Jeff Beck / Plays Vegas 2006 / 2CDR

Jeff Beck / Plays Vegas 2006 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at the House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV. USA 2nd April 2006


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Almost became Japan limited “2005 type JEFF BECK GROUP”. Its sole and Sapporo performances me also to hear the completed form to say was captured by the superb sound board “SAPPORO 2005” is a large Ketteiban that finally appeared. However, there is in the finished ensemble there was a “continuation”. Live album make me listen to the “continuation” is I of this work.
Jeff Beck who finished the Japan tour in 2005, did not lead to even realize you wish to leave the North American tour of the same lineup. That the wish came true, the March of next year. Although the vocals were replaced from Jimmy Hall to Beth Hart of female voice, almost the same members (Vinnie Colaiuta, Jason Ribeiro, Pinot Palladino) and leave to “WEST COAST SPRING TOUR 2006” in. Of this work has been recording, of the second day, “Las Vegas show April 2, 2006” of the North American tour. At the time, from TRIAL label only it had been usually release is met, the sound of this work is great audience recording. Despite what Americans cheer that make noise, even while playing, clear of the musical tone, glossy it is is a super-high-quality sound that does not lose to main press 2CD.
And that it’s pictured in the sound has evolved from “2005 type JBG” “2006 年 Hull type JBG”. While in Japan performances of 2005 went up the tone with each passing day, this work was carried out in the two shows eyes fully open. Ensemble in which the drumming of Vinnie the axis has already reached the frequency of iron-clad. Although deep female vocals of Vu~ivurato also are considering, it is too wins a little load for too tremendous performance team, what a place that is not inferior to that balance is “2005 type”.
In fact, April 5 performance to be three days after (the same House Of Blues venue and this work) of this work I have also become the official board “OFFICIAL BOOTLEG USA ’06,” but, in which Beth sing vocals numbers I have been removed. Against such official panel, this work is the full version of the show that vocal number was also included. Not in the official “Morning Dew,” “People Get Ready” and “Going Down” is to listen other, in Japan, did not do, “You Shook Me”, “I Is not Superstitious” also we are able to enjoy plenty.

After that, the band was touring North America until June, members change the European tour of July in the year. Instead from the base of the Pinot Palladino to Randy Hope-Taylor, lineal evolution from “2005 type JBG” is lost there, even in the next Japan’s Fuji Speedway that to show off the “year-summer type JBG 2006” Become.
Despite behalf of what vocal of a few songs, “followed by” itself of the 2005 Japan tour instrumental it was great to listen to in this work. The final ensemble that has evolved across the years “2006 Hull type JBG”. Come and together with the thinner panel “SAPPORO 2015”, please look forward to plenty of us.

ほぼ日本限定となった“2005年型JEFF BECK GROUP”。その唯一とも言える完成形を聴かせてくれた札幌公演を極上サウンド盤で捉えた「SAPPORO 2005」は、遂に登場した大決定盤です。しかし、そこで完成したアンサンブルには“続き”がありました。その“続き”を聴かせてくれるライヴアルバムが本作なのです。
2005年の日本公演を終えたジェフ・ベックは、同じラインナップのまま北米ツアーを希望するも実現には至りませんでした。その希望が叶ったのは、翌2006年の3月。ヴォーカルがジミー・ホールから女声のベス・ハートに代わったものの、ほぼ同じメンバー(ヴィニー・カリウタ、ジェイソン・リベイロ、ピノ・パラディーノ)で“WEST COAST SPRING TOUR 2006 ”に出発する。本作が録音されたのは、その北米ツアーの2日目「2006年4月2日ラスヴェガス公演」なのです。当時、TRIALレーベルから通常リリースされていただけはあって、本作のサウンドは素晴らしい客席録音。演奏中でも騒ぐアメリカ人の声援こそあるものの、楽音のクリアさ、艶やかさは本編プレス2CDにも負けない超・高音質サウンドです。
実は、本作の3日後となる4月5日公演(会場は本作と同じHouse Of Blues)は公式盤「OFFICIAL BOOTLEG USA ’06」にもなっているのですが、そこではベスが歌うヴォーカルナンバーが外されてしまいました。そんな公式盤に対して、本作はヴォーカルナンバーも含めたショウの完全版。オフィシャルにはない「Morning Dew」「People Get Ready」「Going Down」が聴けるほか、日本ではやらなかった「You Shook Me」「I Ain’t Superstitious」もたっぷりと楽しむことができるのです。

数曲のヴォーカルこそ代わったものの、本作で聴けるインストゥルメンタルは素晴らしかった2005年ジャパンツアーの“続き”そのもの。年をまたいで進化した“2006年・春型JBG”の最終アンサンブル。ぜひ、新名盤「SAPPORO 2015」と併せ、たっぷりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1
1. Beck’s Bolero 2. Stratus 3. You Never Know 4. ‘Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers
5. You Shook Me 6. Morning Dew 7. Behind The Veil 8. Two Rivers
9. Star Cycle 10. Big Block 11. Nadia 12. Angel (Footsteps)

Disc 2
1. I Ain’t Superstitious 2. People Get Ready 3. Scatterbrain 4. Led Boots
5. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 6. Brush With the Blues 7. Blue Wind
8. Going Down (feat. Rice Pudding) 9. Member Introduction
10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Jeff Beck – Guitar Pino Palladino – Bass Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums
Jason Rebello – Keyboards Beth Hart – Vocals


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