock monsters to continue to reign at the top of the scene for over a quarter of a century later, AEROSMITH. Had been the essence in the direction out, it is still the 1970s. The are contained in this work, while riding in tone thoroughly by overlapping the big hit in the ’70s as well, their last minute you have not yet towards the collapse. To sufficiently ripe it is not I started to rot can have, it’s the ever again no moment. It has revived the world’s highest quality. It might have somewhat mixed also partial eyes of the fans, but I do not think that there is a delicious lock the video to any more!
I am sorry to have kept side-by-side fine pretentious statement, but this weekend, want to seeing this work with all means full hook. It is the fun to validate the visual beauty in a centralized force, such as looking into the microscope, but there is no need to think gudaguda, precisely in order to earnestly become comfortably, “the ultimate quality” is certain of. One who will deliver one of the most pleasure, even the history of rock ‘n’ roll, at any time entrusted to press DVD that you can enjoy forever and will deliver to you!


ついに。ついに、この映像をリリースできる! 本作は、ロック史上まれに見るモンスター、AEROSMITHの最高傑作映像の世界最高クオリティ・バージョンです!
本作は、近年大好評に大好評を重ねる日本盤レーザーディスクの復刻シリーズの“70年代AEROSMITH編”。かの「LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78」です。実は、このシリーズの開始当初から、本作をリリースしたくして仕方ありませんでした。実際、イの一番から候補リストに上っていたのですが、大本となるレーザーディスクの保存状態がベストではなかった。いや、“ほとんどベスト”ではあったのですが、あまりにも歴史的で決定的な映像だけに、“絶対にベスト”と確信できるまでプレス化したくなかったのです。そして、今回。ついに“これぞ!”のマスターディスクからプレス化が実現できました!!

……と、いうわけで。本作は、文字通り「これ以上はやりようがない」というほどの世界最高クオリティで蘇ったAEROSMITHの「LIVE TEXXAS JAM ’78」です。やはり、この映像は最高中の最高! フェスティバル出演のためにセットが短いとは言え、「Dream On」や「Back In The Saddle」までないと「え?」と思ってしまいますが、再生ボタンを1回でも押せば、そんなことは些細なこと。まさに「DRAW THE LINE」までの黄金期中の黄金期の彼ら、ヤバい空気をたっぷりと発散する「あの」AEROSMITHが画面中に溢れ出します。
そう、どこまでも無垢なまま、リアルにロックンロールしやがるAEROSMITHがたっぷりと味わえる。ふてぶてしく客を挑発するスティーヴン・タイラーに、青白い顔色のジョー・ペリーが寄り添う光景。復活後のモンスターぶりも凄いですし、徹底的にコントロールするプロフェッショナリズムやエンターテインメントも極めて素晴らしいです。しかし、ここにいる彼らは、そんなもの糞食らえ。“イケないもの”でちょっぴり濁った意識の中で、その瞬間に鳴るグルーヴに全身全霊を任せきることしか考えちゃいない。「Milk Cow Blues」でニヤッと笑ってメンバーをなめ回すスティーヴンのヤバいこと! この表情、パフォーマンスを史上最高のクオリティのままプレスDVDに閉じ込められた。やっぱり、ベスト・マスターを待っていた良かった……。言い忘れましたが、その「Milk Cow Blues」では、同じテキサス・ジャムに出演したテッド・ニュージェントの姿もばっちり拝めます。本来であれば、本作目玉の共演シーンなのですが、それさえどーでもよくなるほど、AEROSMITH自身がカッコイイ!のです。


1. Intro 2. Rats In The Cellar 3. Seasons Of Wither 4. I Wanna Know Why 5. Walkin’ The Dog
6. Walk This Way 7. Lick And A Promise 8. Get The Lead Out 9. Joe Perry Guitar Solo
10. Draw The Line 11. Sweet Emotion 12. Same Old Song And Dance
13. Milk Cow Blues (with Ted Nugent) 14. Toys In The Attic 15. End Credits: Lord Of The Thighs


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