Megadeth / Definitive Buenos Aires 1995+1997 / 2CD+1 Bonus DVDR

Megadeth / Definitive Buenos Aires 1995+1997 / 2CD+1 Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated text:
Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 9th September 1995 & 13th December 1997. Bonus DVDR Buenos Aires The Video Stereo SBD



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The golden quartet ‘s “Vertex, Supreme, Official Grade” stereo sound board album has appeared! Speaking of “golden quartet”, of course, “Dave Mustain / David Elephson / Marty Friedman / Nick Menza”. It is four people who never recovered because of Nick’s death. Until recently, the live board was unfaithful, while leaving the four superstars “RUST IN PEACE” “COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION” “YOUTHANASIA” “CRYPTIC WRITINGS”. In recent years some official reprints have been done, but it is far from complete. This work is a transcend stereo sound board that complements the official reprinted tour with “official quality”. Let’s understand what is the position of this work together with the official work first.

Vertex live board: Official Box “WARCHEST” Disc 4
(Wembley Arena Performance on October 14, 1990)

Vertex live board: 20th anniversary bonus disc
(December 4, 1992 Cow · Palace performance)

Vertex live board: Disk 1 of this work ← ★ Kore! ★
(Performance of Buenos Aires on September 9, 1995)

Vertex live board: Disk 2 of this work ← ★ Kore! ★
(Performance of Buenos Aires on December 13, 1997)

……, and it looks like this. The vertex live album of “RUST IN PEACE” “COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION” era has been formulated, but the 20th anniversary board of “YOUTH ANASIA” which was supposed to be released naturally will not appear and the latter half of the golden quartet still remains It is not archived. This work follows the top sound board of the remaining two tours, one to complete the golden age. Together with official archives, it is a collection with the same value as “RUST IN PEACE” “COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION” “YOUTHANASIA” “CRYPTIC WRITINGS”.

【Disk 1: September 9, 1995, Buenos Ayres】
In this way, this work which even has the same value as the famous board group of MEGADETH vertex. Let’s explain the contents as well. First of all, on the top of “YOUTH ANASIA WORLD TOUR 1994-1995” is contained in Disk 1 is “World Tour Seiichiro 9 September 1995 Buenos Aires performance”.
That sound is super and superb. As listed above with the official board, it’s a complete official-class sound, but in a way it’s over. That “a certain meaning” is a direct feeling of direct conection. In South America of the 1990s, there are many subtle qualities, but in this work “Roughness of South America” ​​turns in a good direction, conversely, packing the direct sound that is different from the gentle mix of Western broadcasting There. Everything is transcendent virtually everything from the amazing taste of the rubbing sound of the guitar strings to the stereo feeling which is briskly panned, and the effect switching. In the intense rare track “Victory”, Musute laughter comes in SE, but suddenly I was laughed in my brain Miso, Bibi was enough to get rid of my spine. Even there is no cheers, only the playing and singing voice is pushing hard “Furious Soundboard”.
Thanks to the success of “COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION”, sound boards are increasing from “YOUTHANASIA TOUR” in one stroke, but there is only this one “super sound & complete recording” so far. There is also a sound source whose volume and sound pressure shakes somewhat among the collectors, but even though it is praised as “awesome !!” “still have !!!” still, the work is a uniform best master who does not even have such a tremor Was used.

[Disk 2: December 13, 1997, Buenos Ayres] On behalf of Disk 2 is the vertex sound board of “CRYPTIC WRITING WORLD TOUR 1997-1998”. It is a live show “Alchemet Ricardo Echoherelich Stadium” same as Disk 1, but it is not the case because it is the same venue. As a result of purely seeking “longest” and “best sound quality”, it was just the same venue that I found out the top among all the sound board sound sources. A drummer must pay attention to this tour, and has been replaced by Jimmy Deglasso from Nick in July 1998 during the tour. This work is a recording in 1997, so drummer is Nick.
And that sound is as dense sound board as disc 1 and 1/4 step. Unlike Disk 1, cheers are also mixed, but it is limited only when songs and Mustain invites a major chorus, again 95% will be poured into the brain’s miso directly. “CRYPTIC WRITING TOUR” has many sound boards, but mostly bad quality. It is a full show album of the highest sound of the highest sound shining at the summit in only unplugged things after Jimmy substitution when saying high quality recording. Again, instantaneous electronic noise enters at collector master, but this work used 100% beautiful best masters.

