George Harrison / Afternoon In Chicago / 2CDR

George Harrison / Afternoon In Chicago / 2CDR / Beatfile

Translated Text:

Afternoon Show Live At Chicago Stadium, Chicago, 11.30.1974.


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afternoon show in Chicago performances November 30 debuts from Beatles expert label “BEATFILE” from the U.S. tour in ’74, which was performed as a solo for the first time the Beatles broke up after! 

Evening show is the performance of this day already familiar but original master sound source which is the first appearance a few songs since it was released in the analog era 1LP has been excavated. This afternoon show, including the performance of Ravi Shankar while some incomplete or re-play “Sue Me Sue You Blues” is a rare live recordings of excavation required collector! !





Afternoon Show Live At Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL November 30th 1974

01. Hari’s On Tour (Express)
02. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
03. Something
04. Will It Go Round In Circles
05. Sue Me Sue You Blues (mistake)
06. Sue Me Sue You Blues
07. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom – Ravi Shankar
08. Jai Sri Kalij – Ravi Shankar
09. Na Na Dahni – Ravi Shankar
10. Cheparte – Ravi Shankar

01. For You Blue
02. Band Introductions
03. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
04. In My Life
05. Tom Cat
06. Maya Love
07. Dark Horse
08. Nothing From Nothing
09. Outta Space
10. What Is Life
11. My Sweet Lord


Beatfile. BFB054CDR1/2

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