Aerosmith / Boston 1994 Pre-FM Dat Master / 2CD

Aerosmith / Boston 1994 Pre-FM Dat Master / 2CD / Zodiac

Live At Mama Kin Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA 19th December 1994. STEREO SBD

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A special performance “Dec. 19, 1994 Boston Performance” of the 70s number large board behavior realized at the height of GEFFEN. The ultimate version of the classic stereo sound board is now available in 2CD.
】 This show is just a legend. Speaking of AEROSMITH at that time, all three successive works from “PERMANENT VACATION” became monster hits, and “GET A GRIP” also won No. 1 in the US. A miracle revival unprecedented in the rock world, it was the greatest in history. However, the old fans were happy with the revival, but the pop songs and ballad hits left their teeth “This is different…”. Whether they knew such a fan psychology or not, they did a special show that played a lot of 70s numbers.

[Broadcasting master who updates the top of the classic sound board] The show took place in Boston, the hometown of the last day of “GET A GRIP TOUR”. Live broadcasting was also made because it was too special, and the FM sound board has produced many existing ones. This work is not a remaster reproduction …. Highest peak excavated very recently. It is a DAT master produced by a broadcasting station, and is a pre-FM version that is copied directly from the multitrack of the original sound board. The contents are overwhelming in length and quality. First of all, interviews with DJ Intro and Outro before the start that had not been heard even in the past that had been regarded as “complete version”, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and Peter Wolf who had come to the venue Is completely recorded. Perhaps this is not a live broadcast version but a re-broadcast edition, but the enthusiasm for the heyday mood and the world tour Chiaki Raku is more realistically transmitted.
Of course, the sound is the highest. Until now, quality has varied, and good ones have been completely official. It can’t be said that it is a different thing, but there is no doubt that this work is the best. As a matter of fact, there are pre-FM masters on the net, but even in that case, “Cryin’ ”was out of sound and noise. On the other hand, this work is completely noiseless, and the stereo feeling is also on-site. It is an unprecedented vertices compared to any existing or net sound source.

[A special show that spins the 70s repertoire hot] ¡The quality is depicted as the 70s number on-parade. But it’s not just past Greatest Hits. Let’s organize the set here to see how special and delicious it is.

● AEROSMITH (3 songs)
・ Walkin ‘the Dog, One Way Street, Mama Kin
● GET YOUR WINGS (2 songs)
・ Train Kept a Rollin ’, Same Old Song and Dance
● TOYS IN THE ATTIC (3 songs)
・ Big Ten Inch Record, Walk This Way, Toys in the Attic
● Other Classics
・ Last Child (ROCKS), Milk Cow Blues (DRAW THE LINE), Chip Away the Stone (LIVE! BOOTLEG)
・ Cover: Rattlesnake Shake, Stop Messin ‘Around, I’m Not Talkin’
● After the 1980s
・ Let the Music Do the Talking (DONE WITH MIRRORS), Cryin ’(GET A GRIP), Walk on Water (BIG ONES)

… and it looks like this. “Cryin ‘” and the new song before release (although this day was also the last) “Walk on Water” is also not limited to classics because it is played, but it is about 70s repertoire and vintage There are plenty of covers. It’s a classic classic offensive that I think I should have removed “Cryin’ “. Moreover, not only the composition but also the song unit is fresh. Classics such as “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion”, “Draw the Line” and “Back in the Saddle” can be avoided, and “Chip Away the Stone” after a long time and “Rattlesnake Shake” for the first time in 17 years, only recorded at that time “I’m Not Talkin ‘” etc. are scattered a lot. It is a special show that is more than just a nostalgia.
Furthermore, AEROSMITH himself, who plays such a set, is amazing because it ’s so dark. The undulating beat bursts and the groove is mellow. Of course, Steven’s way of singing is that after the resurrection, and it’s actually a little different from the yaba and young momentum compared to the 70s recordings. However, the momentum of the climax that conquered the entire earth and the enthusiasm unique to the home make up for it. A hot show that embodies the essence of rock is reminiscent of the golden classics.