【MEGADETH world only for “Four golden people”】
The show drawn with such hyper sound is terrible. We officially launched ‘Paranoid’, ‘Victory’, ‘Sin’ without live recording, and ‘A Secret Place’ and ‘Almost Honest’ which are not played now. Even if it is “Trust”, I can listen with “Golden Quartet” version.
And the ensemble of “Golden Quartet” is brilliant. Even a large number of original songs Originator: Although smooth phrases unique to Marty flow gently, it is Nick that what is more intense than anything else. Although the fiercest of the metal scene is still sitting on the stools even now, the feeling of drumming that cuts sharply into a tinglingly sharp feeling can not be tasted by anyone else. Whether it was a melody or not, he was MEGADETH, because he was trying to pull the whole thing at the middle. Beyond the good or bad of the songs, it is the reason why 4 pieces of “CRYPTIC WRITINGS” shine from “RUST IN PEACE”. It is a two-piece set that is attacking with a fierce direct-connected sound board.

This is MEGADETH. It is “true MEGADETH” which never revived by the death of Nick. Officially formulated “1990 Wembley” “1992 Cow Palace” as Official Goods are Requested (Single release! As the “Golden Quartet” made 4 Studio Name Boards, Super Masterpieces of the live album will be completed only after 4 performances.
A live album that set the latter two performances with a press CD. If the official is not issued, someone has to save forever. Absolute goods which can be said to be synonymous with love MEGADETH any longer. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

黄金カルテットの“頂点・極上・公式級”ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムが登場です! 「黄金カルテット」と言えば、もちろん「デイヴ・ムステイン/デイヴィッド・エレフソン/マーティ・フリードマン/ニック・メンザ」。ニックの死により、二度と蘇らなくなってしまった4人です。彼らは4枚の超名盤『RUST IN PEACE』『COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION』『YOUTHANASIA』『CRYPTIC WRITINGS』を残しつつ、最近までライヴ盤は不遇でした。近年になってオフィシャルで幾ばくかの復刻が行われておりますが、まだまだ全容にはほど遠い。本作は、オフィシャル復刻されていないツアーを“公式クオリティ”で補完する超絶ステレオ・サウンドボードなのです。本作のポジションとはいかなるものなのか、まずは公式作品と交えてご理解いただきましょう。



頂点ライヴ盤:本作のディスク1 ←★コレ!★

頂点ライヴ盤:本作のディスク2 ←★コレ!★

……と、このようになっています。『RUST IN PEACE』『COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION』時代の頂点ライヴアルバムは公式化されましたが、当然リリースされると思われた『YOUTHANASIA』の20周年記念盤は登場せず、黄金カルテットの後半期は未だにアーカイヴされていない。本作は、その残る2つのツアーの頂点サウンドボードをフォローし、黄金時代を完結させる1本。公式アーカイヴと併せ、それこそ『RUST IN PEACE』『COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION』『YOUTHANASIA』『CRYPTIC WRITINGS』と同等の価値を持つコレクションなのです。

このように、MEGADETH頂点の名盤群と同価値とさえなる本作。その中身もご説明していきましょう。まずは、“YOUTHANASIA WORLD TOUR 1994-1995”の頂点たるディスク1に収められているのは、ワールド・ツアー千秋楽でもある「1995年9月9日ブエノス・アイレス公演」です。
『COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION』の成功により、“YOUTHANASIA TOUR”からサウンドボードが一気に増えてはいるのですが、ここまでの“超サウンド&完全収録”はこの1本しかありません。コレクター間には音量・音圧が多少揺れる音源も出回っており、それでも「awesome!!」「must have!!!」と激賞されていますが、本作はそんな揺れさえもない均一のベスト・マスターを使用しました。

代わってのディスク2は“CRYPTIC WRITING WORLD TOUR 1997-1998”の頂点サウンドボード。ディスク1と同じ“アルキテクト・リカルド・エチェベリ競技場”のライヴですが、同会場だからカップリングしたわけではありません。純粋に“最長”・“最高音質”を求めた結果、全サウンドボード音源の中でトップを究めたのがたまたま、同一会場だったに過ぎないのです。このツアーで注意しなくてはいけないのがドラマーで、ツアー中の1998年7月にニックからジミー・デグラッソに交代しています。本作は1997年録音ですので、ドラマーはニックです。
そして、そのサウンドはディスク1と1/4歩も劣らぬ激烈サウンドボード。ディスク1とは違って歓声もミックスされていますが、曲間やムステインが大合唱を誘った時に限定されており、やはり95%はド直結に脳ミソに流し込まれます。“CRYPTIC WRITING TOUR”はサウンドボードの本数こそ多いいものの、質の悪いものがほとんど。ハイクオリティ録音というとジミー交代後のアンプラグド物ばかりな中で、頂点に輝く最高サウンドのエレクトリックのフルショウ・アルバムです。こちらもコレクター間のマスターでは瞬間的な電子ノイズが入りますが、本作は100%美しいベストマスターを使用しました。

