Van Halen / Roaring Noisily Around / 1CD WX OBI Strip

Van Halen / Roaring Noisily Around / 1CD WX OBI Strip / Shakuntala

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Live In Tokyo 1978 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo Japan June 21, 1978. Digitally Remastered


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■ All complete recording from notes and greeting of the curtain by the organizer.
■ full debut sound source that is not been around at all until now

Now is a Van Halen to fill the now Tokyo Dome with the big artists to fully booked, 1978, first visit to Japan at the time of about 40 years ago from now, Tokyo Budokan, let alone employees’ pension Hall and the Nakano Sun Plaza was the venue . Moreover, the Van Halen debuted in January 1978, and the first visit to Japan performances June 1978, not after only half a year from the still debut, was a completely new bands. Conversely, debut six months of obscure rookie makes a visit to Japan performance, yet is at the time of the flyer that is posted on the back jacket “best new hard rock band this year!”, And “long-awaited first in Japan decision !! “it shall be deemed to be replaced as, as a hard-rock band of the new era, also already in Japan would be that the name had become known.

At the time of the first visit to Japan has been only debut album “fuse of the flame,” the release, this visit to Japan itself also other artists were hurriedly fixed pinch hitter for now canceled. Even in such a situation, Tokyo four times, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto, because it was a scale that also performed a total of 9 performances, suggests the height of its previous reputation. And in the real thing is the height of its previous reputation, Japan tour is all Budokan class of the subsequent years, the time of visit to Japan of the recent 2013 has been chosen the venue is Tokyo Dome. That Shinjuku and Welfare Pension Hall, because a look at the recording has been Van Halen in a small venue such as Nakano Sun Plaza of this work, a special that this first visit to Japan at the time only. Later it will be the band became bigger and bigger.

This work, from its first visit to Japan performance, are fully recorded June 21, Nakano Sun Plaza concert 1978. It became the source is due to the provision of the person in question was realistic at the time, is a perfect first appearance source that is not been around at all until now. As can be seen if you listen to the sample, has been recorded in the clear in a very high-quality sound, it has become unbearable work for the fans. Although actual photo of the cassette tape on the back Jacquet has been posted, etc. are stuck to the tape body cut the emblem of carefully Van Halen, and has a thing full of affection. This work carefully raised from its master cassette, organizer of greeting and precautions at the beginning, and start from the curtain before the BGM, and complete recording on the day of the air to the concert the show, through the time of 40 years It said to be a valuable footprint of suddenly appeared in front of the eyes Made in Japan.

Concert itself be those very full of hot air, the song of the first album will play the songs other than “Jamie of Tears”, surprised to have played until further still Second song of the album was not yet released. It is already proof that had been prepared the material of several sheets of the album at the time of his debut. When it comes to the “Hang Em High” being played on stage at this point in the first visit to Japan is a song that has been recorded in the “die Var down” of the fifth album in 1982. Just some initial unique momentum and creative motivation, here the figure of youthful Van Halen full of performance motivation.

Than the first visit to Japan performance of Van Halen, complete recording until the end of a show from the organizers of the opening remarks at the first appearance sound source June 21, 1978 Nakano Sun Plaza performances. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.

■ 主催者による開演の挨拶と注意事項から全て完全収録。
■ 今まで一切出回っていない完全初登場音源







01. Introduction
02. BGM before the show
03. On Fire
04. I’m The One
05. Bass Solo
06. Runnin’ With The Devil
07. Atomic Punk
08. Little Dreamer
09. Hang ‘Em High
10. Feel Your Love Tonight
11. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
12. Ice Cream Man
13. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
14. Eruption
15. D.O.A.
16. You Really Got Me
17. Bottoms Up

Shakuntala 2016. STCD-079




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