Aerosmith / Exotic Vacation / 2CDR

Aerosmith / Exotic Vacation / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 24th June 1988


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Large revival of AEROSMITH also said that one page of rock history. The pattern of the miracle as that Shimae enjoying the sound board and professional shot, either Will Nanitaru luxury. More to taste the luxury of up to here, you Chimai another limiter removed. That’s thoroughly, let’s go with the lavishness of as long as you can think of. I will service to Japan tour audience album Perfect Quality! !! The How was at this
That the present work has been achieved, the second time of the Japan tour, which is 11 years. I’ve shake the archipelago in all five times, is “June 24, 1988” to be a even Budokan third day (the entire day 4) in it. I think that actually many people you’ve visited, but that tour was really hotter. Just get the first time in ’11, or play until the re break you did not OJ imagination, fuss with old and new fans disarray. Also was a bubbly Japan, is what particular frenzy happened wound.
The flowing out from this work, enthusiasm as it is of that day. The only long-awaited visit to Japan, but each day with a variety of recording was ejected from the time, this work has been referred to as the “number one” Among its master. It is not the number one of this day. This is the number 1 of that tour all. Moreover, recording who because I was digitized from directly passed the original cassette directly from the person, the top of its freshness. Stephen’s vocals as well, is brilliant as also sound board each instrument. There is a slight lack of tape change in the intro unfortunately “Mama Kin”, but this super sound continues until the end of the last, and I have fully captured the whole picture of the show over the course of 2 hours 21 minutes.
Come on top of such best sound, enthusiasm of large crowd is amazing. One two pops out like that without any singing voice, attentive great cheer as velvet carpet. big big spectacle somewhat shrill voice large crowd of spreads in Budokan, is very sight itself of that day. I your new san supposed were many, but “Rats In The Cellar” at the beginning “Toys In The Attic” large enthusiasm from classic 3 barrage of “Same Old Song And Dance”! A good mood (obsolete) “Big Ten Inch Record” at the end of you shouting “Kimochii-Lee Yee!” But, as it can not hear the lip service, excellent condition, second only to excellent condition is the performance that comes with wavy attack .
At that time, after a surprisingly I thought also “Lightning Strikes”, following the texture lines of the “I’ll take everyone to Permanent Vacation. I think it does not come anymore back if you go!”, “Rag Doll”, “Hangman new song rush of Jury, “” Permanent Vacation “,” Angel “. At that time, even I felt even a little selling line too, “Angel”, overwhelmed by the crying of the guitar and the highlight of the vocals on stage. Already performance revival and large hit is filled with defined confidence is shining brightly. Furthermore, debuted to “Darkness” in the “Lord Of The Thighs” and piano playing talking style that spans 6 minutes. Up to the end to apply tatami the greatest hits and large representative songs, it is tremendous show that tension does not fall even for an instant.

The Japan tour, also for Japanese audience It was the first time in ’11, for the AEROSMITH, it was special to it more. “PERMANENT VACATION TOUR 1987-1988”, which was around to elaborate the USA / Canada for one year, I Japan tour was the only tour outside of North America. Come hear from this work, it is “not just the United States. We’re I was revived against the world” Performance of I, such as consuming taste the response that.
Ai hit the audience and the band that is special to each other feelings, Budokan that shook himself into joy. That is the raw record sucked with plenty of air. So much happiness to the road full live album does not know the other. The bad press of Dameoshi of Tokuno. This weekend, I will invite you to rock ‘n’ roll Paradise!

ロック史の1ページとも言えるAEROSMITHの大復活。その奇跡の模様をサウンドボード&プロショットで楽しんでしまえるとは、なんたる贅沢なのでしょうか。ここまでの贅沢を味わう以上、もうリミッターは外しちまいます。それこそ徹底的、考えうる限りの贅沢三昧と行きましょう。パーフェクト・クオリティの日本公演オーディエンス・アルバムまでサービスします! これでどうだっ!!
本作から流れ出すのは、あの日の熱狂そのまま。待望の再来日だけに、当時から各日とも様々な録音が飛び出しましたが、本作はその中でも「ナンバー1」と称されたマスター。この日のナンバー1ではありません。あのツアー全部のナンバー1です。しかも、録音者本人から直に渡されたオリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化したのですから、その鮮度の最上。スティーヴンのヴォーカルはもとより、各楽器もサウンドボードのように鮮やかです。残念ながら「Mama Kin」のイントロでテープチェンジのわずかな欠けがありますが、このスーパーサウンドが最後の最後まで続き、2時間21分にわたってショウの全貌を捉えきっているのです。
そんな最上サウンドの上に来て、大観衆の熱狂が凄い。1人2人の歌声が飛び出すようなこともなく、ビロードの絨毯のようにきめ細やかな大歓声。いくぶん黄色い声の大観衆が武道館中に広がっていく大きな大きなスペクタクル、まさにあの日の光景そのものです。ご新規さんも多かったはずなのですが、冒頭の「Rats In The Cellar」「Toys In The Attic」「Same Old Song And Dance」のクラシック3連発から大熱狂! ゴキゲン(死語)な「Big Ten Inch Record」の終わりには「キモチイ・イ・イー!」と叫びますが、それがリップサービスには聞こえないほど、快調に次ぐ快調が波状攻撃してくるパフォーマンスです。
当時、意外にも思った「Lightning Strikes」の後、「みんなをパーマネント・バケーションに連れて行くよ。行ったらもう戻ってこないと思うけど!」のキメ台詞に続いて、「Rag Doll」「Hangman Jury」「Permanent Vacation」「Angel」の新曲ラッシュ。当時は、ちょっと売れ線すぎにも感じた「Angel」でさえ、ステージでは泣きのギターと圧巻のヴォーカルに圧倒。すでに復活・大ヒットが確定した自信に満ちたパフォーマンスが目映く輝いています。さらには、6分に及ぶ「Lord Of The Thighs」やピアノ弾き語り風の「Darkness」まで初披露。大ヒット曲・大代表曲をたたみ掛ける終盤に至るまで、一瞬たりともテンションが落ちない凄まじいショウです。

このジャパンツアー、日本の観客にとっても11年ぶりでしたが、AEROSMITHにとっては、それ以上に特別でした。「PERMANENT VACATION TOUR 1987-1988」は、1年間にわたってアメリカ/カナダを念入りに回りましたが、日本公演は北米以外で唯一のツアーだったのです。本作から聞こえてくるのは、「アメリカだけじゃない。俺たちは世界を相手に復活したんだ」という手応えを味わい尽くすようなパフォーマンスなのです。

Disc 1
1. Opening S.E. 2. Rats In The Cellar 3. Toys In The Attic 4. Same Old Song And Dance
5. Somebody 6. Big Ten Inch Record 7. Lightning Strikes 8. Rag Doll 9. Hangman Jury
10. Permanent Vacation 11. Angel 12. Back In The Saddle 13. Reefer Head Woman
14. Lord Of The Thighs 15. Guitar Solo 16. Last Child

Disc 2
1. Mama Kin 2. Guitar Solo 3. Draw The Line 4. Heart’s Done Time 5. Drum Solo 6. Walkin’ The Dog
7. Darkness 8. Dream On 9. Sweet Emotion 10. I’m Down 11. Train Kept A Rollin’
12. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 13. Walk This Way

Steven Tyler – Vocals Joe Perry – Guitar Brad Whitford – Guitar Tom Hamilton – Bass
Joey Kramer – Drums

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