Yes / Swirling wind / 1CD

Yes / Swirling wind /1CD / Virtuoso

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Live At Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, Maryland, Usa 13th August 1972

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1972, welcomed Alan White in New drummer, Colombia on August 13 days from the summer of the North American tour that took place in the “crisis” was released just before the full inclusion in the ultra-high-quality audience recording the Meriwether Post Pavilion concert! Sundehatsuban has been recorded in more excellent sound quality from the “Suite Distance”, the pitch also has been recorded accurately and 2 minutes long. Almost not hear only the sound board recording, have been recorded in surprisingly high-level sound is as the audience recording of the time, you can enjoy the spectacular performance of which was riding the laver of this time of Jesus. But the present board has been quite relaxed solo section of Rick that had hiss of problems with its outstanding. Alan’s drum and merges very well to dignified ensemble of Jesus, to the overwhelming performance content, fans can enjoy a time of bliss. Release at 200 sheets limitation of press CD! !

As a bonus disc of the first delivery, here recorded new sound source of astonishment from the 1972 North American tour with the album “fragile”. Bill Buraffodo enrolled during the March 15, 1972 of the end, Englewood is recording across the Great Western Forum performances in about 50 minutes in the ultra-high-quality audience recording. Undercard because of Black Sabbath, the playing time, but is short, learn by hearsay and was Buttobashi the Sabbath, Flaring youth of updraft full tilt of Jesus transcendence ensemble play is all progressive rock fans must listen! ! Or relationship of the tape change, although the beginning of the end part and I’ve Seen All Good People of Perpetual Change is there is a drawback that accrued, of this tour only from “The Firebird” from the opening of the Roundabout “Boogie!” That of Anderson from shout to the end number Yours is No Disgrace of 12 minutes to start, you can enjoy a compelling performances full of exhilarating sense of groove.

★ is a review Yowake of beatleg magazine vol.96 (7 May 2008 issue). In case you’re wondering.

Work was recorded performance in Colombia of August 13, 1972 of Jesus has arrived. Even before of about two albums on the same day the sound source had been released, this film is pitch sound quality but a full-fledged ones that have been modified so that it is accurate. Jesus is of sound source continue to be endlessly release every month, but this work was the appearance of a long time of valuable sound source. Speaking of 72 years, is a very time that was being celebrated the heyday for Jesus’ release of “crisis” from the “fragile”, to be heard in this work is that the tour was done after the completion “crisis”, the drum There is also the first of the tour, which was replaced in Alan White, but that it can be said that the most important source for understanding the success of the post of Jesus. In addition good sound unimaginable from the historical background of 72 years. In the audience recording of this time is unusual, it is a high-quality stereo recording. Since this period is still cassette it was rare, perhaps think that the thing that has been recorded by an open-reel, contains a rich amount of information of the high-frequency-to-low range that does not lose to recent digital recording for the there. Order has been sound balance impeccable radiation from the PA, it is attractive not feel that it is a very of 36 years ago sound source.
For sound quality is good, the degree of completion of the Jesus of the performance of just Alan White has joined is seen vividly also one of the charms of this work. In fact, this tour has just begun at the end of July, Alan itself is only not doing about ten live, Directions of mistake in a few songs is quite Roken. That the image of Jesus that has been established in Japan as a band of perfectionism also, in this film, but I mean that crushed to smithereens, but still has grown up to the band, which boasts a great degree of perfection to reach from here to the “yessongs” I would have to say that it is a result of the terrible effort. Tuning problems and John Anderson of the dead voice, with or wrong timing in the middle of the SE of Rick Wakeman’s solo, it seems hectic state also artists side staff side floating in the eyes, this it is what a wonder the biggest attraction of the work.
It should be noted that in this work comes with a first bonus disk, are what here is recorded the first appearance audience sound source from the place the “fragile” tour in Inglewood on March 15, 72 years. Of course, the drum is a Bill Buraffodo, may be a resolution of what is audience recording, is happy to take hear good Diteiru playing. Scene and the building of the drum in the middle is to tom-tom percussion of “roundabout”, such as a place that does not hit only endlessly hi-hat if not necessary, the nature of the building is a gem best charm is felt in the half-assed performance. Considering the content, but it is far more important person here, this is the bonus treatment is, a little too good. Still Omagari although not being played, it is possible to confirm already overwhelming presence of Jesus. If Jesus fan, you want to get even with what the two.

1972年、ニュードラマーにアラン・ホワイトを迎え、「危機」リリース直前に行われた夏の北米ツアーより8月13日のコロンビアはメリウェザー・ポスト・パビリオン公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録!既発盤「Suite Distance」より更に優れた音質で収録されており、ピッチも正確で2分間長く収録されています。殆どサウンドボード録音にしか聴こえない、当時の客席録音としては驚くほどにハイレベルなサウンドで録音されており、この時期のイエスのノリにのった圧巻の演奏を楽しむことができます。既発でヒスノイズの問題のあったリックのソロ・セクションも本盤はかなり緩和されています。アランのドラムはイエスの堂々たるアンサンブルに非常に上手くとけこんでおり、その圧倒的な演奏内容に、ファンは至福の時を堪能できます。200枚限定のプレスCDにてリリース!!

初回納品のボーナスディスクとして、こちらはアルバム「こわれもの」に伴う1972年北米ツアーより驚愕の新音源を収録。ビル・ブラッフォード在籍時末期の1972年3月15日、イングルウッドはグレート・ウェスタン・フォーラム公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で約50分に渡って収録。ブラック・サバスの前座ゆえ、演奏時間は短めですが、サバスをぶっとばしたと伝え聞く、上昇気流まっしぐらのイエスの若さ迸る超絶アンサンブル・プレイは全プログレ・ファン必聴!!テープチェンジの関係か、Perpetual ChangeのエンドパートとI’ve Seen All Good Peopleの冒頭が未収という欠点はあるものの、このツアーのみの「火の鳥」からRoundaboutのオープニングから「Boogie!」というアンダーソンの掛け声からスタートする12分のエンドナンバーYours Is No Disgraceまで、爽快なグルーブ感に満ちた迫力満点な演奏を楽しめます。

★beatleg誌 vol.96(2008年7月号)のレビュー要訳です。ご参考まで。


1. Firebird Suite 2. Siberian Khatru 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Mood For A Day
5. Clap 6. Heart Of The Sunrise 7. And You And I 8. Wakeman Solo 9. Roundabout
10. Yours Is No Disgrace

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

Live at Great Western Forum, Inglewood, California, USA 15th March 1972 AMAZING SOUND

1. Firebird Suite 2. Roundabout 3. Heart Of The Sunrise 4. Perpetual Change
5. I’ve Seen All Good People 6. Yours Is No Disgrace

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars & Vocals Chris Squire – Bass & Vocals
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Bill Bruford – Drums

Virtuoso 023

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