Paul McCartney / Wings Over Cincinnati 1976 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Paul McCartney / Wings Over Cincinnati 1976 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Misterclaudel

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Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati OH USA May 27, 1976. Digitally Remastered


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■ Completely first appearance sound source not even circulated between trade!
■ First appearance and this high quality sound! Great! be moved!
■ Bonus track includes Brisbane performances, this also includes the first appearance sound source!

In the band called The Beatles, even though there was a subtle power relationship among the members, the four were basically equal. It was also a good aspect, and in terms of the satisfaction of each member, it was also difficult for an individual to make a claim. The reasons for the dissolution of the Beatles can not be unequivocally stated, but various factors have only overlapped, but there is no doubt that there was a musical direction as a major factor among them. When John suggested “cold turkey” as a single of the Beatles, Paul said he disgustedly refused to blatantly release this as a Beatles. George was also dissatisfied with the small amount of assignment of his songs in the album. Looking at the movement of each member after the dissolution of the Beatles, George released the songs that had been written until then, in a couple of pairs, and John began to overwhelm avant-garde activities. And Paul speaks, like the most wanted Beatles to continue, like appealing other members over dissolution, as if the former strong ties broke down so as to be unrecoverable, the smashed dissolution Sometimes it was compared to it.

Paul ‘s desire after the dissolution of the Beatles was that he managed to take the initiative and make a band and to succeed again beyond the Beatles. If there was a name like Paul, it would have been possible to form a super group by recruiting famous musicians. Actually in the early 1970s members gathered across the band and there was such a fashion. However in Japan as in the group called PYG broke down in the short term, there are few cases that gained strong individuality and succeeded long. If you do it more than anything, it will be the same environment as the Beatles era. So Paul gathers completely unnamed members and forms a band in the form of own initiative. It is no doubt that in the long run it was a wise choice. During the audition of the band, Dennisewell, the drummer of the original Wings, recalls that “Paul seems to have sought something amazing, not just his skill.” Yes, Paul was thinking about growing the band from scratch with the resolution.

It was a pleasure for such a pole to have success beyond the Beatles. Paul, who had a feeling of lag compared to John, George, and apple who already had a hit, brought up the band steadily without injuring. Then, through several transition of member change, it was finally the world tour where one point of arrival began in 1975 and the national tour in 1976. No one would suspect Paul’s solo success after the dissolution of the Beatles, but still it took six years to get to the first national tour. It is hard to imagine that there were various conflicts before reaching there. But Paul stood in front of American fans for the first time in ten years. Paul is said to have cried when the success of the American tour succeeded. To the extent that it is accepted in the United States, it should have been a topic that we had to overcome for those musicians of the time. This work has recorded Cincinnati performance of May 27 from the 1976 US tour of Wings.

【Cincinnati Performance May 27, 1976】
First of all, it is about this Cincinnati performance. Since the Beatles era, the American tour, which is the first time in 10 years for Paul, was postponed slightly due to injury of Jimmy’s finger of guitarist, but on May 3, 1976, starting with Fort Worth, until the end of June the following two months It was a large scale performing 31 performances. By the way Wings was the only concert in the United States this year. Approximately continuous performances were held in each city, and three consecutive performances were performed in big cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles, the scale of which was far beyond the Beatles era. In Cincinnati only one performance is held. It is a concert at a position just digested about half the schedule.

[Adopted 6 songs to WINGS OVER AMERICA] Although the talk changes, the album “WINGS OVER AMERICA” and the movie “ROCK SHOW” are made from this national tour. And as if it were an urban legend, these stories are talking about the fact that the sound source and image of the Seattle performance is mainly used. It is not clear where such a hoax originated from, but until the 1990s when there was little information, it was whispered in this way as truly. Today, however, each song knows which performance places each performance is using. And the six songs of the medley of “VENUS AND MARS / ROCK SHOW / JET” which decorates the beginning of the live album “WINGS OVER AMERICA” and the next “LET ME ROLL IT” and “CALL ME BACK AGAIN” “BLUEBIRD” It turns out that the sound source of this Cincinnati performance is used. The number of these six songs is the most adopted among all the performances. By the way it is only a song “Only a long time ago Egyptian spirit” from the Seattle performance. This fact is exactly what reflects the goodness of performance of this Cincinnati performance.

