Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Miami 1973 1st Night / 2CD

Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Miami 1973 1st Night / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida, USA 14th November 1973



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EL & P Gold “BRAIN SALAD SURGERY TOUR”. The rare first day recording is the discovery of a miracle.
Since its debut in 1970, EL & P has passed through the 70s at a furious speed. Even in that history, speaking of the top, “brain reform of fear” and that tour is nothing else. This work is its first day. It is an audience album that holds the start dash that is trying to sweep the world right now with the highest masterpiece, with 100% sound at the real life. Such recording was recorded “Miami performance November 14, 1973”. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s look at the overall image of EL & P’s vertex “BRAIN SALAD SURGERY TOUR 1973-1974”.

“September 1973” Brain reform of terror “completed”
– About two months later –
“November 19, 1973” Brain reform of terror “released”
· November 14 – 1973 – 18 December: North America # 1 (30 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
– About a month later –
· January 24 – 1974 – 6th April: North America # 2 (35 shows) * Official board
· April 18 – 1974 – May 2: UK (9 shows)
· May 7, 1974 – June 2: Europe (20 performances)
– About a month and a half later –
· July 26 – 1974 – 21 August: North America # 3 (17 performances)

Over, all 111 performances. Although there are some obscure points in the record of the 70’s, it is not strict, but you should be able to grasp the approximate activity summary. “The February 2, 1974 Anaheim Show” as the main venue of the official name “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN” is “North America # 2”, but this work is about two and a half months ago. It is the first day to be five days before the release of “Brain reform of terror”. Recordings of this day are rarely described in the list of core collectors, and are sound sources of phantom which disappeared after existence was rumored. It suddenly appeared recently.
The sound of such a phantom album is really wonderful vintage sound. Although it is truly rare, it can not be said that it is “just like a sound board!”, But it does not mean that you can listen carefully and say “you can check your performance.” Although feeling of the site feeling of popularity is felt somewhat, musical tones that do not make sense of distance and extreme overwhelming everything. Moreover, the ensemble of three did not become dumplings, it separated cleanly. It is a live album filled with the three rough band performances from corner to corner.
Although it is such a wonderful sound, unfortunately it did not make a perfect recording. Honestly, cuts of only a few seconds are scattered. For the sake of accuracy …… About the first 10 seconds of “Jerusalem”, a few seconds in “Battlefield” “Aquatarkus”, the first 30 seconds of “Benny The Bouncer”, just before “Lucky Man” and 3, “First impression” 10 seconds at the beginning and “3rd impression” at the beginning are missing. “Jerusalem” and “Benny The Bouncer” At the beginning is somewhat long, the others are at most 1/2 seconds. Although it is a name recording of a masterpiece sound as a whole, it may be due to this lack of which was unpreferable until now.
But as you press it, the more you press it the better the sound and the performance. Since it is the first day anyway, it is raining in the world premiere. Some songs are played prior to the completion of the album like “Still You Turn Me On” and “First impression”, but most of the “brain reforms of terror” numbers premiered on this day. Moreover, the constitution of the show is not settled, and “Jerusalem” “Toccata” “Still You Turn Me On” three times from the beginning in order of the songs of the album. After that, while also having a past repertoire between moments, “Benny The Bouncer” → “Karn Evil 9” in order. That “Benny The Bouncer” will be shut down with the piano on the album, and it is clearly “a concert expressing” brain reform of terror “throughout the show”.

To say that it is before the release of the album, this confidence. This challenge. As EL & P also replaced the new song little by little with the new work release, it was the accumulation of minor changes to the last. This work is a moment when it changed overnight. How did they have absolute confidence in “brain reform of fear”? It is a live album that should be said to be the true spirit of EL & P that is just progressive.
The premiere album of “BRAIN SALAD SURGERY TOUR” finally appeared. Even though there are faults in which chips are scattered, it is one of the wonderful sounds that are valuable too much. A masterpiece suitable for concluding 2016, at hand you this weekend.

EL&P黄金の“BRAIN SALAD SURGERY TOUR”。その激レアな初日録音が奇跡の発掘です。
1970年のデビュー以来、猛烈なスピードで70年代を駆け抜けたEL&P。その歴史でも、頂点と言えば『恐怖の頭脳改革』とそのツアーに他なりません。本作は、その初日。最高傑作を携えて今まさに世界を席巻しようとするスタートダッシュを、本生100%サウンドで収めたオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。そんな本作が録音されたのは「1973年11月14日マイアミ公演」。良い機会ですので、EL&Pの頂点“BRAIN SALAD SURGERY TOUR 1973-1974”の全体像から見ていきましょう。


以上、全111公演。70年代の記録にはあやふやな点もあるので厳密ではありませんが、おおよその活動概要は把握していただけるでしょう。公式の名盤『LADIES AND GENTLEMEN』のメイン会場となった「1974年2月2日アナハイム公演」は「北米#2」ですが、本作はその約2ヶ月半前。『恐怖の頭脳改革』の発売5日前となる初日です。この日の録音はコア・コレクターのリストにもほとんど記載されることなく、存在が噂されては消えていった幻の音源。それが最近になって突如、姿を現したのです。
それほど素晴らしいサウンドではあるものの、残念ながら完璧な録音とはいかなかった。正直なところ、ごく数秒のカットが散見するのです。正確を期するために記しますと……「Jerusalem」の最初10秒ほど、「Battlefield」「Aquatarkus」にごく数秒、「Benny The Bouncer」の最初30秒、「Lucky Man」の直前と3番、「第1印象」冒頭の10秒と「第3印象」の3番に欠けがあります。「Jerusalem」と「Benny The Bouncer」冒頭はやや長いものの、その他はせいぜい1・2秒です。全体としては傑作サウンドの名録音でありながら、これまで不遇だったのは、この欠けのせいかもしれません。
しかし、それを押してでもプレスに踏み切るほどサウンドと演奏が素晴らしい。なにしろ初日ですから全世界初演の雨あられ。「Still You Turn Me On」や「第1印象」のようにアルバム完成に先立って演奏されている曲もありますが、ほとんどの『恐怖の頭脳改革』ナンバーはこの日こそが初演。しかも、ショウの構成も固まっておらず、冒頭から「Jerusalem」「Toccata」「Still You Turn Me On」と、アルバムの曲順通りに3連発。その後は合間合間に過去のレパートリーも交えつつも、「Benny The Bouncer」→「Karn Evil 9」の順で披露。その「Benny The Bouncer」はアルバム通りのピアノで締めますし、明らかに“ショウ全体で『恐怖の頭脳改革』を表現している”コンサートなのです。

遂に姿を現した“BRAIN SALAD SURGERY TOUR”の初演アルバム。欠けが散見する欠点があるとは言え、あまりにも貴重にして素晴らしいサウンドの1本。2016年を締めくくるに相応しい傑作、今週末あなたのお手元に。

Disc 1(48:53)
1. Jerusalem 2. Toccata 3. Still You Turn Me On 4. Hoedown 5. Tarkus
6. Benny The Bouncer 7. Take A Pebble 8. Lucky Man

Disc 2(59:08)
1. Piano Improvisation 2. Take A Pebble (Conclusion)
3. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 1 (incl. Drum Solo)
4. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2 5. Karn Evil 9 2nd Impression
6. Karn Evil 9 3rd Impression 7. Pictures At An Exhibition 8. Finale
Virtuoso 344/345

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