Led Zeppelin / Royal Albert hall 1970 / 5CD+1DVD

Led Zeppelin / Royal Albert hall 1970 / 5CD+1DVD / Non Label

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Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 9th January 1970


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Although we have running low this year, our shop ZEP release is not the end still! 2015, none ZEP title from our shop without tricks famous sound source, in the place, but only the release of the form that respects the basic state we have been well received, calm recent ’69 Fillmore festival , that the Royal Albert Hall of this time in ’70, once again early summarizes the classic sound and video of ZEP live, six luxury sets of limited press CD & DVD title will be the appearance!

Since its debut, fast and furious live activity throughout 1969, further steadfast popularity won by the second album release. Although initially became a form of popular will explode in the United States than the home country the United Kingdom, the success of the second album was a result of popularity in the United Kingdom also detonate. United Kingdom tour in ’70 that was held in reflecting shaped its popularity. Among them, the Royal Albert Hall of January 9 was a gig that was said to be its symbol. There was is that it has appeared in the last year in the package show that mixed with the multiple of artists, that the venue of its own has become RAH is, represents the success of the group more than anything else. So assuming the release of in some form even as ZEP-side, multi-track recording, of course, I gave up video recording using the film.
Although at that time had been reported also in relation to recording, saw the light of day in ’70 at the time it is only the sound source for the radio broadcast that provided to BBC, towards the video sleep in film can not be released It became a thing. Nowadays, it’s there has become apparent that was also rough editing is attempted based on the photographed film at the time, also the presence of the film is apparent was that in the previous 15 years It is. ZEP person in question who also, No way should the image of this gig could not have dreamed it and become much sleep thing.

It is a thing of the time in 1988, the Jimmy Page issued a “OUTIRDER”. “Royal Albert Hall of example, 70 years are taken by the film” and stated that, mania is to know that there is a live video of ZEP to other than “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.” Already this time to appeared radio sound in “STRANGE TALES FROM THE ROAD”, mania that had listened to the playing of the RAH in also sound board recording while the sound quality is poor was not reduced. But the interesting thing, after one year from Jimmy remarks It is the thing which I was surprised because he was also the outflow towards the video. That had been truly taken … that.
Video of this time is also available image quality that had been piled up dubbing in terrible, moreover, was that sound audience recording. Voice is the audience recording to professional shot the video? It was a joke like a state to think from now, because it is a glimpse at the DVD of this set with respect to the image of the neighborhood, please try to compare. It is now, I can now be seen in a different dimension of high-quality video at all by a Invincible “DVD”. As around this time of the sound source, and classic video “LONG TALL SALLY: ALTERNATE FOOTAGE” was re-recorded in press DVD, it’s the time of release was Mise anew together.

Disc-1 & 2: Multitrack Recording

Surprisingly, it was a big surprise to the mania also for work at the time of the voice work tape was leaked of the “DVD” was not poor have much time from release. Moreover, it is what high sound quality as you likely will be able to release quality was brought home whether sound source outflow unique unique 21st century as it is. At that time, there is also the fact that tape of stage that was not recorded “Long Tall Sally” is there is a feeling that was attracting attention that was hear in Ultra quality, also is mixed by Kevin Shirley has been subjected to “DVD” incredible clearness There are wonderful things.
Although this is a work tape, actually it has been recorded me “Communication Breakdown” twice dub, it had been cut in the past of the item. And one thing that the short version of the place where the tempo became slow has been edited. That version differences of the same performance has been recorded is exactly what was the state of the work tape unique, but there would had been cut from the wind point of view of duplication. However, this time in order to respect the original sound source, firmly recorded two versions.
However, as of the simultaneous release that he worked “HOW THE WEST WAS WON” was so, criticism from mania at the sound processing is the point was a sound trend bare finish at the time in 2003 a lapse of a few years from release The point which was to be. There I and was with the eye was out-of-stock titles that have been released from our “how-the-West WAS Ridan”. The point is the same in this sound source, will especially live the second half of the up-tempo oldies cover Atari sounded as Shanshan and texture of cymbals Shi likeness 2003 equalize feeling lighter.