To be sure, the medley of “VENUS AND MARS / ROCK SHOW / JET” is familiar to the ears that heard “WINGS OVER AMERICA”. After playing the MC “How you feeling, feeling alright? OK!” Is exactly the same as what you accustomed to listening on the sound board. On the other hand, as you can tell, you can see many places that do not completely match “WINGS OVER AMERICA”. For example, Paul has mistaken lyrics in the part before singing as “Jimmy page is like” in “ROCK SHOW”, but in live albums it is singing without being mistaken beautifully.

There are many people who surprised the fans who heard it for the first time when “WINGS OVER AMERICA” was released. It was because there was no mistake throughout the whole concert and perfect performance was recorded. Of course, this is the result of numerous modifications that were made later, and the fact that the lyrics mistakes described above do not match is also re-recorded later. “Wings Over AMERICA” is a “live” live album, not only the performance part but also cheering as well as collecting fans for dubbing and re-recording in the studio. However, this work is an audience recording, at that time, the sound that was ringing at that place was recorded as it was. The opening medley of “WINGS OVER AMERICA” is the Cincinnati performance recorded in this work, but I think that you should listen to it by all means.

【About sound quality】
This work is recorded with a high-quality audience sound source. As you can tell by listening to samples, it is of high quality that is comparable to other performances of 1976, such as Los Angeles. Amazingly, this sound source is a point that it is a perfect first appearance sound that had not been circulated even among trade which has not been out in the world at all until now. Although two kinds of sound source of Cincinnati performance have been circulated until now, only sound quality is Deiya, there is only partial sound as bonus track as “Mastery Crowder · label” THE GREAT RETURN OF AMERICA “and” WINGS OVER SEATTLE ” It was recorded only in. It is quite amazing that it was excavated in the 21st century as the sound source of the third type of the third type of the gypsy performance of this documentally important Cincinnati performance. Of course, this is the first appearance in this work, the first CD conversion. It is no doubt that it will be the title representing the 1976 American Tour.

【About contents】
Unfortunately there are some flaws in the main sound source. There are missing in two places from the beginning of “JET” and the end of “SILLY LOVE SONGS” to the beginning of “BEWARE MY LOVE”. Since they are supplemented to beautiful on another source of the same day on Cincinnati the same, they are still completely recorded. Also, because there were several sound skips due to the physical factors of the original tape less than a second, these are complemented by different sources on the same day, and concerts from the awakening before the performance of the concert to the appearance after the concert Completely recorded.

[About costumes] Another thing, this is a part not related to the sound source, but about costumes. Impression and memory of the image are strong, it is influenced by Melbourne and the movie “ROCK SHOW” in which the image is left, costume like Justice arrival in 1975, wrestling gown with white line in 1976 I get the impression that it was unified with costumes like. However, several kinds of costumes are prepared, and in the photo of the day that the Cincinnati performance is left, like a jacket picture of this work, she is wearing a costume like a stadium with a dark blue collar. This costume is worn by two people Paul and Linda together. It is unknown when the jacket picture of this work was taken, but on the day of Cincinnati performance, he was standing on the stage wearing this costume.

[Brisbane Performance November 10, 1975] This work includes 8 songs from Brisbane performance on November 10, 1975 as a bonus track. This was also the first appearance sound source, I was credited with the soundboard sound source, but because the auditory feeling of the vocal feeling is also heard, I would like to keep the conclusion out. Either way it is a sound board or audience that is of high quality, but it is a Brisbane performance that is not blessed with sound quality, and it is a pleasure that such high quality sound source was discovered with only 8 songs . Moreover, it is the feature of the tour of 1975, the set list changed due to the release of “WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND” Coming after the altered The next 1976 was “LITTLE WOMAN LOVE? C MOON” which was removed from the set list It is wonderful to have recorded.

