Accept / Stalingrad In Osaka / 2CDR

Accept / Stalingrad In Osaka / 2CDR /Non Label

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Live At Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan 27th November 2012.



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Rebel corps re-advent of darkness! With ultra-sound quality audience recording a masterpiece of live that knocked out all of the fan in the German male ACCEPT’s new “BLIND RAGE” from two years of Japan tour due to the announcement of Passionate steel in Umeda Quattro November 9, 2014 heart recording. 1 piece of metal fans must listen appeared at the questions asked of the press CD! Recording person, Mr. that “West strongest taper”, this board also has been recorded in tremendous ultra-high quality enough to assert that Mr. career best ever! !

I was doing yet a ACCEPT, of Old fan that was I heard 80s everyone, Udo Dark Schneider was a face of the 80s band to now ACCEPT does not anymore. 2009 to again and again people formed the now of the band a new face in, there are a great singer named Mark Toniro of the original TTQUICK.
And ACCEPT is facing the current second of the golden age. Now is exactly heyday. Evidence in the pudding, new “BLIND RAGE” has become the first place in the band the first-ever home country Germany National chart. Also I am a record high position in the US Billboard chart.
Was announced in constant after again and again people formed “BLOOD OF THE NATIONS”, “STALINGRAD”, “BLIND RAGE” is a great piece of much more than let alone not pale at all even if compared with the masterpiece group of 80s.

Ikioizuku in Osaka concert that took place the first time in two years of ACCEPT rushed from the fan to know the 80’s to the young fans who knew after again and again people formed, There is also the venue became a full house that Sunday is not filled with hot air from the front curtain you.
Live begins with “Stampede” the SE of “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” of RAINBOW has graced the first track of the flow “BLIND RAGE”. In hall greatly climax rust has happened also a big chorus soon. Song after again and again people formed will be played in quick succession from there, but upsurge of venue, tension does not fall at all. In the guitar melody audience only such throat band to Singa Long rather audience side of the “Stalingrad” also will boost the live and in unison. But will occur Singa long in many songs, “Fast As A Shark” in the intro of East Prussia folk song, that guitar melody in “Metal Heart”, audience the guitar melody of “Balls To The Wall” is Singa Long scene is thrilled to have heard elation full.
Features of this set list is just that it was unveiled many better songs after again and again people formed from the 80s song. Many of the band, which celebrated its golden age in the 80s all others in a few songs from the new at that time of the song, Tomosureba band but tend to be feel like a bosom Merosho ACCEPT live now and now is climax, I shows the audience that they are the period. Again and again people formed after the song does not have quite favorably than even heard that 80s classic that will showcase between. Performance, is not is God also active feeling emanating from performance.
Also greatly swollen place still 80s classic group. “Ahead Of The Pack” in the song of this showcase has been 80s is a happy song selection in mania is showcased in a long time. “Osaka Domoarigato” (Udo mark seems to be a conscious Udo of MC in the masterpiece live album that contains the first visit to Japan Osaka performance of 1985 “STAYING A LIFE” after “Hellfire” is now saying the opposite was but is unbearable point MC even to mania).

ACCEPT of Nobutoi male chorus and say monopoly, instrument team formation also without changing the 80s alive and well! Sensual guitar sob of Wolf Hoffman with increased Enjukumi is also the best. Now in “to Vu~imetaru world” I think than not players who let the crying guitar play up here. “Stalingrad”, cry the play said that wailing you hear songs like “Shadow Soldiers” is tremendous.
Exactly a masterpiece of contents useless LIVE MC is in rapid succession songs eliminate is wildly expanded without rest at full speed as if striking the ball into the wall without being showcased dropping any tension of audience it can be said that Vu~imetaru to Korezo is.

Same taper has a reputation of the highest sound quality between the fans recorded at the same venue -: This is a recording from the “DANGER DANGER 25TH ANNIVERSARY REUNION LIVE IN OSAKA” and the same best position. About slight applause while climax is amazing venue in rafters will hear but noisy audience noise is almost nil. I can say that miraculous recording under this situation. Become a direct feeling full of sound mass, such as is like playing in the hand you would think what was recorded and with Hebari to PA speakers addition to the dead sound image of the unique live house you gone out from the speaker (of course clear the separation of sound is the highest level). Vividness of male chorus of vocals and members is a little improbable level. Musical tone audience noise to close, you can assert that this sound of audience recordings of recent years of metal live pinnacle such as far as line recording.

