Robert Plant / Hong Kong 1984 / 2CD

Robert Plant / Hong Kong 1984 / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong 29th February 1984


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First visit to Japan performances of Robert plant performance of our -to Dondo is released in high-quality sound of surprise, to be led to the Osaka Festival Hall of February 20 has been excavated to sound board recording title “NEVER BEEN GONE” . But Japan tour after the end of the plant and the band I was going to live in Hong Kong. This is a fact that it is not surprisingly known became the conclusion of “THE PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS” tour that began from the previous year’s summer. Of February 26 Nakano Sun Plaza is I’ve unearthed this time the live audience recordings that had been overlooked as has been described as if it were a tour last day by the site!

The first place does not realize the that Hong Kong performances in Led Zeppelin, it was a degree that saga is left that went to play in Hong Kong in the interval of ’72 Japan tour schedule. Soredakeni upsurge of here has become a thing of sublime as too intense. Whether and saying it is neither necessarily influence of ZEP is large as that of Japan, but it is what it can be said that it is unique among the sound source of this tour without a single-mindedly is happy realism such are welcome to live heavyweights artists Japan tour. But not so much furious scene such that stress of appreciation among the climax, without being drowned out in such a climax, and I rather that it more than on sound image it is possible to enjoy the performance of the plant and the band a great recording.
Indeed until our shop can not afford to a high-quality, such as the plant’s first visit to Japan group title that has been released as well, there is no difference between the best sound source who captures both the excitement and play powerful plenty. Rather less-than had been hidden in the inner “ZEP of reincarnation” the Japan Tour with completely different climax audience becomes large, the performance of the engine full throttle seems tour last day in response to it will be declared to be a tour de force of leading among this tour.

Japan tour is like going to also enhance the content of the show is to Shiriagari by overlaying the stage will be also be home those who are experienced in our shop release. In particular, although the tour end that has been recorded in the “FAITHFULLY YOURS” of UXBRIDGE I plant was also showing off a very relaxed great stage, Imagine Speaking’s this Hong Kong live the intense climax is applied there Moraeru would either be. After all “Pledge Pin” and “Messin ‘With The Mekon” count when you start even I audience resulting in chorus, you can feel is honest impression of the raw witnessed the plant of Hong Kong audience.
In the climax to the bottom before, makes the singing that summon up the voice as long as does roughness also plant to listen everywhere. Configuration of this tour is medium-tempo and slow number many, plant has appeared aim of pushing out the side of the singer as different from the ZEP era. Furthermore, it was a big appeal of his solo that such gimmick of had created a tight lock of Early Eitizu in many arrangements as “Horizontal Departure”.

On the other hand the plant is the pleasing that ZEP habit to scream and no different from yesteryear “Goooood Evening!” May appear, but urged you pose to the audience in the encore from too much excitement for this day, the save from the “Ai-THANK YOU!”, it is surprised to would show up excitement pattern of intact ZEP80 year European tour. Scene of grinning if this fan, would be proof that he was enjoying the live of this day so much.
And in the encore we started to ad lib blues of “Blues In Hong Kong” (and the plant is to call), but sing the first time this is also tremendous. There from ’83 of Hammersmith (our release that Jimmy Page was jump in “TREAT HER RIGHT”) and “FAITHFULLY YOURS” Sun Plaza 23rd also hear the cover of Roy Head “Treat Her Right” in the encore of even this the singing of the tremendous plant will listen. Such excitement and vision that enthusiastic performance has been waged in the tour last day is the release decision in finally limited press CD!

ロバート・プラントの初来日公演は当店からほどんどの公演が驚きの高音質でリリースされ、2月20日の大阪フェスティバル・ホールに至ってはサウンドボード録音タイトル「NEVER BEEN GONE」まで発掘されています。しかし日本公演終了後にプラントとバンドは香港でライブを行っていたのです。これが前年の夏から始まった「THE PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS」ツアーの締めくくりとなったのは意外と知られていない事実です。サイトによっては2月26日の中野サンプラザがツアー最終日であったかのように記述されているほど見過ごされていたライブのオーディエンス録音を今回発掘しました!


日本公演もステージを重ねることでショウの内容が尻上がりに充実して行く様は当店のリリースで体感された方も居られることでしょう。特にUXBRIDGEの「FAITHFULLY YOURS」に収録されたツアー終盤ではプラントも非常にリラックスした素晴らしいステージを披露していたのですが、そこに強烈な盛り上がりが加わったのがこの香港ライブだと言えば想像してもらえるでしょうか。何しろ「Pledge Pin」や「Messin’ With The Mekon」を始める際のカウントすら観客が合唱してしまうのです、生のプラントを目の当たりにした香港の観客の素直な感動が伝わってきます。
そこまでの盛り上がりを前にして、プラントもあらん限りに声を振り絞った熱唱を随所で聴かせてくれます。このツアーの構成はミディアム・テンポやスロー・ナンバーが多く、プラントがZEP時代とは違うシンガーとしての側面を押し出そうという狙いが現れています。さらには「Horizontal Departure」のような仕掛けの多いアレンジでアーリー・エイティーズのタイトなロックを作り上げていたのが彼のソロの大きな魅力でした。

一方でプラントは往年と変わらない「Goooood Evening!」と絶叫するZEP癖が現れてしまうのが微笑ましいのですが、この日に関してはあまりの盛り上がりからアンコールで観客にポーズを取るよう促し、せーのから「アーイ・サンキュ!」と、ZEP80年ヨーロッパ・ツアーそのままの盛り上げパターンまで見せてしまうのにはびっくりです。このファンならニヤリの場面、それほどまでに彼がこの日のライブを楽しんでいた証でしょう。
そしてアンコールでは「Blues In Hong Kong」(とプラントがコールする)というアドリブ・ブルースまで始めていますが、これがまた凄まじい熱唱ぶり。そこから83年のハマースミス(ジミー・ペイジが飛び入りした当店リリース「TREAT HER RIGHT」)や「FAITHFULLY YOURS」のサンプラザ23日のアンコールでも聴かれたロイ・ヘッドのカバー「Treat Her Right」もこれまた凄まじいプラントの熱唱が聴かれます。そんな盛り上がりと熱演が繰り広げられた幻のツアー最終日が遂に限定のプレスCDでのリリース決定です!

Disc 1(57:49)
1. Intro 2. In The Mood 3. Pledge Pin 4. Messin’ With The Mekon 5. Moonlight In Samosa
6. Thru’ With The Two Step 7. Other Arms 8. Horizontal Departure 9. Wreckless Love

Disc 2(51:13)
1. MC Intro 2. Slow Dancer 3. Member Introduction 4. Like I’ve Never Been Gone
5. Big Log 6. Burning Down One Side 7. MC Intro 8. Blues In Hong Kong 9. Treat Her Right

Robert Plant – Vocals Robbie Blunt – Guitars Paul Martinez – Bass Jezz Woodroffe – Keyboards
Bob Mayo – Guitar, Keyboards Richie Hayward – Drums


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