This work is fully recorded with the first appearance high-quality audience sound source which had not been circulated between trade on May 27, 1976 which was adopted six songs in live album “WINGS OVER AMERICA” on May 27 . Especially the opening medley of “VENUS AND MARS / ROCK SHOW / JET” symbolizing this tour is the performance that this work is officially adopted. It is an excellent performance that can be heard in full through the day. Also on Bonus Track is Brisbane performance on November 10, 1975, here also recorded with high quality tone first appearance sound source. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese-style attaching.

■初登場にしてこの高音質! 素晴らしい!感動した!



そんなポールにとってビートルズを凌駕する成功を収めることは悲願であった。既にヒットを出しているジョン、ジョージ、リンゴに比べ、出遅れた感のあったポールは、けして焦ることなくバンドを地道に育てていった。そして何度かのメンバー交代の変遷を経て、ようやく一つの到達点が1975年から始まるワールド・ツアーと1976年の全米ツアーであった。 ビートルズ解散後、ポールのソロでの成功を疑った人はいないだろうが、それでも初の全米ツアーに出るまで6年かかっているのである。そこに到達するまでには様々な葛藤があったことは想像に難くない。しかしポールは再び、10年ぶりにアメリカのファンの前に立ったのである。アメリカン・ツアーの成功に際しポールは涙したとさえ伝えられる。それくらい、アメリカで認められるというのは、当時のミュージシャンにとって越えなければならない頂(いただき)であったはずである。本作は、そのウイングスの1976年全米ツアーより、5月27日シンシナティ公演を収録している。


話は変わるが、この全米ツアーからはアルバム「WINGS OVER AMERICA」及び映画「ROCK SHOW」が作られている。そしてまるで都市伝説のように、これらはシアトル公演の音源と映像がメインで使われているという話が独り歩きしている。このようなデマがどこから発せられたかは定かではないが、情報が少ない90年代までは、まことしやかにこのように囁かれていたものである。 しかし現在ではそれぞれがどの公演地の演奏が使われているか、曲ごとにわかっている。そしてライヴ・アルバム「WINGS OVER AMERICA」の冒頭を飾る「VENUS AND MARS/ROCK SHOW/JET」のメドレー及び次の「LET ME ROLL IT」、そして「CALL ME BACK AGAIN」「BLUEBIRD」の6曲が、このシンシナティ公演の音源が使われていることが判明している。 この6曲という数は全公演地の中で最多の採用なのである。ちなみにシアトル公演からはわずか「遥か昔のエジプト精神」1曲のみにとどまっている。この事実は、まさにこのシンシナティ公演の演奏の出来の良さを反映したものに他ならない。

なるほど確かに「VENUS AND MARS/ROCK SHOW/JET」のメドレーは「WINGS OVER AMERICA」を聴き込んだ耳にすっと馴染むものである。演奏後の「How you feeling, feeling alright? OK!」というMCもサウンドボードで聴き慣れたものと全く同じである。 しかし一方で、聴けばわかる通り「WINGS OVER AMERICA」とは完全に一致しない箇所も多々見受けられる。例えば「ROCK SHOW」において「ジミーペイジのようだ」と歌う前の部分でポールは歌詞を間違えているが、ライヴ・アルバムではきれいに間違わずに歌われていたりする。

「WINGS OVER AMERICA」がリリースされた当時、初めてそれを耳にしたファンは驚いたという人が多い。コンサート全編を通して全くミスがなく完璧な演奏が収録されていたからである。 もちろんこれは後に数多くの修正が施された結果であり、前述の歌詞ミス箇所が一致しないのも、後から録り直されているからである。 演奏部分のみならず、歓声までもダビングのためにファンを集めスタジオで録音し直しているくらい、「WINGS OVER AMERICA」とは「作られた」ライヴ・アルバムなのである。 しかし本作はオーディエンス録音であり、当時、当日、その場所で鳴っていた音がそのまま収録されている。「WINGS OVER AMERICA」のオープニング・メドレーは、本作に収録のシンシナティ公演のものであるが、是非その点にも着目して聴いていただければと思う。