AEROSMITH who became a huge monster and conquered the 90s. It is a super masterpiece of sound board album that can enjoy the special performance realized in its peak moment in official quality. The highest peak of a live album that renews the peak of a classic that pushes 70s masterpieces with the championship. Please thoroughly enjoy it with permanent preservation press 2CD.

このショウは、まさに伝説と言っても良いでしょう。当時のAEROSMITHと言えば『PERMANENT VACATION』からの3連作がすべてモンスター・ヒットとなり、『GET A GRIP』では宿願の全米No.1も獲得。ロック界でも類のない奇跡の復活を遂げ、歴史上最大の全盛を極めていました。しかし、オールド・ファンからすれば復活を嬉しくもありつつ、ポップな曲やバラード・ヒットの数々に「これは違う……」という歯がゆさも残していました。そんなファン心理を知ってか知らずか、彼らは70年代ナンバーを大量に演奏する特別ショウを行ったのです。

そのショウが行われたのは“GET A GRIP TOUR”の最終日に設定された故郷ボストン。特別すぎるだけに生放送もされ、そのFMサウンドボードが数々の既発を生んでも来ました。本作は、そのリマスター復刻……ではありません。ごく最近になって発掘された最高峰版。放送局が製作したDATマスターで、大元サウンドボードのマルチトラックからダイレクトにコピーされたプレFMバージョンなのです。その中身は長さもクオリティも圧倒的。まず長さですが、これまで「完全版」とされてきた既発でも聴けなかった開演前のDJイントロやアウトロ、さらにスティーヴン・タイラーやジョー・ペリー、会場に来ていたピーター・ウルフへのインタビューまで完全収録しているのです。恐らく、これは生放送版ではなく再放送用の編集だと思われますが、全盛期のムードやワールド・ツアー千秋楽に臨む熱気が一層リアルに伝わってくるのです。


・Walkin’ the Dog、One Way Street、Mama Kin
・Train Kept a Rollin’、Same Old Song and Dance
・Big Ten Inch Record、Walk This Way、Toys in the Attic
・Last Child(ROCKS)、Milk Cow Blues(DRAW THE LINE)、Chip Away the Stone(LIVE! BOOTLEG)
・カバー:Rattlesnake Shake、Stop Messin’ Around、I’m Not Talkin’
・Let the Music Do the Talking(DONE WITH MIRRORS)、Cryin’(GET A GRIP)、Walk on Water(BIG ONES)

……と、このようになっています。「Cryin’」やリリース前の新曲(にも関わらずこの日がラストでもあった)「Walk on Water」も演奏されるために完全にクラシックス限定というわけではありませんが、おおよそ70年代のレパートリーやヴィンテージなカバーが盛りだくさん。いっそ「Cryin’」も外せば良かったんじゃないかと思うほどに濃厚なクラシックス攻勢なのです。しかも、構成だけでなく曲単位でも新鮮。「Dream On」や「Sweet Emotion」「Draw the Line」「Back in the Saddle」といったド定番は避けられ、久々の「Chip Away the Stone」や17年ぶりの「Rattlesnake Shake」、当時しか記録のない「I’m Not Talkin’」などがたっぷりと散りばめられている。単なる懐メロ以上の特濃なショウなのです。


Disc 1 (78:04)
1. DJ Intro
2. Interview with Steven Tyler & Joe Perry
3. Train Kept a Rollin’
4. Same Old Song and Dance
5. Big Ten Inch Record
6. Walk on Water
7. Walkin’ the Dog
8. Chip Away the Stone
9. Last Child
10. Rattlesnake Shake
11. One Way Street
12. Stop Messin’ Around (Xmas version)
13. Let the Music Do the Talking
14. Mother Popcorn / Walk This Way

Disc 2 (31:05)
1. Cryin’
2. Mama Kin
3. DJ Talk & Interview with Peter Wolf
4. Milk Cow Blues
5. I’m Not Talkin’
6. MC
7. Toys in the Attic
8. DJ Outro #1
9. DJ Outro #2

Steven Tyler – lead vocals, harmonica, percussion
Joe Perry – guitar, backing vocals
Brad Whitford – guitar
Tom Hamilton – bass
Joey Kramer – drums, percussion


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