Cozy Powell / Best Of The Tapes /1CD

Cozy Powell / Best Of The Tapes /1CD /Langley

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Best Of  The Tapes 1947-1998.

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Than Cozy Powell Fine cassette master, I unearthed a valuable demo rehearsal sound source, have been surprised fan “Cozy Tapes” series. Carefully selected the best tracks of the era from the lineup, which is further subjected to a remastered “best album of the Collector’s items unique” “BEST OF THE TAPES” is, likewise was the culmination of the drum solo video of Cozy “DRUM SOLO ARCHIVES “and become a set, re-released decision in happy special price! Cozy rare scenes collection of can because Collector’s item. Please people of outstanding experience enjoy this opportunity!

Press CD title “BEST OF THE TAPES” includes not only Cozy solo and session activity, JEFF BECK GROUP and RAINBOW, and WHITESNAKE further BLACK SABBATH, than treasured source of band that it can be said that the royal road of the British hard rock, a selection of music an exhaustive from “Cozy Tapes” series. All 15 tracks, 80 minutes of listening stations packed!

First is what is recorded, 1992 New version of here do not listen only “Dance With The Devil” of this work! This take is those found from the tape of Cozy owned was written as “D.W.T.D.” on the label (on the back was not contain official-take QUEEN). Of course, it was recorded in his 90s solo album, “The Drums Are Back” and “Haunted By The Devil” different from a (instrument that evolved from all the original “Dance With The Devil”). While faithful to the former original song, it is the new edition of technical guitar solo and brass has been featured in the second half.
This “Dance With The Devil” Currently, when Mario Paga and Neil Murray, et al. Have found that it takes that participated (Mario is working in “Cozy of the band, and re-record the Dance With The Devil “and it is clear testimony). It is that “THE DRUMS ARE BACK ROUGH MIX” to the same period of the sound source, even just for this one song, this film for the fans has become a must-have. In the same period sound source “HE DRUMS ARE BACK SESSIONS: DAT MASTERS ARCHIVE” and “BACK TO WIN: Tour Rehearsals 1992” and also to listen to would be interesting.

Course of the second song after “Cozy Tapes” Best Selection also, all press on CD did on remastered. Listen to more homogeneous sound source that have been released in the past has both an easy and powerful, even in the mania that has a former sound source, you rice listen again happily.
JEFF BECK begins with “Got The Feeling” in the GROUP, of RAINBOW stunned fans as “Stargazer” rough (and test) a mix of “Lost In Hollywood” is powerful even listening now would have been knocked out! Furthermore, from 1st solo “OVER THE TOP” Cozy, such as backing tracks and live take of “Killer,” “The Loner” and to enjoy the impressive masterpieces from another side the album.

To return to the band activity again from here, in addition to “Into The Arena” studio rehearsal of MSG enrolled at the time, (Budokan performances of ’83) is from WHITESNAKE era live take of “Fool For Your Loving,” “SLIDE IT IN “production and” Spit it Out “backing track of the time, hard rock heavy metal classics will be barrage!
Midfield recording noteworthy EMERSON at Cozy career, the “Back On The Road,” which was the original song of “THE SCORE” than LAKE & POWELL era! The song that gave a strong impression in the already issued the demo, it was pressed on CD in this work, was not greatly please the fans.
Followed by “Come Dance With Me” is a Swedish female vocalist, song session of the acid radical-Solomon Sen. Not a hard full commitment, studio fans must listen to glimpse the Cozy as a worker take (acid radical of vocals is also wonderful, in fact, this scene is what would be great to listen to stations).
Finally ’90’s, from the second half of the track 12. It was played with Brian May “Since You Been Gone” studio rehearsal, you have fun which is different with the same song of RAINBOW era. RAINBOW at the time is the Cozy that had been reluctant to this song, but with Brian May of the band has been recalled, “was fun”, it is also the take to understand his change.
From BLACK SABBATH era should not be forgotten in his career, he recorded “Illusion Of Power” from the rough mix of “FORBIDDEN”. Same song guitar of Iommi is distorted evil is, proud of the finished version or more of the intensity, do not let all tired of the hand to listen to while vocal-less!
And “White Room” in the FENDER HOUSE BAND of the last, rehearsal of the “Albatros” of SPRINTER GROUP which partnered with that Peter Green, aged piled career, excellent is the play of Cozy tinged Enjukumi. Rather than simply tap into hard, play to feel deep in the gap of the sound it will be understood in hand listening to the frontier as he arrived player.