本作は、高音質オーディエンス音源で収録されている。サンプルを聴いていただければわかる通り、1976年の他の公演、例えばロサンゼルスなどと比べても遜色のない高音質なものである。 驚くべきことは、この音源は今まで全く世に出ていなかった、トレード間ですら流通していなかった完全初登場音源である点である。 今までもシンシナティ公演の音源は2種類出回ってはいたものの、音質がドイヒーなものしかなく、Mクローデル・レーベルの「THE GREAT RETURN OF AMERICA」と「WINGS OVER SEATTLE」に、 それぞれボーナストラックとして部分的に収録されていたのみである。それが、この資料的にも重要なシンシナティ公演の、ゴイスーな第3種目の音源が21世紀になって発掘されたことは全くもって驚くべきことである。もちろん本作で初登場、初CD化である。1976年アメリカン・ツアーを代表するタイトルになることは間違いない。

残念ながらメインとなる音源にはいくばくかの瑕疵が存在する。「JET」の冒頭及び、「SILLY LOVE SONGS」の終わりから「BEWARE MY LOVE」の冒頭までの2か所に欠落がある。それらはシンシナティ同日の別ソースでキレイに補完されているので、完全収録であることに変わりはない。またほんの1秒にも満たない元テープの物理的な要因による音飛びが数か所存在したため、それらも同日別ソースにて補完しており、コンサート開演前のざわめきから終演後の様子まで、コンサート完全収録している。

もうひとつ、これは音源とは関係のない部分であるが、衣装についてである。映像の印象と記憶というのは強く、映像が残されているメルボルンや映画「ROCK SHOW」の影響からか、1975年は柔道着のような衣装、そして1976年は白いラインが入ったプロレスのガウンのような衣装で統一されていたかのような印象を受ける。しかし衣装は数種類用意されており、シンシナティ公演の残されている当日の写真では、本作のジャケット写真のように、紺色の襟がついたスタジャンのような衣装を着ている。この衣装はポールとリンダの二人がお揃いで着用している。本作のジャケット写真がいつ撮影されたものかは不明だが、シンシナティ公演当日も、この衣装を着てステージに立っていたのである。

本作にはボーナストラックとして1975年11月10日ブリスベン公演より8曲を収録している。こちらも初登場音源で、サウンドボード音源とクレジットされていたのだが、ヴォーカルの感じがオーディエンスにも聴こえるので、今は結論を出さずにおきたいと思う。いずれにせよサウンドボードかオーディエンスか迷うくらいの高音質であることにはかわりなく、また音質に恵まれないブリスベン公演とあって、わずか8曲ながらこのような高音質音源が発掘されたことは喜ばしいことである。しかも1975年ツアーの特長であり、「WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND」のリリースに伴いセットリストが変更になったあおりをくって翌1976年はセットリストから外された「LITTLE WOMAN LOVE ? C MOON」を収録しているのも素晴らしい。

本作はライヴ・アルバム「WINGS OVER AMERICA」に最多6曲採用された1976年5月27日シンシナティ公演を、トレード間にも一切出回っていなかった初登場の高音質オーディエンス音源で完全収録している。特にこのツアーを象徴する「VENUS AND MARS/ROCK SHOW/JET」のオープニング・メドレーは、本作が公式にも採用されている演奏なのである。その日を通して全編聴けるという資料的にも優れた公演である。またボーナストラックには1975年11月10日ブリスベン公演を、こちらも高音質初登場音源にて収録している。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. Venus And Mars – Rock Show – Jet
02. Let Me Roll It
03. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
04. Medicine Jar
05. Maybe I’m Amazed
06. Call Me Back Again
07. Lady Madonna
08. The Long And Winding Road
09. Live And Let Die
10. Picasso’s Last Words
11. Richard Cory
12. Bluebird
13. I’ve Ju

14. Blackbird
15. Yesterday
16. You Gave Me The Answer
17. Magneto And Titanium Man
18. My Love

01. Listen To What The Man Said
02. Let ’em In
03. Time To Hide
04. Silly Love Songs
05. Beware My Love
06. Letting Go
07. Band On The Run
08. Hi Hi Hi
09. Soily

10. Let Me Roll It
11. Little Woman Love – C Moon
12. Lady Madonna
13. The Long And Winding Road
14. I’ve Just Seen A Face
15. Letting Go
16. Live And Let Die
17. My Love

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