YES / Stoke 1975 / 2CDR

YES / Stoke 1975 / 2CDR /Amity

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Live At Stoke Football Club Victoria Ground, Stoke On Trent, UK 17th May 1975.

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From UK tour due to “Relayer” that took place from April to May 1975, May 17, the final performance, complete recording of the Stoke Victoria Park performances in high-quality audience recording. Outdoor performance, but the London Queen’s Park performances of May 9 that have been made in this one week ago, is also famous for, such as the official video of this time, this Stoke performances arranged Griffon and Alex Harvey in the undercard, Queens – exceeds the Park also that waged a hot performance in front of a large crowd of 35,000 of the scale has become a legendary live. We heard reports that Jesus performances gradually rain in it has become severe. However, heyday performance of struggle Jesus in bad weather is definitely fan must listen. (To Be Over, eliminating the And You And I, MC does not may be due to fewer thing is bad weather.) Sound quality is what the average is as of this time, but also excellent to take listening to each person of the fine play Thing. Close with or To The have chorus Mellotron tuning at 3:30 Edge is completely crazy, perhaps because of adverse conditions, but there is also a dangerous part, led by the play of Howe, played full of momentum of the band wonderfully, in the rain, and to hear the best performance in front of a fan that is willing to listen intently to play the band. Gates Of Delirium first half of the sound is a little rough, you also may become strangely large in the vicinity of 5 minutes, then immediately return to the original. Tight percussive performance may meet to listen to. Vocals, slide, synth is also impressive Soon the last that together. Your Move the edit version seems this time. Piano of a 2-minute stand Moratsu will sound fresh. Familiar arrangement in the Queen’s Park that connects the Mood For A Day ~ acoustic of the Long Distance Runaround ~ keyboard solo. The audience in this area has been strangely received. Moratsu will show off a stunning solo on the piano mainly while mix of “Story Of I” of Papillion and solo refugee. Here, finally enters John of longer MC, it explains that the power system is that it is very dangerous in the rain. The entire 25-minute band in the Ritual of decorate the last of the main set to hear a performance full of energy, you handed down a state that staring also the audience. There is a hard part to hear the tape degradation through Unfortunately from the second half of the song of the encore Roundabout. Resulting in the historic live that became the United Kingdom last performances of this line-up, you can hear a good sound to convince the master quality.

1975年4月から5月にかけて行われた「Relayer」に伴うUKツアーより、最終公演となる5月17日、ストーク・ヴィクトリア・パーク公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。このときの野外公演はこの一週間前に行われた5月9日のロンドン・クィーンズ・パーク公演がオフィシャルビデオなどでも有名ですが、このストーク公演は前座にグリフォンとアレックス・ハーヴェイを配し、クィーンズ・パークを上回る規模の35000人の大観衆の前で熱い公演を繰り広げたことでも伝説的なライブになっています。イエスの公演中にだんだん雨が酷くなってきたというレポートが聞かれますが、悪天候の中で奮闘するイエスの絶頂期パフォーマンスは間違いなくファン必聴です。(To Be Over, And You And Iを省き、MCも少なめなのは悪天候によるものかもしれません。)音質はこの時期のものとしては平均的なものですが、各人の細かいプレイも聴き取れる優秀なものです。Close To The Edgeの3:30でのコーラスのメロトロンのチューニングが完全に狂っていたりと、悪条件のせいか、危なっかしい部分もありますが、ハウのプレイを筆頭に、バンドの勢いに満ちた演奏は素晴らしく、雨の中、バンドの演奏を熱心に聴いてくれているファンの前で最高のパフォーマンスを聴かせます。Gates Of Delirium前半部で音がやや荒れ、5分付近で変に大きくなったりもしますが、その後、すぐに元に戻ります。タイトでパーカッシブな演奏は聴き応えがあります。ボーカル、スライド、シンセが一体となったラストのSoonも感動的です。 Your Moveはこの時期らしいエディット・ヴァージョン。2分台のモラツのピアノが新鮮に響きます。Mood For A Day~アコースティックのLong Distance Runaround~キーボードソロと繋ぐクィーンズパークでのおなじみのアレンジ。この辺りで観客は妙に受けています。モラツはレフュジーのPapillionやソロの「Story Of I」を取り混ぜながらピアノ主体で見事なソロを披露します。ここでやっとジョンの長めのMCが入り、雨で電力系が非常に危険だということを説明します。メインセットのラストを飾る25分のRitualではバンド全体がエネルギーに満ちた演奏を聴かせ、観客も見入っている様子が伝わってきます。残念ながら同曲後半からアンコールのRoundaboutにかけてテープ劣化により聴きづらいパートがあります。結果的にこのラインアップのイギリス最後の公演となった歴史的なライブを、マスター・クオリティを確信させる良好なサウンドで聞くことができます。

Disc 1
1. Firebird Suite 2. Sound Chaser 3. Close To The Edge 4. Gates Of Delirium

Disc 2
1. Your Move 2. Mood For A Day 3. Long Distance Runaround 4. Moraz Solo 5. Ritual
6. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Patrick Moraz – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums


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