Aerosmith / Live 2012 From Another Dimension / 1DVDR

Aerosmith / Live 2012 From Another Dimension / 1DVDR / Johanna

Iheart Radio Music Festival 2012 MGM Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NY ,USA Sep 23,2012. NTSC


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Translated Text:

★ Aero Smith was resurrected, 2012 PROSHOT high quality live album!

Revival of the studio recording new ’11 swing has a high reputation, anxiety of slapstick family feud also dispel!
Best live album to sum ​​up 2012, which has been enhanced for Aero Smith has taken on a new era!

First pro-shot live in Las Vegas in September 2012.
Air time and 35 minutes or for the festival is short, but in the selection of music and say the best at the moment, including the new song
and show off to the crowd a perfect lock performance.

The pro-shot live at the event held in the local Boston in November 2012 and subsequently.
In the land “1325 Commonwealth Avenue address” of the apartment of legendary lived Aero formed at that time a member
Memorial Street Live made ​​train also be suspended service in birds in Ondo own Boston mayor.
Road in people, people and people – anyway! Meanwhile, at the stage that has been installed in the truck bed
I’ve been playing around a selection of music from it can be said debut album and origin.

And finally, the Ya video clips from new. Recorded together live TV appearance in a new song.

It is a culmination of footage of Aerosmith in 2012, which made a comeback.

■ ■ JPD-V1-058/1DVDR 116Mins / PROSHOT
[RADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL iheart 2012 / Las Vegas 23 Sep 2012.] Program Intro – Interview / Love in an Elevator / Oh Yeah /
Cryin ‘/ Sweet Emotion / Dream On / Mother Popcorn – Walk This Way /

[. 1325 COMMONWEALTH AVE 2012/Boston, MA November 5 2012.] Opening / Walkin ‘the Dog / Movin’ Out / Mama Kin /
Lover Alot / Back in the Saddle / Sweet Emotion /
Mother Popcorn – Walk This Way /
Encore: Oh Yeah / Train Kept A-Rollin ‘/

[“Music From Another Dimension” PV & TV Shows 2012] Legendary Child (video clip 2012)
What Could Have Been Love (video clip 2012)
Music From Another Dimension Trailer 2012
Alot Lover (David Letterman Show Nov 1 2012)
Legendary Child (American idol May 23 2012)
End Credits

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