Jimmy Page / New Haven 1988 / 2DVDR

Jimmy Page / New Haven 1988 / 2DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT. USA 3rd November 1988


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The only best video of a solo tour “OUTRIDER TOUR 1988” carrier comes a gift title. But say with the picture of this tour “OUTRIDER IN PHOENIX” and “OUTRIDER IN NASSAU COLISEUM” is the large classic, this film is “third masterpiece” and’s the best video also say (here a little digression. Previously, Mr. Paige visit has been folded, was go to watch really like the “OUTRIDER iN NASSAU COLISEUM”. “amused” “rarity want rather than feeling like”, is endlessly devour staring, traveling with the If a chat and “is in this song …….” I seem to have been very memorable tour even for the person in question).
Digress. Let’s back to talk to this work. Identity of this work to be a “third masterpiece”, the captured audience shot in the “November 3, New Haven performances in 1988”. MTV professional shot of respect “OUTRIDER IN PHOENIX” and elaborate multi-camera editing “OUTRIDER IN NASSAU COLISEUM”, this work is “the audience was fully-recording in Wankame”. When words, impact than professional shots and multi-camera editing ends up feel like a weak, but of course the reality is not the case. In fact, it is a work by the hands of the same mania a masterpiece multi-camera “OUTRIDER IN NASSAU COLISEUM”, the quality of this work is the dimension that “there is no need to be multi”.
In fact, the angle of this work is stage right I shooting looking down from (Paige side), what position was the foremost seat of the second floor, not reflected other audience at all! Shadow of the front row of the head and arms, let alone any of the obstacle zero. Moreover, in the sense of stability preeminent even if the argument is also looming in the zoom, not reflected even the audience of 1 floor seats. But are concentrated only on the Stage intently,’s the best field of view are a total field of view is occupied by live music with a focus on Page.
In addition, image quality and sound quality is also superb. Of course, it always made into an analog video shooting because it is the 1980s, beautifully even closer to the big time zoom, look to wrinkle of Paige costume. In addition master freshness is also stunning and, degradation and Tepuyore of color, let alone, you do not even a line noise single super beautiful the first time. Clear in the video transcendence sound is also only to shield zero that does not lose the beauty. Indeed does not Omoikkiri is swung to the left and right in the direct stereo like a pro shot “OUTRIDER IN PHOENIX” but the details of the musical sound equivalent. Ovation on it also sucks to feel good, is exactly what a single that can best “field experience”.
So, this “best experience” is what life of this work. Pro-shot and multi-camera editing is not of course great, but inevitably unlike to real experience is “one of the crowd”. Precisely because it Wankame in this work, one person immersive and experience a sense of precisely because the point of view of the Is there plenty. And, the environment is because it is superb, also great. Became the site is the defunct “New Haven Coliseum” now, but about 1 million people everyone was packed in there does not mean were seen in the best field of view, superb sound. Is expert in superb position overlooking the all prisoner’s base, was fully pressing the whole volume high and low in the equipment of contemporary stamp. Not only in our modern times is a show out of reach, “best experience” only could not know even limited human at the time of the fan,’s the one that makes us taste it.
The only solo tour, which was drawn by the quality is really great. LED ZEPPELIN disbanded later, downright Hagayuka’ was Paige is returned to the forefront. Also will play new songs and THE FIRM of “OUTRIDER”, but refreshing playing the first time, such as defiant of all is said and done ZEP number largess. John Miles sing them also nice, not run to the voice quality while impersonation reminiscent of Robert Plant. Again, the voice of this type what is to Paige music worthy, somewhere in a natural and much than COVERDALE / PAGE, which was felt is impossible, you have doing even beautifully sing in THE FIRM number.

28 years ago to Jimmy Page’s solo tour was realized only once only “OUTRIDER TOUR 1988”. A Page of the feedback was still 40s, one that records the moment of sublime as “own music” to ZEP. Closest best video on the “real experience” was also not so desire in Japan. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

