Madonna / Rebel heart Tour Kicks Off / 2CDR+1DVDR

Madonna / Rebel heart Tour Kicks Off / 2CDR+1DVDR / Midnight Dreamer

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Live At TD Garden, Boston, MA 9/26/2015. Audience+Aud-Shot


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Start 2016 in absolute ’10 swing of Japan Tour has decided indomitable Queen of Pop, Madonna of the latest “level Heart Tour” finally!

September 26, 2015 Boston performances 2CDR + tour the first day of September 9, 2015 Montreal performances latest complete recording DVDR attention by sound and video due to the coupling of the tour Live item first appearance!

Stage by gorgeous set appeared in advanced concept of Samurai Geisha In ACT1 by theme. The new and old interwoven set list masterpieces of Edith Piaf in the end there is also an acoustic corner “La vie en rose” also showcased.

The video is a must-see live video never get tired the whole volume in a multi-camera editing by multiple AUD camera shooting!

Must listen must-see large recommended item first appearance of the latest album latest singles Madonna hottest all played the acquired full revive the # 1 on the billboard from the “level Heart” “level Heart Tour”! !
Live At TD Garden, Boston, MA 9/26/2015





Live At TD Garden, Boston, MA 9/26/2015
01. Iconic
02. Bitch I’m Madonna
03. Burning Up
04. Holy Water (include parts of Vogue)
05. Devil Pray
06. Messiah (Interlude)
07. Body Shop
08. True Blue (Acoustic)
09. Deeper and Deeper
10. HeartBreakCity
(includes parts of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore)
11. Like a Virgin
(includes parts of Justify My Love and Heartbeat)
12. S.E.X. – Justify My Love (Interlude)

01. Living For Love
02. La Isla Bonita
03. Dress You Up
(includes parts of Into the Groove and Lucky Star)
04. Who’s That Girl (Acoustic)
05. Rebel Heart
06. Illuminati (Interlude)
07. Music (includes parts of Give It 2 Me)
08. Candy Shop
09. Material Girl
10. La vie en rose
11. Unapologetic Bitch
12. Holiday
Live At Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada 9/9/2015
ACT 01 – Samurai – Geisha
01. Opening – Iconic Secret Project Revolution
02. Iconic
03. Bitch I’m Madonna
04. Burning Up
05. Holy Water / Vogue
06. Devil Pray
07. Messiah (Video Interlude)

ACT 02 – Tank Girl
08. Body Shop
09. True Blue
10. Deeper And Deeper
11. HeartBreak City / Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
12. Like A Virgin
13. S.E.X. – Justify My Love (Video Interlude)

ACT 03 – Gypsy Heart / Frida Kahlo
14. Living For Love (Remix)
15. La Isla Bonita
16. Dress You Up – Into The Groove – Everybody – Lucky Star (Medley)
17. Who’s That Girl
18. Rebel Heart
19. Illuminati (Video Interlude)

ACT 04 – Anness Folles
20. Music / Candy Shop
21. Material Girl
22. La Vie En Rose
23. Unapologetic Bitch
24. Holiday

Midnight Dreamer. MD-726A/B/C

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