闇の反逆軍団再降臨!ドイツの雄ACCEPTの新作「BLIND RAGE」発表に伴う2年ぶりのジャパンツアーから2014年11月9日梅田クアトロでの熱き鋼鉄の心で全てのファンをノックアウトした圧巻のライブを超音質オーディエンス録音で収録。メタルファン必聴の1枚が問答無用のプレスCDにて登場!録音者は、あの「西日本最強テーパー」氏で、本盤もまた、氏のキャリア史上最高と断言できるほどの凄まじい超高音質で録音されています!!

そしてACCEPTは現在第二の黄金期を迎えています。今が正に絶頂期です。論より証拠、新作「BLIND RAGE」はバンド史上初の本国ドイツのナショナルチャートで1位になっています。アメリカのビルボードチャートにおいても過去最高位を記録しています。
再々々結成後にコンスタントに発表された「BLOOD OF THE NATIONS」、「STALINGRAD」、「BLIND RAGE」は80年代の名作群と比べてても全く見劣りしないどころか上回るくらいの素晴らしい作品です。

ライブはRAINBOWの「Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll」のSEが流れ「BLIND RAGE」の1曲目を飾った「Stampede」から始まります。場内大いに盛り上がりサビでは早くも大合唱が起こっています。そこから立て続けに再々々結成後の曲が演奏されますが会場の盛り上がり、テンションは一切落ちません。「Stalingrad」でのギターメロディをオーディエンスがシンガロングする様などバンドだけでなく観客側も一体になってライブを盛り上げていきます。多くの曲でシンガロングが起こりますが、「Fast As A Shark」でのイントロの東プロイセン民謡、「Metal Heart」でのあのギターメロディ、「Balls To The Wall」のギターメロディをオーディエンスがシンガロングする場面は高揚感いっぱいで聞いていてゾクゾクします。
やはり80年代の名曲群も大いに盛り上がるところ。今回披露された80年代の曲で「Ahead Of The Pack」は久々に披露されマニアには嬉しい選曲です。「Hellfire」の後の1985年の初来日大阪公演を収めた名作ライブアルバム「STAYING A LIFE」でのウドのMCを意識したと思われるマークの「オーサカ ドモアリガト」(ウドは反対に言っていましたが)のMCもマニアにはたまらないポイントです。

ACCEPTの専売特許といえる野太い男声コーラス、楽器陣のフォーメーションも80年代と変わることなく健在!円熟味を増したウルフ・ホフマンのむせび泣く官能的なギターも最高です。今の「へヴィメタル界」でここまでの泣きのギタープレイを聞かせてくれるプレイヤーはいないのではないでしょうか。「Stalingrad」、「Shadow Soldiers」といった曲で聞ける慟哭といえる泣きのプレイは凄まじいです。

同テーパーが同会場で収録しファンの間で最高音質の評価を得た「DANGER DANGER – 25TH ANNIVERSARY REUNION: LIVE IN OSAKA」と同じベストポジションからの録音です。大入りで盛り上がりが凄い会場ながら僅かな拍手程度は聞こえますが煩いオーディエンスノイズはほぼ皆無です。この状況下で奇跡的な録音と言えます。ライブハウスならではのデッドな音像に加えPAスピーカーにへばり付いて録音したのかと思ってしまうまるで目前で演奏されているようなダイレクト感いっぱいのサウンドが塊となってスピーカから飛び出してきます(勿論クリアさ音の分離は最高レベルです)。ボーカルとメンバーの男声コーラスの生々しさはちょっとあり得ないレベルです。楽音は近いのにオーディエンスノイズは遠いというライン録音のようなこの音は近年のメタルライブのオーディエンス録音の最高峰と断言できます。

Disc 1 (57:47)
1. Intro 2. Stampede 3. Stalingrad 4. Hellfire 5. 200 Years 6. Losers And Winners
7. London Leatherboys 8. Starlight 9. Dying Breed 10. Final Journey 11. Shadow Soldiers

Disc 2 (66:05)
1. From The Ashes We Rise 2. Restless And Wild 3. Ahead Of The Pack 4. No Shelter
5. Princess Of The Dawn 6. Dark Side Of My Heart 7. Pandemic 8. Fast As A Shark
9. Metal Heart 10. Teutonic Terror 11. Balls To The Wall 12. Bound To Fail (Outro.)

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