そんなハイパー・サウンドで描かれるショウが凄まじい。公式にライヴ録音のない「Paranoid」「Victory」「Sin」を始め、今では演奏されない「A Secret Place」「Almost Honest」も披露。「Trust」にしても“黄金カルテット”バージョンで聴けるのです。
そして、その“黄金カルテット”のアンサンブルこそが鮮烈。大表曲の数々でもオリジネイター:マーティならではの滑らかなフレーズが艶やかに流れるわけですが、それ以上に何と言っても強烈なのがニック。現在でもメタルシーンの猛者がこぞってスツールに座っていますが、つんのめり気味にシャープに切り刻むドラミングの気持ちよさは、他の誰でも味わえない。彼だからこそミドルでじっくり攻めようと、メロディアスになろうともMEGADETHだった。曲の良し悪しを超えて『RUST IN PEACE』から『CRYPTIC WRITINGS』の4枚こそが輝く理由。それが激烈ド直結サウンドボードで攻め立ててくる2枚組なのです。


Disc 1(67:37)
Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 9th September 1995(SDB A+)

1. Intro. 2. Skin O’ My Teeth 3. Hangar 18 4. Wake Up Dead 5. Reckoning Day
6. Angry Again 7. A Tout Le Monde 8. In My Darkest Hour 9. Jam 10. Train Of Consequences
11. Symphony Of Destruction 12. Peace Sells 13. Victory 14. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due
15. MC 16. Paranoid 17. Anarchy In The U.K.

Disc 2(73:58)
Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 13th December 1997(SDB A+)

1. Intro. 2. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due 3. Reckoning Day 4. Sin 5. Angry Again
6. A Secret Place 7. She-Wolf 8. Almost Honest 9. Guitar Solo 10. A Tout Le Monde
11. In My Darkest Hour 12. Sweating Bullets 13. Trust 14. Paranoid 15. Peace Sells
16. Symphony Of Destruction 17. Drums Solo/Jam 18. Anarchy In The U.K.

Dave Mustaine – Guitar, Lead Vocal David Ellefson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Marty Friedman – Guitar, Backing Vocals Nick Menza – Drums

Zodiac 222


Special project

★ MEGADETH Absolute board “DEFINITIVE BUENOS AIRES 1995 + 1997” which can be said to be the best masterpiece of Bootleg. Celebrating its birth, only with a sticker with a first-time limited number, the pro shots of the same show “BUENOS AIRES 1997: THE VIDEO” will be attached specially.

Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 13th December 1997 PRO-SHOT



The main press 2CD “DEFINITIVE BUENOS AIRES 1995 + 1997” is an absolute board which complements the official and completes the collection of “Golden Quartet”. It is an unnecessary transcendental stereo sound board album, such as a bonus. However, the same show happened to be left in the pro shot. Let’s have fun as a bonus disc because it’s so hard.
What is contained in this work is Buenos · Aires performance of the same “September 9, 1995” and “December 13, 1997” as the main press press 2CD. At that time, it is multi-camera · pro shot which recorded the television program broadcasted locally. Although it may be thought that “Press only voice while there are pro shots,” actually, TV broadcasting is incomplete also a good place. It is not a “vertex record” to be permanently preserved. Anyway, let’s introduce it in detail.
First of all, the main thing is “December 13, 1997” edited by “CRYPTIC WRITING TOUR”. Of the full set of 15 songs, 9 songs can be witnessed with multi camera / pro shot. The quality is excellent. It is very beautiful image quality, which is different from the so-called “noise-covered master” which tends to be in the “South American things of the 90’s”. Apart from a slightly darker point, it is also a level that can be used for official archives. Although the quality of voice does not reach that of this volume press CD, the recording itself seems to be the same, the sound board directly connected to the brain. When listening to the main press CD for the first time, I could think only as “spill sound board!”, But also for TV broadcasting. It was a unique mix that is unique to South America that would be rolled out without treatment. Also, if you listen carefully, you will hear the momentary noise “Pit” only once on the singing out of “A Tout Le Monde”, but there are also some places on the full soundboard that is currently on the market. So far, it was thought that entrance into the noise is commonplace in this live, but in the main press CD it is a startle master that is not even that.
Anyway, it is not wonderful of “Golden Quartet” drawn with beautiful multi & direct sound. Marty Friedman who plays the “real solo” while disturbing the perm and wandering, Nick Menza striking while standing in the mechanical drum kit. These four people will never come together again … …. Dave · Mustain is never a type called “name singer”, but this singing voice is still unique. Singing out aggressive songs cynically, “A Tout Le Monde” uses delicate voice expressions selectively. This strange singing voice seems to be rotted soilly and sincerely. Its charm is more beautiful than ever. Even in his vocalist life, was not it the peak from 1997 to 1999?
Following that 9 songs, the ‘September 9, 1995’ performance also included three songs ‘Hangar 18’, ‘Wake Up Dead’ and ‘Reckoning Day’ bonus. It is often confused with the same venue · same member (quality is also approximate) at the same time as 1997, but of course another show. In 1997, I was playing with a white shirt, too, with Mustain who was black.

