Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters / Boston 2015 / 2CDR

Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters / Boston 2015 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA. USA 20th September 2015


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Latest live album of Robert Plant is arrived. Of this work has been recorded in the “Boston performances September 20, 2015”, it was just slightly recorded in one week before. This is exactly what the audience recording to meet the “now” of the plant in real time.
It is, what the Japanese did to record such this work. It is a taper of which have been to many things the masterpiece recording of performance in Japan for some time, but over the United States earlier this year, and vacuum-packed in a neat sound seems Japanese authentic air. This work is a kind Tobei taper his latest recording, and I was me deliver the masterpiece become super sound of the master.
In fact, neat sound really impressive to come flowing out from the speakers by playing. American is where tend to be dynamics emphasis When you record, but this work is great balance, such as sticks to clear is to detail. While well-balanced recording from treble to bass, so that each stand out as clearly. It is a story that can not have it because it is the audience recording, but they were a musical tone is one one also smooth as a mix I recorded in a multi-each instrument, it has a beautiful sense of isolation.
Moreover, even if the great until the balance of cheers. Field sense is a taste of audience recording, while realism is plenty of containment, without one of the applause and cheers one stand out, it is going to spread like smooth velvet carpet. And “Blue Hills Bank Pavilion” had become the scene, but’s a 5,000 scale of the venue, while not a musical tone of the outline clearly, just cheers me tell its size. To have at all, it is all is one that a balance and wrapped in clear of as the official live album.
Its stunning recorded live in the sound, genuine latest Robert Plant. I think some people of your memory last year’s Japan tour, but the show that combines new work one full year has passed from the release as “LULLABY AND … THE CEASELESS ROAR” the tradition of LED ZEPPELIN. Japan “Black Dog” showed off in there, “Whole Lotta Love” is also, further “Trampled Under Foot”, “The Rain Song”, “The Lemon Song” is also Zurari. The medley is a form, but I have been playing up to “Dazed And Confused”, “In My Time Of Dying”. These ZEPPELIN number is made to be picked up from when in 2015, (as a solo) most since 1993, revived for the first time in ’22. And led to “The Rain Song”, it’s what about that was to be the first time playing a solo.
Layers were ZEPPELIN number and blues standards also are arranged into ethnic, number and beautifully harmony and award of “LULLABY AND … THE CEASELESS ROAR” is really wonderful. The entertainment and music of the sense of balance is also a truth of the plant of “now”, there precisely because there is a convincing self-confidence, it will has become the depth of the bosom of about swallowable impassively a large amount of ZEPPELIN number.
This work is enough to want the “official class audience” become oxymoron with perfect sound, this one taken captures the latest Robert Plant. And luxurious full set Shaw only because of home, Japanese taper seems neat sound of the encounter. Simply more than that “current progressive form of live”, “state-of-the-art ZEPPELIN number”, is a gem of a live album that will continue to hear love long.
Sound of even the cheer of the crowd is all clean, it was in perfect harmony “The Rain Song”. This impressive world, I would like you to listen to many people at all means alone. Only to stash the shelf of core collectors, too wasteful. Its also for, it has decided affordable CDR release. The journey Robert Plant is to have come “now”, please Fumishime together by all means in this work.

その見事なサウンドで記録されたライヴは、正真正銘の最新ロバート・プラント。昨年の来日公演をご記憶の方もいらっしゃると思いますが、リリースから丸1年が経った新作「LULLABY AND… THE CEASELESS ROAR」とLED ZEPPELINの伝統を融合させたショウ。日本でも披露した「Black Dog」「Whole Lotta Love」もありますが、さらに「Trampled Under Foot」「The Rain Song」「The Lemon Song」もズラリ。メドレー形式ですが、「Dazed And Confused」「In My Time Of Dying」まで演奏しているのです。こうしたZEPPELINナンバーは、2015年になってから取り上げられるようになり、ほとんどが(ソロとしては)1993年以来、22年ぶりの復活。「The Rain Song」に至っては、ソロで初めて演奏されるようになったほどなのです。
そうしたZEPPELINナンバーやブルースのスタンダードもエスニックにアレンジされ、「LULLABY AND… THE CEASELESS ROAR」のナンバーと見事に融和したショウは本当に素晴らしい。このエンターテインメントと音楽性のバランス感覚が“今”のプラントの真骨頂でもあり、そこに確たる自信があるからこそ、大量のZEPPELINナンバーを平然と飲み込めるほどの懐の深さとなっているのでしょう。
観客の声援までもが清々しく、見事に調和した「The Rain Song」の響き。この感動的な世界を、ぜひともひとりでも多くの方に聴いていただきたい。コアなコレクターの棚にだけしまっておくには、あまりにももったいない。そのためにも、お求めやすいCDRリリースといたしました。ロバート・プラントが“今”歩んでいる旅路を、ぜひ本作で共に踏みしめてください。

Disc 1 (52:49)
1. Introduction 2. Poor Howard 3. Trampled Under Foot 4. Turn It Up 5. Black Dog 6. Rainbow
7. Spoonful 8. The Rain Song 9. No Place To Go / Dazed And Confused 10. Band Introductions

Disc 2 (40:32)
1. The Lemon Song 2. Little Maggie 3. Crawling King Snake 4. Whole Lotta Love / Mona
5. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down / In My Time Of Dying 6. Rock And Roll

Robert Plant – Vocals Justin Adams – Guitar, Bendir, Vocals
Billy Fuller – Bass, Vocals Dave Smith – Drums, Percussion
John Baggott – Keyboards Liam “Skin” Tyson – Guitar, Vocals
Juldeh Camara – Ritti, Kologo, Talking Drum, Vocals

Uxbridge 524

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