Cream / Farewell Tour USA 1968 / 1CDR


Cream / Farewell Tour USA 1968 / 1CDR / Breakdown Translated text: Live At New Heaven Arena, New Haven, CT October 11th 1968. Audience Click Image To Enlarge   A valuable live instrument of Super Trio “CREAM” by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker who carved the name in the history of rocks appeared! It is a sound source ...

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Cream / Klooks Kleek Plus / 1CD+Bonus 1Pro-CDR


Cream / Klooks Kleek Plus / 1CD+Bonus 1Pro-CDR / SpeakEzy Translated Text: Live At Klooks Kleek, London, Uk 15th November 1966 & Bonus CDR: Fresh Cream Outtakes.   Click Image To Enlarge Jacquet two types supplied Perajake of four sides Jacquet and the two sides. Press Release Picture label specification. – Further bonus CDR (portrait style A7 size offset printing ...

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Cream / Final Winterland 1968 / 2CD


Cream / Final Winterland 1968 / 2CD / Beano Translated Text: Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA. USA 10th March 1968 SBD Click Image To Enlarge   Was recorded the classic sound of a full concert, including the official unpublished take of the American tour of that cream heyday is this board. What is recorded is 68, March 10, 2008, is ...

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Cream / Silver Horses Revisited / 2CDR


Cream / Silver Horses Revisited / 2CDR / Non label Translated text:Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 24th October 2005  Click Image To Enlarge Suddenly fans were sad to obituary of Jack Bruce of this time would not be less. Past days Please confirm the brave figure of Jack, wants me in memory of him, suddenly, is this ...

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Cream / The Second Tales / 2DVDR


Cream / The Second Tales / 2DVDR / Johanna Translated Text: 2nd Night MSG October 25th 2005 & 3rd Night MSG October 26th 2005. NTSC   Click Image To Enlarge   ★ reunion cream , 2 & 3 day video 2005 · MSG performance , recorded both days ! Following the first day of the video October 24 was very ...

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Cream / Reunion MSG 2005 1st Night / 1DVDR


Cream /Reunion MSG 2005 1st Night /1DVDR / Johanna Translated Text: Live At Madison Square Garden October 24th 2005. NTSC Click Image To Enlarge ★ I collect 3 camera mix of 10/24, MSG performance the first day of 2005 ! ! Reunion – second act that was realized in the United States at last! October 24, 2005 , the first ...

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Cream / Chronology 66-05 / 1DVDR+Bonus DVDR+Post Card


Cream /Chronology 66-05 / 1DVDR+Bonus DVDR+Post Card / Johanna Translated Text: Ultimate Collection Of Live, TV Show And Rare Clips.NTSC. Click Image To Enlarge ★ footage that was thoroughly covered in chronological order precious live video of cream ! ★ for 2 hours recording plenty of TV appearances , clips, pro -shot live ! ★ in Japanese telop subtitles , ...

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Cream / Sweets / 2CD


Cream / Sweets / 2CD /Cross Border Records Live at Klook’s Kleek, london, 15th November 1966. Live at the Konserthusert, Stockholm, 7th March 1967 & Ricky Tick, Hounshlow, West lodon, 22nd April 1967 Click Image To Enlarge Cross Border Records. CBR-015/016

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