15 any song of the track is also full of great listening response and the true musical excitement. Of course, only this does not mean say all of him, and his essence is in this for 80 minutes, it 25 years of British hard rock has been condensed!

All of rock fans, of course must listen to yearn the Cozy. Also for those that have started to collect his sound source recently, as samplers and catalogs to find the “entrance” of the favorite, this work will it help a lot.
This work is like the best selection of the video “DRUM SOLO ARCHIVES”, is a rare collector’s item that combines entertainment and practicality. Those who say that do not have If this work is, this special price and re-release a do not miss, I would like to somehow get!

コージー・パウエル所蔵のカセット・マスターより、貴重なデモ・リハーサル音源を発掘し、ファンを驚かせてきた”コージー・テープス”シリーズ。そのラインナップから各時代のベスト・トラックを厳選し、さらにリマスターを施した”コレクターズ・アイテムならではのベスト・アルバム”である「BEST OF THE TAPES」が、同じくコージーのドラムソロ映像を集大成した「DRUM SOLO ARCHIVES」とセットになって、嬉しい特別価格での再リリース決定! コレクターズ・アイテムだから出来たコージーのレアな名場面集。未体験の方はこの機会にぜひお楽しみください!

プレスCDタイトル「BEST OF THE TAPES」は、コージーのソロやセッション活動だけでなく、JEFF BECK GROUPやRAINBOW,WHITESNAKEさらにBLACK SABBATHと、ブリティッシュ・ハードロックの王道といえるバンドの秘蔵音源より、選りすぐりの楽曲を”コージー・テープス”シリーズから網羅。全15トラック、聴き所満載の80分です!

本作の最初に収録されているのは、ここでしか聴けない「Dance With The Devil」の1992年ニュー・バージョン! このテイクはラベルに「D.W.T.D.」と書かれていたコージー所有のテープから見つかったもの(裏面にはQUEENのオフィシャル・テイクが入っていました)。もちろん、彼の’90年代のソロアルバムに収録された「The Drums Are Back」や「Haunted By The Devil」(全てオリジナルの「Dance With The Devil」から発展したインスト)とは別物。かつての原曲に忠実ながら、後半にはテクニカルなギターソロやブラスがフィーチャーされた新装版です。
現在この「Dance With The Devil」は、マリオ・パーガやニール・マーレイらが参加したテイクだと判明しています(マリオは「コージーのバンドで活動している時、Dance With The Devilを再レコーディングした」とはっきり証言しています)。あの「THE DRUMS ARE BACK ROUGH MIX」と同時期の音源であり、この一曲のためだけでも、ファンにとって本作は必携となっています。同時期音源の「HE DRUMS ARE BACK SESSIONS: DAT MASTERS ARCHIVE」や「BACK TO WIN: Tour Rehearsals 1992」と併せて聴いても面白いでしょう。

JEFF BECK GROUPでの「Got The Feeling」から始まり、ファンを驚かせたRAINBOWの「Stargazer」と「Lost In Hollywood」のラフ(およびテスト)ミックスは、今聴いてもノックアウトされてしまう迫力! さらにコージーの1stソロ「OVER THE TOP」からは、「Killer」のライヴテイクや「The Loner」のバッキング・トラックなど、印象深い名曲をアルバムとは別の側面から堪能させます。