Disc-3 & 4: Multitrack Recording with added in-between chatter filler

RAH masters of ZEP live sound restoration that gave the eye in such a state of work-tape, is Winston remastered. For the cut portions between songs to be found here and there, and the audience recording that had been around to it, it was then tied to a combination of radio sound source to introduce. Among them is a strange sound source toward the audience recording I ne … outflow at the time, but is something which has been heard in the voice of the video, the video without that was distributed as pure audience recording that does not pass through, and is introduced always as “Video Soundtrack” in It is a sound source are. To try to guess, camera crew is not might it be possible also conceivable in which has been recorded in floor microphone.
It is to might such had been dubbing … the place to spill the video, “Heartbreaker” from the video even at this stage it was unreleased reminiscent it. In other words, the work can be seen from the tape “Heartbreaker” is will hit the break on the tape in the live of the day, obvious is that it has failed the recording. If that happens it seems whether there is a high possibility that was excluded at the stage of creating a rough image. So also the sound source called the audience record would did not contain a “Heartbreaker”.
However, nothing else, the Winston remastered have us to demonstrate the Ikan’naku skills here. In particular, work tape body was remarkable equalize feeling and modern sound quality is at once relaxed. It would be obvious in comparison to listen to each cover performance of late live. Again the ZEP thing called person of such analog-taste is apposite. Because of its finish, but there is a remastered version has been released from a previous, whereas in the past the title has been subjected to further equalize from the top, this time Winston From your principal image intact. Good feeling of the natural taste is fresh.

Disc-5: BBC AM Broadcast

And is not a exaggeration to say that this time of the back highlight of was recorded at the end of the disk of the CD, the sound source that the BBC was broadcasting at that time radio. When you even in the 2015 of the now to the fact that the sound source before broadcasting does not appear, it will not remain and the other stations. Not only ahead of the LP box “STRANGE TALES”, it is air check sound source the item was out such made IMMIGRNT “ROYAL ALBERT PRESENTATION” of nostalgia. While the sound quality is a recording specific quaint range narrow sound quality via the mixing desk than the multi-track, it is possible that you adjust the deviation of the pitch is a disadvantage that was consistent in the past of items, and easier to hear at once It was. Era that have not been considered, such as still release of “DVD”, might be recalled that it was listening this Therefore gratitude.

DVD: Alternate Footage

The last disc is recorded pro-shot video. Here is already sold out, and have now, in the masterpiece of the Royal Albert Hall concert back video, definitive edition “LONG TALL SALLY: ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1970 ALTERNATE FOOTAGE” a, each menu again, and re-press as it is recording is doing. This has become a story of frequent boot leg from VHS era [The Alternate Cut], in accordance with one turtle image that was used as one angle in the [Single Camera Footage], and 2 bracts of “Led Zeppelin DVD” the It is divided into three menus of whether the difference between at 3 split screen that were co-reproducing the video has been edited as can be seen in one shot [Official Cut Analysis (Multi-Angle Comparison)]. It is edited by Ssellers Mr. that often eye the name in many of the live video that can Watch Zeppelin’s official site and YouTube, are “Led Zeppelin DVD” and is densely dubbing of high quality that it was accompanied by outflow also voice Because with that, I finished in [The Alternate Cut] also [Single Camera Footage] it was also very rich content. Nevertheless, still it is the main purpose [Official Cut Analysis (Multi-Angle Comparison)] is overwhelmingly interesting, there is no passion to doubt that it is also allowed to overwhelm the producer multiplied this much time and effort.

In this [Official Cut Analysis (Multi-Angle Comparison)], it has been recorded in comparison screen is easy-to-understand screen configurations of the two takes of the official take, and the main camera, to show the sub-camera is allowed to synchro, DVD has become the image that has been created based on the concept of analyzing the shot that has not been the adopted shot in (overlapping portions to be the one good image quality). [Alternate Cut] and [Single Camera Footage] while watching it and thought have been part “this scene, Kana? Had been included on the official” is, where it has become to those seen often that different to what kind of wind, official There has become a great content that it can be seen that has been recorded is also only this charming scene in how you edit the plurality of film material, and it was not adopted film.

Is configured in the best sound, ’70 Royal Albert Hall of sound board collection, and even to want become new culmination called, yet Winston remastered of course is recording in the state stuck to the natural is, two eye deviation and ease of listening in that it has Mise to adjust even the difference of the volume level of the pitch was prominent in the part that corresponds to the disk is outstanding. This is also a title that can taste slowly and carefully one of Meien in gig ZEP legend in a variety of sound board. Since there is a feature in each of the sound source, which can be enjoyed!





