Aerosmith / Rock In Rio 2017 / 1DVD

Aerosmith / Rock In Rio 2017 / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Parque Olimpico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 21st September 2017 PRO-SHOT

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A treasure of rock and roll music, AEROSMITH. That latest finest professional shot appears.
It is contained in this work “September 21, 2017 Rio de Janeiro performance.” Currently, it is a pattern of appearance of “ROCK IN RIO 7” which is the eyes of the typhoon of the rock scene with super and superbly pro shot succession. Although it is a totally universal world’s largest rock festival, unexpectedly this is the first time AEROSMITH appeared in “ROCK IN RIO”. Moreover, it is the first time including other countries such as Spain, Portugal, America etc.
Speaking of AEROSMITH, something disturbing also happens. Actually, I was in the South American tour including “ROCK IN RIO 7”, but in the middle of that tour “Step unexpected medical problem” occurred in Stephen Tyler. It has also been reported as a seizure of some kind, now stop the tour and return home. Stephen is in the process. Band officials and individuals in Stephen individuals have said that “there is no different in life”, “the likelihood of complete disposal”, “it recovers quickly and locks up”, but the detailed disease name has not been revealed. Last year, Joe Perry did not seem to be making a fuss as much as it fell … ….
Anyway, let’s check the position of the show, including that situation, in the full view of “AERO-VEDERCI BABY! TOUR”.

· May 17 – July 8: Europe (18 performances)
· August 10: France (1 performance)
· September 15 – 24: South America (4 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“September 26: Steven is sudden illness”
· September 27 – October 7: South America (canceled)

This is the schedule until now. This work ‘s Rio de Janeiro performance is a concert that will be the 3rd performance of’ Legacy South America ‘leg. There seems to have been a seizure after the next “September 24 Sao Paulo performance”, this work is just a “show just before the tour stop” show.
What is uneasy mood, but this work is a wonderful video work like a lie. What makes me happy is the quality of the finest quality and the scale of full recording. From this “ROCK IN RIO 7” a lot of professional shots were born, and it is all official grade. This work is also an example of that, all of image quality, sound quality, mix, and camera work are ultra superb. Because there is live broadcast of live broadcasting, there is no “polish” like the official work, but for rock it is also a beauty point. Despite being the official grade quality, you can taste “AEROSMITH”. And complete recording. “ROCK IN RIO 7” took place in all 7 days schedule, AEROSMITH is the 4th day of the day. For that reason, it locks plenty of my time for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
That fullshow is also wonderful. Three years have passed since the official work “ROCKS DONINGTON 2014”, the set also underwent dramatic change. “Let The Music Do The Talking”, “Rag Doll”, “Falling In Love”, “Crazy” “Mother Popcorn” and “Stop Messin ‘Around” and “Oh Well” sung by Joe Perry etc. , Plenty. Although this work also sums up a long career, its mood is divided into two large parts, the first half folding the hit songs of the 90’s from the GEFFEN era, the final recording and the encore of the 70’s in the encore hot . As a matter of fact, the tune has been sorted out from European legs, but the contrast in the first half and the second half is becoming even brighter.
And AEROSMITH who plays such a set is also wonderful. An ensemble bred by a career of about 50 years is flexible like a living thing but an iron wall. Steven is also a ladder, as if he will manipulate tens of thousands of large crowds freely and enjoy “the first ROCK IN RIO”. Hot locks burn Latin guys hot and bring out a big chorus with ballads. Amazingness of “I Do not Want To Miss A Thing” in which a singing voice that seems to be swimming swims in singing like a tsunami … …. No way, I will collapse in the next few days. Later, knowing it now, I can not feel any signs of danger.

Phoenix, AEROSMITH. They have overcome the crisis of troubles and dissolution many times and have done with original members. This time too, Steven will surely come back. definitely. This work can not be the last pro shot. It should not be. However, until the day that Stephen comes back, it is certain that they are “latest AEROSMITH” in this film. It is a gem that has drawn such “most new performance” in Official grade pro shot. Please enjoy it with faded press DVD even if you overlook hundreds of times until you wait tired.