ここからは再びバンド活動に戻り、M.S.G.在籍時の「Into The Arena」スタジオ・リハーサルに加え、WHITESNAKE時代からは「Fool For Your Loving」のライヴテイク(’83年の武道館公演)、「SLIDE IT IN」製作当時の「Spit It Out」バッキング・トラックと、ハードロック・ヘヴィメタルの名曲が連発されます!
中盤はコージーのキャリアでも特筆すべきEMERSON, LAKE & POWELL時代より「THE SCORE」の原曲となった「Back On The Road」を収録!既発のデモで強烈な印象を与えた同曲が、本作でプレスCD化された事は、ファンを大いに喜ばせました。
続く「Come Dance With Me」は、スウェーデンの女性ヴォーカリスト、サンネ・ソロモンセンとのセッション曲。ハード一辺倒ではない、スタジオ・ワーカーとしてのコージーを垣間見せるファン必聴のテイク(サンネのヴォーカルも素晴らしく、実はこの場面こそが大きな聴き所でしょう)。
後半のトラック12からはいよいよ’90年代。ブライアン・メイと共演した「Since You Been Gone」スタジオ・リハーサルは、RAINBOW時代の同曲とも違った面白さがあります。RAINBOW当時はこの曲を嫌がっていたというコージーですが、ブライアン・メイのバンドでは「楽しかった」と回想しており、彼の変化を理解させるテイクでもあります。
彼のキャリアで忘れてはならないBLACK SABBATH時代からは、「FORBIDDEN」のラフミックスより「Illusion Of Power」を収録。アイオミのギターが凶悪に歪む同曲は、完成版以上の強烈さを誇り、ヴォーカルレスながら聴き手を全く飽きさせません!
ラストのFENDER HOUSE BANDにおける「White Room」や、あのピーター・グリーンと組んだSPRINTER GROUPの「Albatros」のリハーサルは、キャリアを重ねて熟成され、円熟味を帯びたコージーのプレイが秀逸。単にハードに叩くのではなく、音の隙間にも深みを感じさせるプレイは、彼がたどり着いたプレイヤーとしての境地を聴き手に理解させるでしょう。


本作は映像のベスト・セレクション「DRUM SOLO ARCHIVES」と同じく、エンターテイメントと実用性を両立させた稀有なコレクターズ・アイテムです。もしも本作を持っていないと言う方は、この特別価格・再リリースをお見逃しなく、どうかゲットして頂きたいと思います!

1. Cozy Powell – Dance With The Devil(New Recording 1993)
Taken from the cassette tape indexed “D.W.T.D.” hand written by Cozy himself
2. Jeff Beck – Got The Feeling(Test Mix)
Taken from the original reel master : Jim Green Mix of “Got The Feeling” (Version 1) recorded in 1971
3. Rainbow – Stargazer(Rough Mix)
Taken from the original reel tape contains full rough mixes tracks of legendary “Rising” album recorded in 1976
4. Rainbow – Lost In Hollywood(Rough Mix)
Taken from the cassette tape which contains rough mixes of “Down To Earth” album. The song was originally titled “The Steamer”. Recorded in 1979
5. Cozy Powell – Killer(Radio Live)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded BBC “In Concert” : Live at Paris Theatre 9th December 1980
6. Cozy Powell – The Loner(Backing Track)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded Over The Top sessions 1980
7. Michael Schenker Group – Into The Arena(Studio Rehearsal)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded studio rehearsals for their first tour 1980
8. Whitesnake – Fool For Your Loving(Live)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded Tokyo Budokan show on 22nd February 1983
9. Whitesnake – Spit It Out(Backing Track)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded Backing Tracks of “Slide It In” album 1983
10. Emerson, Lake & Powell – Back On The Road(Demo Track)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded the studio rehearsals for the album tracks. Recorded in 1985
11. Sanne Salomonsen – Come Dance With Me(Studio Session)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded the studio sessions in 1987
12. Brian May – Since You Been Gone(Studio Rehearsal)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded the studio rehearsals for their world tour 1993
13. Black Sabbath – The Illusion Of Power(Rough Mix)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded Rough Mixes of “Forbidden” Album 1995
14. Fender Houseband – White Room(Studio Rehearsal)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded the studio rehearsals for the special concert as a part of Fender’s 50th birthday celebrations in 1996
15. Splinter Group – Albatros (Studio Rehearsal)
Taken from the cassette tape which recorded studio rehearsals 1996


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