キャリア唯一のソロ・ツアー“OUTRIDER TOUR 1988”の極上映像がギフト・タイトルで登場です。このツアーの映像というと『OUTRIDER IN PHOENIX』や『OUTRIDER IN NASSAU COLISEUM』が大定番ですが、本作は“第3の傑作”とも言える極上映像なのです(ここでちょっと余談。以前、ペイジ氏が来店された折、『OUTRIDER IN NASSAU COLISEUM』を非常に気に入って観て行かれました。“面白がる”“珍しがる”といった感じではなく、延々と食い入るように見つめては、お連れの方と「この曲ではさ……」と談笑。ご本人にとっても非常に思い出深いツアーだったようです)。
閑話休題。本作に話を戻しましょう。“第3の傑作”となる本作の正体は、「1988年11月3日ニューヘイブン公演」で撮影されたオーディエンス・ショット。MTVプロショットの『OUTRIDER IN PHOENIX』や精緻なマルチカメラ編集『OUTRIDER IN NASSAU COLISEUM』に対し、本作は「ワンカメで録りきったオーディエンス」です。言葉にすると、プロショットやマルチカメラ編集よりインパクトが弱いような気がしてしまいますが、もちろん現実はそうではありません。実のところ、傑作マルチカメラ『OUTRIDER IN NASSAU COLISEUM』と同じマニアの手による作品ですが、本作のクオリティは、“マルチにする必要がない”という次元なのです。
実際、本作のアングルはステージ右側(ペイジ側)から見下ろし撮影なのですが、ポジションが2階席の最前席だったのか、他の観客がまったく映らない! 前列の頭や腕の影はおろか一切の遮蔽物ゼロ。しかもズームで迫っても引きになっても安定感バツグンで、1階席の観客さえ映らない。ただひたすらにステージだけに集中しており、視界全部がペイジを中心とした生演奏に占領される極上視野なのです。
その上、画質・音質も極上。もちろん、80年代ですからアナログのビデオ撮影になるわけですが、思いっきりズームに寄っても美しく、ペイジの衣装のシワまで見える。さらにマスター鮮度も驚異的で、発色の劣化やテープヨレはおろか、線ノイズ1本すらない超美麗ぶりなのです。その映像美に負けないサウンドも遮蔽物ゼロだけに超絶にクリア。さすがにプロショット『OUTRIDER IN PHOENIX』のように直結ステレオで思いっきり左右に振られるわけではありませんが、楽音の詳細さは同等。その上で大喝采も良い感じに吸い込んでおり、まさにベストな“現場体験”ができる1本なのです。
そう、この“ベスト体験”こそが本作の命。プロショットやマルチカメラ編集ももちろん素晴らしいわけですが、“ひとりの観客”となって実体験するのとはどうしても違ってしまう。本作にはワンカメだからこそ、1人の視点だからこその没入感・体験感がたっぷりとあるのです。そして、その環境が極上だから、また素晴らしい。現場となったのは今はなき“New Haven Coliseum”ですが、そこに詰めかけた約1万人全員が極上視野・極上サウンドで観られたわけではありません。総てを見渡せる極上ポジションに達人が陣取り、当代きっての機材で全編くまなく押さえきった。現代の私たちには手の届かないショウであるばかりか、当時のファンでも限られた人間しか知り得なかった“極上体験”、それを味わわせてくれる1本なのです。
そのクオリティで描かれた唯一のソロ・ツアーは、本当に素晴らしい。LED ZEPPELIN解散以降、なんとも歯がゆかったペイジが最前線に復帰。『OUTRIDER』の新曲やTHE FIRMも演奏しますが、何と言ってもZEPナンバー大盤振る舞いの開き直ったような演奏ぶりが清々しい。それらを歌うジョン・マイルズも素晴らしく、ロバート・プラントを思い起こさせる声質ながらモノマネには走らない。やはり、このタイプの声こそペイジ・ミュージックには相応しく、どこかに無理が感じられたCOVERDALE/PAGEよりも遙かに自然で、THE FIRMナンバーでさえ見事に歌いこなしています。

28年前にただ一度だけ実現したジミー・ペイジのソロ・ツアー“OUTRIDER TOUR 1988”。まだ40代だったペイジの帰還であり、ZEPを“自らの音楽”として昇華した刹那を記録した1本。日本では望むべくもなかった“実体験”にもっとも近い極上映像。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1 (55:48)
1. Who’s To Blame 2. Prelude 3. Over The Hills And Far Away 4. Wanna Make Love 5. Writes Of Winter
6. Tear Down The Walls 7. Emerald Eyes 8. Midnight Moonlight 9. In My Time Of Dying

Disc 2 (62:18)
1. City Sirens 2. Someone To Love 3. Prison Blues 4. The Chase 5. Cello Bow Guitar Solo
6. Dazed And Confused 7. Wasting My Time 8. Blues Anthem 9. Custard Pie 10. Train Kept A-Rollin’
11. Stairway To Heaven

Jimmy Page – Guitar John Miles – Vocal Jason Bonham – Drums Durban Laverde – Bass

COLOUR NTSC Approx.118min.


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