それは1988年、ジミー・ペイジが「OUTIRDER」を出した時の事です。「例えば70年のロイヤル・アルバート・ホールはフィルムで撮影してある」ということを明言し、マニアは「THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME」以外にZEPのライブ映像が存在することを知るのです。既にこの頃には「STRANGE TALES FROM THE ROAD」でラジオ音源が登場し、音質が悪いながらもサウンドボード録音でRAHの演奏を聴いていたマニアは少なくありませんでした。しかし面白いことに、ジミーの発言から一年後には映像の方も流出したのだから驚かされたものです。つまり、本当に撮影されていた…ということを。
この時の映像はダビングを重ねられていたこともあり画質はひどいもので、しかも音声がオーディエンス録音というものでした。プロショット映像なのに音声はオーディエンス録音ですよ?今から考えると冗談みたいな状態でしたが、その辺りの映像に関しては本セットのDVDにて垣間見られますので、比較してみてください。それが今や、天下無敵な「DVD」によって全く別次元なハイクオリティ映像で見られるようになりました。この時の音源を中心として、そして定番映像「LONG TALL SALLY: ALTERNATE FOOTAGE」をプレスDVDで再収録し、改めてまとめてみせたのが今回のリリースなのです。

Disc-1 & 2 : Multitrack Recording

意外なことに、リリースからそれほど時間が経たずして「DVD」の作業時の音声ワーク・テープが流出したのもマニアには大きな驚きでした。しかもそのままリリースできてしまいそうなほどクオリティの高い音質が21世紀ならではの音源流出ならではかと痛感させられたものです。当時は「DVD」に収録されなかった「Long Tall Sally」がウルトラ・クオリティで聴けたことに注目が集まった感があり、またケヴィン・シャーリーによってミックスが施された段階のテープということもあって信じられないほどのクリアネスは素晴らしいものがあります。
このワーク・テープですが、実際には「Communication Breakdown」二回ダブって収録されており、それが過去のアイテムではカットされていました。しかも片方はテンポがスローになった箇所がエディットされたショート・バージョンというもの。同じ演奏のバージョン違いが収録されている点がまさにワーク・テープならではの状態だったのですが、そこがダブりという風な観点からカットされていたのでしょう。しかし、今回は元の音源を尊重すべく、二つのバージョンをしっかりと収録。
しかし彼が手掛けた同時リリースの「HOW THE WEST WAS WON」がそうだったように、音処理が2003年当時のサウンド・トレンド丸出しな仕上がりだった点はリリースから数年を経過したところでマニアから批判されるようになったポイント。そこに目を付けたのが当店からリリースされていた品切れタイトル「ハウ・ザ・ウエスト・ワズ・リダーン」だったのです。その点はこの音源においても同様であり、特にライブ後半のアップテンポなオールディーズ・カバー辺りでは軽めでシャンシャンとしたシンバルの質感が2003年らししイコライズ感として響いてしまいます。

Disc-3 & 4 : Multitrack Recording with added in-between chatter filler

RAHワーク・テープのそんな状態に目を付けたのがZEPライブ音源レストアの巨匠、ウインストン・リマスターです。散見される曲間のカット部分に関しては、それまで出回っていたオーディエンス録音と、次に紹介するラジオ音源を組み合わせてつないでいました。中でもオーディエンス録音の方は不思議な音源ですよね…流出当時、ビデオの音声で聴かれたものですが、ビデオを経由しない純然たるオーディエンス録音として流通したことが無く、常に「Video Soundtrack」として紹介されている音源です。推測してみるに、撮影班がフロア・マイクで収録していた可能性も考えられるのではないでしょうか。

Disc-5 : BBC AM Broadcast

そしてCDの最後のディスクに収録されたのが今回の裏目玉といっても過言ではない、BBCが当時ラジオで放送したという音源。2015年の今になっても放送前の音源が現れないことからすると、もう局には残っていないのでしょう。先のLPボックス「STRANGE TALES」だけでなく、懐かしのIMMIGRNT製「ROYAL ALBERT PRESENTATION」といったアイテムが出ていたエアチェック音源です。音質的にはマルチトラックよりもミキシング卓経由の録音的な趣のあるレンジの狭い音質ですが、過去のアイテムで一貫していた欠点であるピッチの狂いをアジャストしたことで、一気に聴きやすくなりました。まだ「DVD」のリリースなど考えられなかった時代、これを有り難がって聴いていたことを思い出されるかもしれません。

