Aerosmith / Boston 1978 FM Reel Master / 1CD

Aerosmith / Boston 1978 FM Reel Master / 1CD / Zodiac
Live at Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA 28th March 1978. Stereo SBD
Taken from WBCN FM Broadcast 10.5″ Reel Master


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The traditional super famous sound board adopted in “LIVE! BOOTLEG” is upgraded with the ultimate master. It is a permanent preservation decision with the emergency press CD.
”The traditional sound board was recorded in Boston on March 28, 1978”. “LIVE! BOOTLEG” was a “live best” that was edited by selecting the take from each performance of “DRAW THE LINE TOUR”, but “Toys In The Attic” was also adopted from this Boston performance. In addition, FM broadcasts have been made, and the FM sound board has been loved as a long-standing classic. It’s exactly “Live version of BOOTLEG”. In order to imagine the circumstances of that edition, first let’s check the show position from the tour schedule at that time.

● 1977
・ June 21-July 8: North America # 1 (11 performances)
・ August 13-27: Europe (7 performances)
・ September 28-December 8: North America # 2a (19 performances)
《December 9 ‘DRAW THE LINE’ release》
・ December 10-27: North America # 2b (6 performances)
● 1978
・ January 7: Jackson performance
・ March 8th-April 8th: North America # 3 (12 performances) ← ★ here ★ *
・ May 1-26: North America # 4 (10 performances)
・ June 27-August 9: North America # 5 (21 performances)

This is the overall picture of “DRAW THE LINE TOUR”. This is not the entire stage of 1977/1978, but the first visit to Japan in early 1977 is “ROCKS TOUR”, and after September 1978 “LIVE! BOOTLEG TOUR”. Although the 1973 take was used on the D-side of “LIVE! BOOTLEG”, it was roughly selected from the above “North America # 1, 3, 5”. Under such circumstances, the Boston performance of this work was the concert corresponding to the 8th performance of “North America # 3”.
Such a show is also famous for FM broadcasting as mentioned above, and it is a classic classic that has been repeatedly upgraded countless times. And this work updates the highest peak. The source is the ultimate. In addition to air check, it is not even the master LP of the broadcast, but the 10.5 inch reel of the radio station “WBCN”, which was treasured by a famous core collector. It is digitized directly from such a master. In addition, the prestigious excavation “Krw_co” was responsible for digitization. If the master is the ultimate, the work of digitization recognized by enthusiasts around the world is also a shining work.
Actually, this work illuminates its origin with sound. Anyway, the furious freshness of zero dubbing mark and zero deterioration is amazing. The original masterpiece of broadcasting that was the highest peak so far was also completely official, but this work is even more vivid and more brilliant. Although it is a slightly emphasized power sound of attack, it is a personality from the original recording, as you know if you have heard the previous. The power of this work is clear to every corner of the outline without any cloudiness or turbidity, and the line sound of Giragira shines brightly. However, even though “Krw_co” has an established reputation for digitization, it has a poor finish. In this work, the sound quality is kept as it is, and the pitch is corrected accurately to achieve the “extreme”. If it is a full official class, this work is as vivid as if it were the latest digital remaster board … No, it’s no equalizing, so it’s better to say that it is “the official board of the latest live” maybe.
The ultimate sound is drawn through the ultimate “live version! BOOTLEG”. The 1978 AEROSMITH, which is dangerous, mysterious and greasy, skips the show once a year, and the flow continues. Moreover, there are a lot of famous songs that you can’t listen to in “LIVE! BOOTLEG”. Let’s organize here.

● GET YOUR WINGS (4 songs)
・ Lord Of The Thighs / Train Kept a Rollin ‘
・ LIVE! BOOTLEG songs that cannot be heard: Seasons of Wither / Same Old Song and Dance
● TOYS IN THE ATTIC (4 songs)
・ Walk This Way / Sweet Emotion / Toys in the Attic
・ LIVE! BOOTLEG songs that can not be heard: Big Ten Inch Record
● ROCKS (2 songs)
・ LIVE! BOOTLEG songs that cannot be heard: Rats In The Cellar / Get The Lead Out
● DRAW THE LINE (6 songs)
・ Sight For Sore Eyes / Draw The Line
・ LIVE! BOOTLEG songs I can’t hear: I Wanna Know Why / Kings And Queens / Get It Up / Milk Cow Blues
● Other
・ Chip Away the Stone [LIVE! BOOTLEG]

