Roger Waters / Newport Folk Festival 2015 / 1CD

Roger Waters / Newport Folk Festival 2015 / 1CD / Sigma

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Live At Fort Adams State Park, Newport, Rhode Island, USA 24th July 2015.



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2010 success unprecedented in the “THE WALL TOUR” of through 2013 from the years, Roger Waters that also in 2015 in the movie trying to Makiokoso a sensation around the world. That he live album extraneous stage the concept that showed off after a long time was housed in the best of audience recording appeared.
Of this work has been recorded, “Newport Folk Festival July 24, 2015”. Along with the Newport Jazz Festival, it is a festival of the legend that has set a number of legends from the lock birth before. That in the late stage of MY MOURNING JACKET who appeared in the latest stage, I Roger appeared along with the GE Smith buddy. And to serve as the back of Roger, the MY MOURNING JACKET and GE, besides lineup that back chorus. Roger wrapped in respect of such performance team, it has been released from “THE WALL” heavy concept to hand the acoustic guitar, make me hear the stage that was spontaneous. There is “THE WALL TOUR” since that was also played in public, but the show of over an hour is a long time.
Far from listening of this work can be found about the mountain, but suddenly epic from the beginning. It is to show off the “Crystal Clear Brooks” in the new song. “Hello In There” of then also John Prince, “Wide River To Cross” of Buddy Miller, while sprinkled with cover, such as “Forever Young” of Bob Dylan, of recurrence have been solo masterpiece “AMUSED TO DEATH” and ” The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range “will continue to play a” Amused To Death “. And, above all the happy, is Floyd number such as sung in hand acoustic guitar “Wish You Were Here,” “Brain Damage”, “Eclipse”. None just the familiar super representative music, but to only have focused on in recent years, “THE WALL”, none sounds fresh.
In addition, Roger himself’s the special guest of MY MOURNING JACKET, but still welcome guest Sara Watkins and Amy Helm also points. “Wish You Were Here”, “Wide River To Cross” serve the violin at Sara original NICKEL CREEK singer-songwriter. Amy that appeared in the “Wide River To Cross” is the daughter of Levon Helm of that THE BAND. Sara of violin, was pulled up in several stages music in success that goes beyond mere decoration, also Roger and Amy duet vocals, nothing but beautiful. Although the two men retracted once again appeared in “Forever Young” in the last. For us decorate the finale of the show in the chorus.
Sound of this work, which was vacuum packed “Now Roger” such also downright impressive. Only to the attention of the stage, already has several kinds of audio and video has appeared, clear is among them, a sense of stability both best. Despite the open-air venue, housed in a clear to one and one stroke one of the acoustic guitar Roger strum, you likely have heard to the back band and guests breathing. In addition, the reality of the audience unique is also the best. Of course, it squid American performances and say Domo Although it is not a customer base, such as blocking the play and fuss, or hear the intro of Floyd number, climax when was told the guest is ultra-realistic. If you’re listening through headphones, in clear Kiwamarinai sound neat, I site sensation, such as listening and mixed in situ spread to the ear.

When it is published movie “THE WALL TOUR” in September this year, the meet also to Roger that he dressed in black coat on the screen. Maybe then, there may be some performance for movie promotion. However, to come hear from this work, such a huge concept was carrying “a man of legend”, rather than relaxed “everyday wear of Roger Waters”. Just this one to meet the 21st century of Roger to enjoy the fighting spirit without music to single-mindedly. Again “THE WALL” before the moment the storm occurs winding. In the late summer of companion, please this work by all means.


2010年から2013年にかけての「THE WALL TOUR」で空前の成功を収め、その映画化で2015年にも世界中にセンセーションを巻き起こそうとしているロジャー・ウォーターズ。その彼が久々に披露したコンセプトとは無縁のステージを極上の客席録音で収めたライヴアルバムが登場です。
本作が記録されたのは、「2015年7月24日ニューポート・フォーク・フェスティバル」。ニューポート・ジャズ・フェスティバルと共に、ロック誕生以前から数々の伝説を打ち立ててきた伝説のフェスティバルです。その最新ステージに出演したMY MOURNING JACKETのステージ後半に、相棒のG.E.スミスを伴ってロジャーが登場したのです。ロジャーのバックを務めるのは、そのMY MOURNING JACKETやG.E.、それにバックコーラスという布陣。そうした演奏陣のリスペクトに包まれたロジャーは、アコースティックギターを手に重コンセプトの「THE WALL」から解放された、のびのびとしたステージを聴かせてくれる。「THE WALL TOUR」以降も公の場で演奏したことはありますが、1時間以上にわたってのショウは久しぶりです。
本作の聴きどころは山ほどありますが、冒頭からいきなりのエピック。新曲の「Crystal Clear Brooks」を披露するのです。その後もジョン・プリンスの「Hello In There」、バディ・ミラーの「Wide River To Cross」、ボブ・ディランの「Forever Young」といったカバーを交えつつ、再発されたソロの傑作「AMUSED TO DEATH」の「The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range」「Amused To Death」を演奏していく。そして、何より嬉しいのは、アコースティックギターを手に歌われる「Wish You Were Here」「Brain Damage」「Eclipse」といったフロイドナンバーです。どれもお馴染みの超代表曲ばかりですが、近年「THE WALL」に集中していただけに、どれも新鮮に響くのです。
また、ロジャー自身がMY MOURNING JACKETのスペシャルゲストなのですが、さらに迎えるゲストのサラ・ワトキンスやエイミー・ヘルムもポイント。「Wish You Were Here」「Wide River To Cross」でヴァイオリンを務めるサラは元NICKEL CREEKのシンガーソングライター。その「Wide River To Cross」で登場するエイミーは、あのTHE BANDのリヴォン・ヘルムの娘です。サラのヴァイオリンは、単なる装飾を超えた活躍で楽曲を数段に引き上げ、ロジャーとエイミーのデュエットヴォーカルも、ただただ美しい。2人は一度引っ込むものの、ラストの「Forever Young」でふたたび登場。コーラスでショウの大団円を飾ってくれます。

今年9月に「THE WALL TOUR」の映画が公開された際には、スクリーンでまた黒コートに身を包んだロジャーに会える。もしかしたら、映画のプロモーションのためのパフォーマンスもあるかもしれません。しかし、本作から聞こえてくるのは、そんな巨大コンセプトを背負った“伝説の男”ではなく、リラックスした“普段着のロジャー・ウォーターズ”。ただひたすらに気負いなく音楽を楽しむ21世紀のロジャーに出会える1本です。再び“THE WALL”の嵐が巻き起こる前のひととき。晩夏のお供に、本作をぜひどうぞ。

1. Intro 2. Crystal Clear Brooks 3. Mother 4. The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
5. Hello In There 6. Wish You Were Here (with Sara Watkins)
7. Wide River To Cross (with Amy Helm) 8. Amused To Death 9. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse 11. Forever Young (with Sara Watkins and Amy Helm)

Roger Waters – Vocals, Guitars G.E. Smith – Guitars Jess Wolfe – Backing Vocals
Holly Laessig – Backing Vocals

Jim James – Vocals, Guitars Tom Blankenship – Bass Patrick Hallahan – Drums, Percussion
Bo Koster – Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals Carl Broemel – Guitar, Pedal Steel, Backing Vocals

Amy Helm – Vocals Sara Watkins – Violin , Vocals

Sigma 135

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