Roger Waters / Swedish Wall / 2DVD

Roger Waters / Swedish Wall / 2DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Ullevi Stadion, Gothenburg, Sweden 17th August 2013. NTSC


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I’m glad it only to release, even in dealing with several hundred to …… 1 year you feel is just happiness can introduce, it’s extremely rare bitten and tightened this kind of deep emotion. This is such a one. Roger Waters is “THE WALL LIVE” tour of the perfect audience video “SWEDISH WALL” of! “In addition, THE WALL LIVE paddle?” Some users may you think that. Might also have people called “audience huh”. That it is you feel you can sympathize more than enough, and still pushing it, this work is exceptional. The first time I saw this video, too much of splendor, but was gift will release want to introduce in early everyone even in one day, echo of the “should be permanent preservation” is large, re-emerged as a press 2DVD. Precisely because “THE WALL LIVE” current project has been completed, it is super masterpiece that you can assert that “NO.1”!
Only “THE WALL LIVE” video about have been released cringe, I think many people you have a look. Therefore, we will this time weirdness of live itself was omitted. “Better yet, for the first time to touch people in this work is envy” is for those who are now for the first time experience let’s thank only with. It is not a story unique to “THE WALL LIVE” tour. Once you and this work there are those who become totally “first THE WALL”, you are the happy.

Well, let’s go down to business. In the latest of digital image quality is also obvious that “THE WALL LIVE” title crowded, what is so special about this work? Some also have a point, but it is great to edit is to say what. “Short-range” of the bust-up to find the expression of the whole body image from the “very short distance” image Roger, see that interaction with the band members “medium range”, was met with stage panoramic view “long distance”, until the sense of scale of venue such as tell even “ultra long distance”, and full use of colorful sense of distance of the camera. Moreover, proper use until the angle from the floor left and right side and include up to an angle that has not been used only for a moment of the book, we on earth, are using plenty of a variety of video enough to not know of what cars of the camera.
And, the combination of the video is “very” wonderful. Attractions and I think of the up and with great more than enough in the video that combines the distant view, however, the present work is completely different dimension. One gimmick, it is understood well that are choosing the angle is examined up to the one phrase of the song. And, it is not only the music and directed, I even in our hearts come to link. For example, the wall was completed in stage, scene play is being performed in the other side. Naturally, it is not anyone not see, but helped us the other side of the wall is in the mood. Then, become light windup leaking from a small gap between the block, psychology of “over there want to see!” Is, is not to revealer directly on the screen.
I am sorry. I would be a fine story suddenly. Weirdness that 2 of this work is a great venue. Anyway big. Stage also big. Then of course, the wall is also big. The Ya serving the strong force, and a is the grand scale that can not taste in other venues! It is amazing to just wall of force that looked up from the audience, but especially terrible for the second half of the projection mapping. From end to end, is to revealer is a long, long wall video also not fully fit become distant view. When you say a huge spectacle of ultra-long distance as possible that reflects the all! That said, the place where it is not projected the ultra long distance endlessly is also hateful. Shortly camera bored even during the same wall video is switched rapidly. So when it comes to the middle distance of the camera, the size of too much this time of the wall, the height of the left and right sides of the screen is different different sense of scale comes into view that in perspective (laughs). Afresh Needless to say, “THE WALL LIVE” but is not that many live another dimension of performance and, it is of its charm is the venue that jump to double number.
Weirdness magnificence of the 3, sound. Even without as much as this work, great multi-camera audience had some. However, it is not what is arranged in this work in the sound. Although it is easy to cause said “like the sound board,” said gap with no sound as it is even hesitate. If you become a huge open-air venue for a variety of playing team, but is where you will even want to give somewhat Sappii, as if the quality of this work is to us that you are watching come pose as “Do not compromise!”. When perfect to this, but if bass, and I would no longer say, such as it is this separation.
Finally, the weirdness 4. It is, all material of this work is the fact that it is Kyaku-rokuri. You do not have to want to say that it is “amazing to audiences.” I have a spectacle that landscape different in the audience one person alone is continuous. For example, you may well be different like the impressions even talking the same live. Of course, there is also individual favorite, actually sounds heard even in the same live, the eyes landscape is completely different. There is a point at which one person alone to impress, it is I appear one after the other as one of the video work.
It was realized it, there is no other in enthusiasm of overseas mania edited. While that transcendence editing techniques also monkeys, and scraped the vast video and audio, and examine all of the quality, to read the feelings of the photographer from the video of each camera. Photographer is what “Oh, wow!” Because feel that “this is not left behind”, come up, it becomes a distant view, turn licking audience. That’s what, we “here I want to watch” “This, amazing” is the feeling itself feels. It, and I what is made up because human beings you are feeling in your own body.

So, it is Kashii Zu coppa even write, but “love”, as I. Love bundling photographer of love, recording’s love to one. Moreover, the affection is fit aperture at one point that “quality”. We are overwhelmed by watching this film, or to impress, will not than such because they sympathize with unconscious under its affection. It just, even as no matter how great professional shot was supposed to appear, I do not have a wall that never exceeded.
Myriad of love around the world has been achieved because has been stacked for many years, state-of-the-art “THE WALL LIVE”. You want to record the excitement of watching it, you want to be great shape. Such enthusiasts of affection should still be left forever. If you love the PINK FLOYD, Roger Fan, let alone, “THE WALL” 2 Disc press DVD of all music lovers to even permanent preservation that can recommend you do not know. This is the imposing of finished!