… and it looks like this. If I wrote “LIVE! BOOTLEG I can’t listen to ○○, △△, ◇◇, …”, I wouldn’t have a feeling. In this work, all 17 songs are drawn out with minimal MC, but more than half of them are not covered with the traditional official board.
No need to talk much about this show anymore. Even if you arrange compliments anew, you will think “I know that”. However, you should not know this sound even if you know the passionate performance. That superb recording made a big upgrade that was impossible with Remaster. The ultimate quality board of the most famous sound board of the most shining era. The treasure of rock history was born. One sheet that contains the sparkling rock and roll in a press CD that will never fade. Please have a look and experience!

(Remastered memo)
★ Corrected the pitch that was slightly lower than 40% of the semitone and increased the sound pressure.
★ Sound quality is originally great

『LIVE! BOOTLEG』にも採用された伝統の超有名サウンドボードが究極マスターでアップグレード。緊急プレスCDで永久保存決定です。
その伝統サウンドボードが記録されたのは「1978年3月28日ボストン公演」。『LIVE! BOOTLEG』は“DRAW THE LINE TOUR”の各公演からテイクを選別して編集された“ライヴのベスト盤”だったわけですが、このボストン公演からも「Toys In The Attic」が採用。さらにはFM放送もされ、そのFMサウンドボードが長年の大定番として愛されてきた。まさに「通し版のLIVE! BOOTLEG」なのです。その編の事情をイメージするためにも、まずは当時のツアー・スケジュールからショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

《12月9日『DRAW THE LINE』発売》

これが“DRAW THE LINE TOUR”の全体像。これが1977年/1978年の全ステージではありませんが、1977年初頭の初来日は“ROCKS TOUR”、1978年9月以降は“LIVE! BOOTLEG TOUR”とされています。『LIVE! BOOTLEG』のD面には1973年のテイクも採用されていたものの、おおよそは上記の「北米#1・3・5」からセレクト。そんな中で本作のボストン公演は「北米#3」の8公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんな究極のサウンドで描かれるのは、究極の「通し版LIVE! BOOTLEG」。ヤバくて、妖しくて、ギトギトに脂ぎった1978年のAEROSMITHが一期一会の1回ショウをかっ飛ばし、その流れるノリが絶え間なく続く。しかも、『LIVE! BOOTLEG』では聴けない名曲も山盛り。ここで整理してみましょう。

・Lord Of The Thighs/Train Kept a Rollin’
・LIVE! BOOTLEG出聴けない曲:Seasons of Wither/Same Old Song and Dance
・Walk This Way/Sweet Emotion/Toys in the Attic
・LIVE! BOOTLEG出聴けない曲:Big Ten Inch Record
・LIVE! BOOTLEG出聴けない曲:Rats In The Cellar/Get The Lead Out
・Sight For Sore Eyes/Draw The Line
・LIVE! BOOTLEG出聴けない曲:I Wanna Know Why/Kings And Queens/Get It Up/Milk Cow Blues
・Chip Away the Stone[LIVE! BOOTLEG]

……と、このようになっています。「LIVE! BOOTLEGでは聴けない○○と△△と◇◇と……」といちいち書いていったらキリがない。本作には全17曲がMCも最小限に矢継ぎ早に繰り出されるわけですが、その半分以上が伝統の公式盤と被らないのです。


1. WBCN Intro
2. Rats In The Cellar
3. I Wanna Know Why
4. Big Ten Inch Record
5. Walk This Way
6. Sight For Sore Eyes
7. Seasons Of Wither
8. Sweet Emotion
9. Lord Of The Thighs
10. Kings And Queens
11. Chip Away The Stone
12. Get The Lead Out
13. Get It Up
14. Draw The Line
15. Same Old Song and Dance
16. Toys In The Attic
17. Milk Cow Blues
18. Train Kept A Rollin’

Steven Tyler – lead vocals, harmonica, percussion
Joe Perry – guitar, backing vocals
Brad Whitford – guitar
Tom Hamilton – bass
Joey Kramer – drums, percussion


Zodiac 351

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