Speaking of the “Golden Quartet” live, the Official is “WACHEST” only contains shortened versions of the London performances. It’s a very lonely situation for big names next to METALLICA. Although this work is also an incomplete version, it is a name pro shot that will clear out some such regrets. “Golden sight” that enriches the imagination of main press 2CD. Please, please enjoy it fully together with the main story press 2CD which is a transcendent live album.


★MEGADETHブートレッグの最高傑作とも言える絶対盤『DEFINITIVE BUENOS AIRES 1995+1997』。その誕生を祝し、初回限定ナンバー入りステッカー付きに限り、同じショウのプロショット『BUENOS AIRES 1997: THE VIDEO』が特別に付属いたします。

Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 13th December 1997 PRO-SHOT

本編プレス2CD『DEFINITIVE BUENOS AIRES 1995+1997』はオフィシャルを補完し、“黄金カルテット”のコレクションを完成させる絶対盤。到底ボーナスなど不要の超絶ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムです。しかし、たまたま同じショウがプロショットでも残されていた。せっかくですのでボーナス盤としてお楽しみ頂きましょう。
まず、メインとなるのは“CRYPTIC WRITING TOUR”編の「1997年12月13日」。フルセット15曲のうち、9曲がマルチカメラ・プロショットで目撃できます。そのクオリティは絶品。いわゆる“90年代の南米物”にありがちなノイズまみれのマスターとは次元が違い、非常に美麗な画質。やや暗めな点を除けば、公式アーカイヴにも使えるレベルです。音声はクオリティこそ本編プレスCDに及ばないものの、録音自体は同じらしく、脳ミソ直結サウンドボード。本編プレスCDを初めて聴いた時はあまりの生々しさに「流出サウンドボード!?」としか思えなかったのですが、テレビ放送でも同じだった。トリートメントせずに丸出しする南米ならではの本生ミックスだったわけです。また、よーく耳を澄ますと「A Tout Le Monde」の歌い出しに1回だけ「ピッ」という瞬間ノイズが聞こえると思いますが、現在出回っているフルサウンドボードにも何ヶ所か入っています。これまで、このライヴにはノイズ入りが当たり前と思われていたのですが、本編プレスCDにはそれさえもない驚愕マスターなのです。
ともあれ、美麗マルチ&直結サウンドで描かれる“黄金カルテット”の素晴らしさったらない。パーマを振り乱して暴れながら“本物ソロ”を奏でるマーティ・フリードマン、メカニカルなドラムキットの中で立ち上がりながらで叩きまくるニック・メンザ。この4人が揃うことはもう二度とないのです……。デイヴ・ムステインは決して“名シンガー”と呼ばれるタイプではありませんが、やはりこの歌声は唯一無二。アグレッシヴな曲をシニカルに歌い飛ばし、「A Tout Le Monde」では繊細に声の表情を使い分ける。このふて腐れていそうで真摯という不思議な歌声。その魅力がいつにも増して美しい。彼のヴォーカリスト人生でも、この1997年から1999年にかけてが頂点だったのではないでしょうか。
その9曲に続き、「1995年9月9日」公演も3曲「Hangar 18」「Wake Up Dead」「Reckoning Day」ボーナス収録しました。同じ会場・同じメンバー(ついでにクオリティも近似)だけに1997年と混同されがちですが、もちろん別公演。1997年には黒ずくめだったムステインも、こちらでは白いシャツで弾きまくっています。


1. Holy Wars 2. Angry Again 3. A Tout Le Monde 4. She-Wolf 5. Almost Honest 6. Sin
7. Sweating Bullets 8. Paranoid 9. Anarchy In The U.K.

Bonus Tracks
Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 9th September 1995
10. Hangar 18 11. Wake Up Dead 12. Reckoning Day

Dave Mustaine – Guitar, Lead Vocal David Ellefson – Bass, Backing Vocals
Marty Friedman – Guitar, Backing Vocals Nick Menza – Drums


Special Bonus DVDR for limited numbered stickered edition of “DEFINITIVE BUENOS AIRES 1995+1997″(ZODIAC 222)


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