10CC & Godley & Creme / Changing Faces / 1DVDR

10CC & Godley & Creme / Changing Faces / 1DVDR / Non Label

Taken from the original Japanese Laser Disc(VAL-3870)

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10cc and GODLEY & CREME, which were divided into two groups and sent out numerous hit songs. The “best compilation album to see with the eyes” that collects the legacy is decided to be a gift release. The identity of this work is actually an official work. This is a collection of clips released as a video version of the best album “CHANGING FACES” that triggered the restart. This video work was released on VHS in 1988 with the same title as the best compilation album, and was also released on LaserDisc in 1993 when the comeback work “… MEANWHILE” was a hot topic. After that, in 2006, the title was changed to “GREATEST HITS AND MORE” and it was made into an official DVD, but the basis of this work is the laser disc version, which was said to be the highest quality in the world at that time. It is a delicate digitization of the mint quality board that was owned by domestic core enthusiasts. The content hasn’t changed since the VHS era, but 10cc at that time was being disbanded, and GODLEY & CREME was just before the combination was resolved. This work is a collection of two sets of images leading up to such a turning point. It was a perfect video work. The best way to see the richness is to see the recorded masterpieces. It has a random structure instead of a time series, so let’s rearrange it here. ● 10cc ・ Sheet music: The Wall Street Shuffle (live) ・ Original soundtrack: I’m Not In Love (live) ・ How Dare You!: I’m Mandy Fly Me ・ Because of love: Good Morning Judge / The Things We Do For Love ・ Bloody Tourists: Dreadlock Holiday ・ City exploration: Feel The Love ● GODLEY & CREME ・ Freeze frame: An Englishman In New York ・ Izumiism: Wedding Bells ・ History Mix Vol.1: History Mix / Cry ・ Others: Golden Boy … And it looks like this. “The Wall Street Shuffle” and the major song “I’m Not In Love”, for which no clips were produced, are live images, but the others are recorded as masterpiece clips. You can understand that this is the “moving best compilation album” where the masterpieces flow out one after another, but when you actually watch it, it’s more than that. “I’m Mandy Fly Me”, which was leading the era when MTV had no shadow or shape, and “The Things We Do for Love”, which was ridiculed as “5cc” but won the 5th place in the United States, boldly reggae “Dreadlock Holiday”, which was introduced to the UK and became No. 1 in the UK, “An Englishman In New York”, which was directed by Godley & Creme for the first time and gained fame as a videographer, dance stuck in my mind “Wedding Bells”, “Cry” which was the first to incorporate morphing and dramatically expanded the possibilities of video clips. And “Feel The Love”, etc., which met with the division of labor of sound and video. A number of innovative images that have changed rock from “listening” to “watching” are constantly overflowing. Because the clips of this work were cutting-edge, they created countless imitators, and because they were pioneers, the sense of the times that oozes from the video technique itself is vivid. The clip collection is the video version of the best compilation album for any band / artist, but in their case, the steps themselves were also “advancement of rock video”. This work is not only a masterpiece of historical images that you can enjoy the nostalgic masterpieces with your eyes, but also the evolution of rock culture, which was “advanced pop art”. This is a piece that I would like all people who are enthusiastic about 10cc to touch, as well as everyone who thinks about the history of rock and music images. Please take this opportunity to thoroughly enjoy it.
2組に分かれつつ、数々のヒット曲を送り出していた10ccとGODLEY & CREME。そのレガシーを集成した「目で観るベスト盤」がギフト・リリース決定です。
そんな本作の正体は、実はオフィシャル作品。再始動の契機ともなったベストアルバム『CHANGING FACES』の映像版としてリリースされたクリップ集です。この映像作はベスト盤と同じタイトルで1988年にVHSリリースされ、カムバック作『…MEANWHILE』が話題を集めていた1993年になってレーザーディスクでも発売されました。その後、2006年に『GREATEST HITS AND MORE』と改題されて公式DVD化もされたわけですが、本作の元になっているのは当時世界最高峰クオリティと言われたレーザーディスク・バージョン。国内のコアマニアが所蔵していたミント・クオリティ盤から精緻にデジタル化されたものなのです。
内容的にはVHS時代から変わっていないわけですが、当時の10ccは解散中であり、GODLEY & CREMEもコンビ解消の直前。本作は、そんなターニング・ポイントに至るまでの2組の映像を集成。まさに極めつけの映像作品だったわけです。その濃厚ぶりは、収録された名曲群をご覧頂くのが一番。時系列ではなくランダム構成になっていますので、ここで整理し直してみましょう。

・シート・ミュージック:The Wall Street Shuffle(ライヴ)
・オリジナル・サウンドトラック:I’m Not In Love(ライヴ)
・びっくり電話:I’m Mandy Fly Me
・愛ゆえに:Good Morning Judge/The Things We Do For Love
・ブラディ・ツーリスト:Dreadlock Holiday
・都市探検:Feel The Love
・フリーズ・フレーム:An Englishman In New York
・イズミズム:Wedding Bells
・ヒストリー・ミックス Vol.1:History Mix/Cry
・その他:Golden Boy

……と、このようになっています。クリップが制作されなかった「The Wall Street Shuffle」や大代表曲「I’m Not In Love」はライヴ映像ですが、他は名作クリップで収録しています。
これだけで名曲群が次々と流れ出る「動くベスト盤」なのはご理解いただけると思いますが、実際に観ているとそれ以上でもある。MTVが影も形もない頃に時代をリードしていた「I’m Mandy Fly Me」や“5cc”と揶揄されながらも全米5位に輝いた「The Things We Do for Love」、レゲエを大胆に導入して全英No.1となった「Dreadlock Holiday」、ゴドレイ&クレームが初めて監督を務め、映像作家としての名声を築いた「An Englishman In New York」、ダンスが脳裏にこびりついて離れない「Wedding Bells」、いち早くモーフィングを取り入れてビデオ・クリップの可能性を飛躍的に拡大させた「Cry」。そして、音と映像という分業で邂逅を果たした「Feel The Love」等々……。ロックを「聴くもの」から「観るもの」に変えていった革新的な映像の数々が絶え間なく溢れ出してくる。本作のクリップ達は最先端だったからこそ無数の模倣者を生み、パイオニアだったからこそ映像手法そのものから滲む時代感も鮮烈なのです。


1. Intro
2. Good Morning Judge (10cc)
3. An Englishman In New York (Godley & Creme)
4. I’m Mandy Fly Me (10cc)
5. The Wall Street Shuffle (Live) (10cc)
6. Wedding Bells (Godley & Creme)
7. The Things We Do For Love (10cc)
8. Dreadlock Holiday (10cc)
9. Feel The Love (10cc)
10. Golden Boy (Godley & Creme)
11. I’m Not In Love (Live) (10cc)
12. History Mix (Godley & Creme)
13. Cry (Godley & Creme)


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