 リリースするだけで嬉しい、ご紹介できるだけで幸せを感じる……1年に数百本を扱う中でも、こんな感慨を噛みしめるのは極めて稀です。これは、そんな1本。ロジャー・ウォーターズの「THE WALL LIVE」ツアーのパーフェクトなオーディエンス映像「SWEDISH WALL」です! 「また、THE WALL LIVEかい?」と思われる方もいるでしょう。「オーディエンスかぁ」という方もいるかも知れません。そのお気持ちは十二分に共感できますが、それを押してもなお、本作は別格。初めてこの映像を見た時は、あまりの素晴らしさに、1日でも早く皆さまにご紹介したくギフトリリースいたしましたが、「永久保存すべき」との反響も大きく、プレス2DVDとして再登場。「THE WALL LIVE」プロジェクトが終了した現在だからこそ、「NO.1」と断言できる超傑作です!
 ウンザリするほどリリースされている「THE WALL LIVE」映像だけに、ご覧になった方も多いと思います。それゆえ、今回はライヴ自体の凄味は割愛させていただきます。これから初めて体験される方には「いっそ、本作で初めて触れる方が羨ましい」とだけ申し上げておきましょう。それは「THE WALL LIVE」ツアーに限った話ではありません。本作がまったくの“初THE WALL”になる方がいるとしたら、貴方は幸せなのです。

 さて、本題に入りましょう。最新のデジタル画質も当たり前な「THE WALL LIVE」タイトルがひしめく中で、本作の何がそんなに特別なのか? いくつもポイントはありますが、何と言っても素晴らしいのが編集です。ロジャーの表情まで分かるバストアップの「超近距離」像から全身像の「近距離」、バンドメンバーとのやり取りが分かる「中距離」、ステージ全景を収めた「遠距離」、会場のスケール感までも伝える「超遠距離」など、多彩な距離感のカメラを駆使。しかも、会場左右側からのアングルまで使い分け、ホンの一瞬しか使われていないアングルまで含めると、一体、何台分のカメラなのか分からないほど多彩な映像をふんだんに使っているのです。
 すみません。いきなり細かい話をしてしまいました。本作の凄味その2は、大きな会場です。とにかくデカい。ステージもデカい。すると当然、壁もデカい。そのド迫力たるや、他会場では味わえない壮大なスケールなのです! 客席から見上げた壁の迫力だけでも凄いのですが、特に凄まじいのは後半のプロジェクション・マッピング。端から端まで、遠景になっても収まりきれない長い長い壁映像が現出するのです。すべてを映しきる超遠距離の巨大なスペクタクルといったら! そうは言っても、超遠距離を延々と映し出さないところがまたニクイ。同じ壁映像の最中でも飽きる間もなくカメラがどんどん切り替わる。そこで中距離のカメラになると、今度はあまりの壁の大きさに、遠近感で画面左右の高さが違うという別のスケール感が見えてくる(笑)。今さら言うまでもなく、「THE WALL LIVE」が幾多のライヴとは別次元の公演なわけですが、その魅力が数倍増にハネ上がる会場なのです。

 世界中の無数の愛が長年積み重ねられてきたからこそ実現した、最新技術の「THE WALL LIVE」。それを観た感動を記録したい、凄い形にしたい。そんなマニアたちの愛情は、やはり永遠に残されるべきです。PINK FLOYDを愛する方、ロジャーのファンはおろか、「THE WALL」を知らないすべての音楽好きにさえお薦めできる永久保存の2枚組プレスDVD。堂々の完成です!

Disc 1(61:41)
1. Outside The Venue/Announcement 2. Spartacus 3. Outside The Wall Intro 4. In The Flesh? 
5. The Thin Ice 6. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 7. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 
8. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 9. The Ballad of Jean Charles de Menezes 1
0. Roger Talks 11. Mother 12. Goodbye Blue Sky 13. Empty Spaces 14. What Shall We Do Now? 
15. Young Lust 16. One Of My Turns 17. Don’t Leave Me Now 18. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
19. The Last Few Bricks 20. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2(55:45)
1. Hey You 2. Is There Anybody Out There 3. Nobody Home 4. Vera 5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb 7. The Show Must Go On 8. In The Flesh 9. Run Like Hell 
10. Waiting For The Worms 11. Stop 12. The Trial 13. Outside The Wall 14. Band Introduction

Roger Waters – Bass, Guitar, Vocals Graham Broad – Drums Snowy White – Guitar
Dave Kilminster – Guitar G.E Smith – Guitar Jon Carin – Keyboards Harry Waters – Keyboards
Robbie Wyckoff – Vocals Mark Lennon – Vocals Kipp Lennon – Vocals
Michael Lennon – Vocals Jon Joyce – Vocals

COLOUR NTSC Approx.118min.

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