Aerosmith / Bristow 2009 / 2CD

Aerosmith / Bristow 2009 / 2CD / Zodiac
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Live at Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, Virginia, USA 21st June 2009.


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The ultra superb live album of Gems born from “Nightmares 2009” appears. Although the main point of this work is in the transcendental sound “number 1 in all history of AEROSMITH”, let’s start with the situation of the time at first.
Anyway, 2009 AEROSMITH was not twisted. Miso ‘s beginning is from January at beginning. Although their first Venezuelan performance is planned, Joe Perry canceled for knee infections. After that, ZZ TOP will be announced for the first time in two years, but Brad Whitford bangs his head when getting off the car injured. Become surgical fish and will be forced to leave before the tour starts. Although the tour begins without a brad, Steven Tyler was injured his feet this time after about 7 performances were interrupted. Tom Hamilton performed a foot surgery during a two-week rest and withdrew for medical treatment. Tour resumed without Tom … I thought, and again Steven dropped from the stage and was injured seriously. After all, I get caught in the tour stops … …. It was an unlucky continuation that would be long even though it was easy for me. Let’s summarize a bit.

“January: Joe is knee infection”
→ February 1: Cancellation of Venezuelan performance
“March: Stephen pneumonia”
“June: Brad injured his head”
● June 10 – 28: Missing Brad (7 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“June 28: Stephen injured his leg”
→ Tour interruption: Cancellation 7 performances
“July: Tom’s foot surgery”
● July 15 – August 5: Tom missing (8 shows)
“August 5: Stephen falls off the stage”
→ Tour cancellation: Cancellation 20 performances
● October 14 – November 1: Resurrection (4 shows)

That is the live activity of 2009. Initially, it seems that South America, Europe and Japan were planned for tour, but in the end only 15 North American performances. I have collapsed in a state with much more cancellation. After that, in October and November, four performances were held, including five people, but explosion flew at once with a breakup report. Joe enters into a crisis that declares “Search for a new singer!” … ….
It was just a “nightmare” season but this work was recorded in such a “Bristow show on June 21, 2009”. It is an audience album that contained 4 of the 7 performances at the beginning of Brad’s missing.

【AEROSMITH Ultra High Quality of All History Number 1】
I do not see Brad on Unluckie. Why is audience recording of such a time being pressed? It does not fix it, it is superbly sound quality.
Anyway, intense. It is definitely an audience recording just because he was directly handed over from the recordingist himself, but “as if it were a sound board” rather “an official”. Musical sounds and thick musical sounds seem to really flow official board. On top of that, real tourism sparkling tours for the first time in two years and elegant air feeling drifts a little bit. Normally, the official board is to make rich finish by adding various processing to the tasteful sound board without recording, but this work “rich sense” is realized on site sound. This recording man is a well-known master in the world, but even with that he has this dimension miraculous. As I mentioned earlier “Official”, 100% natural “rich” is more than the official. “Official transcending audience” · “number 1 of AEROSMITH whole history” It is one transcendence board in one thousand one million.

【Near Miss Reproduction of Daimyo Edition “TOYS IN THE ATTIC”】
A show drawn with such quality is also not common. Bobby · shunek who is a pinch of Brad is not very famous, but he is a skilled man who can be selected as a backhand of the slash. Steady but it will let you listen to a performance I’ve been hooked enough to forget the absence of Brad and the original 4 performers will perform like a full load of 2 years. After “Jaded”, such as celebrating Joey Kramer’s birthday, plenty of mood is not even imagining such as bad luck hitting from now on.
However, it is a set list beyond that. It is a tour that is told only bad luck is told, originally it was to be recorded and memorized in a different meaning. It is a duplicate show “TOYS IN THE ATTIC” reproduction show. It was in the middle of the show that the reproduction was done. In “Combination”, which was the first time in about 30 years, “Toys In The Attic” started as usual after the venue was surprised with Joe’s lead vocals. However, after that the unusual song “Uncle Salty” “Adam’s Apple” continues. Unfortunately the last song “You See Me Crying” was not played (only Jones beach performance on June 28, only “You See Me Crying” is that one) but the rest It reproduces real life in the order of the songs on the name board street. “Round And Round” which this tour will be released for the first time can also be experienced with transcendental sound.

While being unlucky, rare compilation · “Combination” revival · Daimyo board’s near miss reproduction etc etc, the listening heaping. All of them are live albums drawn in a transcendental sound called “No. 1 in the history of AEROSMITH”. Somebody must preserve such a masterpiece forever. One that put such feelings. Please, enjoy it as much as you want.

★ It is one of the highest sound quality of all Aerosmith’s audience recording titles.
とにかく2009年のAEROSMITHはツイていませんでした。ミソの付け初めは年明け1月から。彼ら初のヴェネズエラ公演が計画されるも、ジョー・ペリーが膝の感染症のためにキャンセル。その後、ZZ TOPを迎えて2年ぶりのツアーが発表されますが、ブラッド・ウィットフォードが車を降りる際に頭をぶつけて負傷。手術をするハメになり、ツアー開始前から離脱を余儀なくされるのです。ブラッド抜きでツアーは始まるものの、7公演ほどしたところで今度スティーヴン・タイラーが足を負傷して中断。2週間の休養の間にトム・ハミルトンが足の手術を行い、療養のために離脱。トム抜きでツアー再開……と思いきや、再びスティーヴンがステージから落下して大怪我。結局、ツアー中止の憂き目に遭ってしまう……。カンタンにかいつまんでいるのに長くなってしまうアンラッキー続きだったのです。ちょっとまとめてみましょう。




【大名盤『TOYS IN THE ATTIC』のニアミス再現】
しかし、それ以上なのがセットリストです。不運続きばかりが語られるツアーですが、本来はもっと別の意味で記録・記憶されるべきものでした。それは、大名盤『TOYS IN THE ATTIC』再現ショウ。再現が行われたのはショウの中盤。約30年ぶりの復活となった「Combination」ではジョーがリード・ヴォーカルを執るサプライズで会場が沸いた後、いつものように「Toys In The Attic」がスタート。しかし、その後は「Uncle Salty」「Adam’s Apple」と珍しめの曲が続いていくのです。残念ながら最終曲「You See Me Crying」は演奏されませんでした(完全再現されたのは6月28日ジョーンズビーチ公演のみ。「You See Me Crying」はその1回だけです)が、それ以外は名盤通りの曲順で本生再現。このツアーが初公開となる「Round And Round」も超絶サウンドで味わえます。



Disc 1(47:59)
1. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 2. Train Kept A Rollin’ 3. Cryin’ 4. Love In An Elevator
5. Jaded 6. “Happy Birthday to Joey Kramer” 7. Dream On 8. Combination 9. Toys In The Attic
10. Uncle Salty 11. Adam’s Apple 12. Walk This Way

Disc 2(50:09)
1. Big Ten Inch Record 2. Sweet Emotion 3. No More No More 4. Round And Round
5. I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing 6. Livin’ On The Edge 7. Draw The Line 8. Guitar Solo
9. Rag Doll 10. Come Together

Steven Tyler – lead vocals, harmonica Joe Perry – guitar, backing vocals
Tom Hamilton – bass Joey Kramer – drums, percussion
Bobby Schneck – guitar Russ Irwin – keyboards, backing vocals

Zodiac 241

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