本作に収められているのは「2017年9月21日リオ・デ・ジャネイロ公演」。現在、超・極上プロショット連発でロックシーンの台風の目となっている“ROCK IN RIO 7”出演の模様です。言わずもがなの世界最大のロックフェスなわけですが、意外なことにAEROSMITHが“ROCK IN RIO”に出演するのは今回が初。しかも、スペイン・ポルトガル・アメリカなど、他国編を含めても初めてのことです。
また、AEROSMITHと言えば、気がかりなことも起きています。実は、この“ROCK IN RIO 7”を含む南米ツアー中だったのですが、その途中でスティーヴン・タイラーに「予期せぬ医療的問題」が発生。何らかしらの発作とも報じられており、現在はツアーを中止して帰国。スティーヴンは治療中です。バンド公式でもスティーヴン個人でも「生命に別状はない」「全快の見込み」「すぐに回復してロックする」と発信されていますが、詳しい病名は明かされていません。昨年、ジョー・ペリーが倒れたときほどの騒ぎにはなっていないようですが……。
ともあれ、そんな状況も含め、ショウのポジションを“AERO-VEDERCI BABY! TOUR”の全景の中で確認してみましょう。


何とも不穏なムードが漂っていますが、本作はそれがウソのように素晴らしい映像作品。何より嬉しいのは、極上のクオリティとフル収録のスケール感。今回の“ROCK IN RIO 7”からは数多くのプロショットが生まれ、それがことごとくオフィシャル級。本作もその例に漏れず、画質・音質・ミックス・カメラワークのすべてが超極上。生放送の生々しさがあるので公式作品のような“磨き”はないわけですが、ロックにはそれもまた美点。公式級のクオリティでありながら“ムキ出しのAEROSMITH”を味わえる。そして、完全収録。“ROCK IN RIO 7”は全7日間の日程で行われ、AEROSMITHは4日目のトリ。そのため、1時間45分の持ち時間をたっぷりとロックしてくれるのです。
そのフルショウがまた何とも素晴らしい。オフィシャル作品『ROCKS DONINGTON 2014』から3年が経ち、セットも激変。そこでは観られなかった「Let The Music Do The Talking」「Rag Doll」「Falling In Love」「Crazy」「Mother Popcorn」や、ジョー・ペリーがメインで歌う「Stop Messin’ Around」「Oh Well」等、盛りだくさん。本作でも長いキャリアを総括してはいますが、そのムードは大きく2分割となっており、前半はGEFFEN時代から90年代のヒット曲を畳みかけ、終盤とアンコールでは70年代の必殺曲が熱く〆る。実のところ、欧州レッグから曲が整理された流れなのですが、前後半のコントラストが一層鮮やかになっています。
そして、そんなセットを演じるAEROSMITHも素晴らしい。約50年のキャリアで育まれたアンサンブルは生き物のように柔軟でいながら鉄壁。スティーヴンもノリノリで、数万人の大群衆を自由自在に操って“初めてのROCK IN RIO”を楽しみ尽くすかのよう。熱いロックでラテン野郎どもを熱く燃えさせ、バラードで大合唱を引き出す。津波のような歌声の中で、気持ちよさそうな歌声が泳ぎ回る「I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing」の素晴らしさ……。まさか、この数日後に倒れるとは。その後を知る今見ても、予兆は微塵も感じられません。


1. Pre-Show 2. Intro: O Fortuna 3. Let the Music Do the Talking 4. Love in an Elevator
5. Cryin’ 6. Livin’ on the Edge 7. Rag Doll 8. Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)
9. Stop Messin’ Around 10. Oh Well 11. Crazy 12. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
13. Eat the Rich 14. Come Together 15. Sweet Emotion 16. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
17. Dream On 18. Mother Popcorn 19. Walk This Way


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