DVD : Alternate Footage

最後のディスクにはプロショット映像を収録。こちらは既に完売している、今もって、ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール公演裏映像の最高傑作にして、決定版「LONG TALL SALLY: ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1970 ALTERNATE FOOTAGE」を、再度メニューごと、そのまま再プレスして収録しています。こちらはVHS時代から頻繁にブートレッグのネタとなっている[The Alternate Cut]、その中の1アングルとして使われた1カメ映像による[Single Camera Footage]、そしてその2つと『Led Zeppelin DVD』の映像を同時再生させた3分割画面にてどう違うのかが一発で分かるように編集された[Official Cut Analysis (Multi-Angle Comparison)]の3つのメニューに分かれています。ツェッペリンのオフィシャル・サイトやYouTubeで観賞出来る多くのライヴ映像でもしばしば名前を目にするSsellers氏による編集であり、音声についても『Led Zeppelin DVD』やそれに伴い流出した高音質のものが緻密にアフレコされているので、[The Alternate Cut]も[Single Camera Footage]も大変充実した内容に仕上がっています。それでも、やはり主目的である[Official Cut Analysis (Multi-Angle Comparison)]が圧倒的に面白く、これだけの手間をかけた製作者の情熱にも圧倒させられること間違いありません。

この[Official Cut Analysis (Multi-Angle Comparison)]では、オフィシャルテイクとの2テイクとの比較画面が分かりやすい画面構成で収録されており、メイン・カメラと、サブ・カメラをシンクロさせて見せて、DVDに採用されたショットとされなかったショットを分析するというコンセプトを基に作成された映像になっています(重複する部分は画質の良いものを使用)。[Alternate Cut]と[Single Camera Footage]を見ながら「こんなシーン、オフィシャルに収録されていたかな?」と思っていた部分が、どこがどういう風に違うということがよく分かるものになっており、オフィシャルが複数のフィルム素材をどのように編集したか、そして採用されなかったフィルムにもこれだけ魅力的なシーンが収録されていることが判る素晴らしい内容になっています。


Multitrack Recording

Disc 1 (61:28)
1. We’re Gonna Groove 2. I Can’t Quit You Baby 3. Dazed and Confused
4. Heartbreaker 5. What Is and What Should Never Be 6. Moby Dick
7. Whole Lotta Love 8. Communication Breakdown

Disc 2 (53:37)
1. How Many More Times 2. Communication Breakdown (shorter edit) 3. White Summer
4. C’mon Everybody 5. Something Else 6. Bring It On Home 7. Long Tall Sally

Multitrack Recording with added in-between chatter filler

Disc 3(63:35)
1. Intro 2. We’re Gonna Groove 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby 4. Dazed And Confused
5. Heartbreaker 6. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 7. What Is And What Should Never Be
8. Moby Dick

Disc 4 (50:12)
1. How Many More Times 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Communication Breakdown
4. Bring It On Home 5. C’mon Everybody 6. Something Else 7. Long Tall Sally

BBC AM Broadcast

Disc 5(48:04)

1 Bring It On Home 2 Whole Lotta Love 3 Communication Breakdown 4 DJ Gino’s banter
5 C’mon Everybody 6 Something Else 7 How Many More Times

DVD: Alternate Footage

Alternate Cut
1. Intro 2. We’re Gonna Groove 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby 4. White Summer 5. Whole Lotta Love
6. Communication Breakdown 7. C’mon Everybody 8. Long Tall Sally

Single Camera Footage(fragments)

1. Intro 2. We’re Gonna Groove 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby 4. Communication Breakdown
5. C’mon Everybody 6. Something Else 7. Bring It On Home 8. Long Tall Sally

Official Cut Analysis(multi-angle comparison)

1. Intro 2. We’re Gonna Groove 3. I Can’t Quit You Baby 4. White Summer 5. Whole Lotta Love
6. Communication Breakdown 7. C’mon Everybody 8. Something Else 9. Bring It On Home
10. Long Tall Sally

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 100min.

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